Antisemitic sentiments are freely shared in Dagsavisen

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Lets be thankful we have a nationwide survey to support the following claim: The people reading the Labour rag Dagsavisen fit the description of the pro-Palestinian enthusiast to a tee: likely to harbor more antisemitic views than the average Norwegiann (scroll to page 8 and 9 in national survey on antisemitic attitudes in Norway). Now we have a direct comparison between Netanyahu (i.e; Israel, i.e; the Jews) and Goebbel, no less, and all of this drivel is gingerly accepted in Dagsavisen. I hope they never attempt to lecture anybody on racism (well, perhaps on how to be a racist), it would be too much of an irony


Israeli propaganda lie
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It appears that Israel and Netanyahu have a lot to thank Joseph Goebbels for when they are active using his famous saying ” You can tell a lie once , and no one will believe you, but you repeat it sufficient enough times it becomes a truth ”

Netanyahu said in his meeting with President Obama that Israel has done his part in peace talks, but the Palestinians have not det.Hvilke fictitious concessions Netanyahu here referring to and which he considers specific one can wonder på.Israel have not made ​​a single admission that it is worth mentioning. It may be that Netanyahu thinks of it quite insignificant number of Palestinians freed from Israeli prisons in stages to get the Palestinians to the negotiating table and keep it there.The is no admission of Israel , but only tactic to grab its more Palestinian land . Moreover, many Palestinians were arrested and held in administrative detention indefinitely without charge or dom.Kravet from Israel and the United States was the also a willful else to build new and expand existing settlements not have to be an obstacle to the ” so-called ” peace negotiations.

For Palestinians is of course the Jewish settlers there sttørste no obstacle to a peace treaty with Israel , but Netanyahu said in his meeting with Obama that Jewish history has taught Israelis that the best way to ensure peace is to be strong. For Netanyahu , this means that it must be Israel dictating terms , and that the dispossession of the Palestinians is legalt.Ingen concessions should be given from Israeli side.I practice follows Netanyahy up Ben Gurion’s statement from 1937 ” I support the forcible expulsion . I do not see anything immoral in the ”

Netanyahu has demanded that the Palestinians accept Israel as a Jewish state , and Obama has supported Netanyahu in it. Obama also promised Netanyahu to push him on it, which Abbas never akseptere.Man should remember that in 1994 the Palestinians accepted Israel as a state. What have they got to show for it ? Absolutely nothing ! Palestinians have bitterly experienced that meet one requirement from Israel will only Israel with new requirements without providing any tilbake.Ved all sketches peace solutions proposed by the United States has both Israel and the Palestinians come with reservations. States that always align themselves firmly behind Israel has therefore always concluded that the Israeli reservations are reasonable and must be met , while the Palestinian claims considered unreasonable .

Israel has issued more than 4,000 orders destruction of Palestinian homes in the past four years . 2,450 of these have been completed, and 787 since 2010.Israel issues almost never building permits to Palestinians. In 2010 it received 444 Palestinian building applications and 4 was granted. Israel just wants to take and give nothing when one is not interested in peace with the Palestinians . War and conflict servant Israel best when it comes to Israel’s intention to expel the Palestinians from the West Bank Vestbredden.Nybyggingen was in fact doubled in 2013 compared to the year before.

Netanyahu to Obama’s support demanded that the Palestinians must recognize Israel as a Jewish state of Israel to recognize a Palestinian stat.Dette is only deceitful rhetoric of Netanyahu’s side to try to put Israel in a better lys.Realiteten behind the statement is completely hollow. Netanyahu has said in no uncertain terms that he will never accept a Palestinian stat.For Second, any acceptance of Israel as a Jewish state based on the premise that Israel defines its own boundaries . It has never been willing to Israel for the conflict with their goal of annexing the West Bank in Israel and expel palestinerne.Israel as a Jewish state will also be a racist state, in which case the U.S. would legalize ethnic dispossession of the Palestinians.

Netanyahu says he is for a one two-state solution is out lie annen.Israel expels Palestinians and Bedouins from the West Bank and Jordan Valley and settlement activity increases sharply. Netanyahu can probably sign an agreement on a Palestinian state only he can dictate what it should mean a Palestinian state. In practice there will be a Palestinian prison surrounded by Jewish settlements and military kontrollposter.Israel consider the nor Palestinians as a separate people , but as Arabs as they believe could settle in the Arab countries . Israel sees the well on Jordan as the Palestinian state . This puts Israel at all times up to legalize the current ethnic displacement of Palestinians that they are doing.

Netanyahu speaks as Joseph Goebbels to justify Israel’s need for war , annexation , expansion and ethnic replacement . None should be fooled by Netanyhus rhetorical ploy of peace

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  1. : )
    March 10, 2014 at 11:50 pm


    tanks to Rihard Silverrock and the electro infitatat are we Jews now regarded as web trolls that has to be detected and taken down. I did a test yeasterday on a Norwegian forum and was moderated at once as a troll. My guess is that this please the postmodern that vocies that want to reduce “fear” in their perfect world so people can be freeeeeeeeee ; )

  2. martin
    March 11, 2014 at 4:30 am

    No doubt then that the Norwegian authorities will allow buildings to be erected without planning permission.
    Now let’s see; most Fakestinians do not pay for their electricity, nor do the pay their taxes. The Israeli authorities are too scared to push their “customers” for payment. Would Norsk Hydro act in a similar fashion.

    Of course the Christian situation in all Islamic countries is being conveniently ignored. Again there is the new from Islamic rebel controlled northern Syria; You Christian infidel doges have a choice
    1/ convert to Islam
    2/ accept Islam as the occupier and become a dhimmi. Have the reward to paying a special tax as a dhimmi and accept 2nd class status in which you have no rights against a Muslim
    3/ beheading.

    Strange is it not that no peep at all from ther western news media, nor from the church? Erm no, not really, life continues as “normal” in the Christian world. Keep the pressure of BDS and malicious untrue allegations against the unaccepted Jew state of Israel

    It has been known for years that the Arabs were very well educated by their Nazi allies to keep telling the big lies often enough and you will be believed.
    Again we see a Norwegian member of the news media equating Israel with Nazi Germany. Israel has a lot to learn from Norway in knowing how to adapt to a Nazi and or Fascist regime

  3. March 11, 2014 at 4:34 am

    how is this relevant to the thread? please stay on topic

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