Norwegian tax payers fund “artsy” Israel bashing

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shocking what our tax money go towards. So now we have a newspaper that unashamedly publishes antisemitic drivel, and a publicly funded art gallery that sponsors Jew hate. in spite of google translate you will get the gist of the excellent article featured on I would strongly suggest that readers who happen to stumble over this little blog, pick up on the petition from MIFF: If you think this is unsuitable for publicly funded art, then write or call the art gallery and let them know about your disgust. Also, you should strongly consider visiting the MIFF website and learn how you can support them and their impressive work

Demonization of Israel in southern Norway’s Art Museum
Sørlandets Art Museum is exhibiting a ” work of art” Guttorm Guttormsgaard consisting of a series of lies against Israel. The museum has acquired the image of your and my tax money .
Conrad Myrland
By Conrad Myrland
Published: 28.02.2014 , at. 12:54 pm
Updated : 28.02.2014 at . 1:04 pm

15 February opened Sørlandets Art Museum ( SKMU ) a new exhibition which they call ” Before and now afterwards” . Overall, the exhibition consists of 78 works by 27 artists, announced Fædrelandsvennen 17 February.
One of the ” works of art ” is the picture ” Do not Forget ” by Guttorm Guttormsgaard ( 75 ) , pictured at the top of this article.

What museum says
Curator Karl Olav Segrov Mortensen at SKMU informs MIFF that there are three artworks with clear foreign policy content of the exhibition . One is ” generally geared towards warfare as a phenomenon ” , another shows the ruins of a conference building after the civil war in Lebanon in the 1970s . The theme for the room “is decay and destruction ,” says Mortensen. He admits that Guttormsgaard work , which is the third political work , is ” very clear ” and “strong bias” .
Mortensen also states that the work ” Forget not ” purchased by the museum. Earlier work has been shown at the Cotton Factory in Arendal. The conservator will not say how much the museum paid for the work.
To a southerner who sent his reaction to the artwork sent Mortensen commented :
” Thank you for your response and for your opinion on the work of Guttorm Guttormsgaard and Israel – Palestine.
There is no doubt that the work takes a clear stand and use strong measures to promote a particular point of view . Art can be many types of expression and play many roles. It can also be or hold political views . As art museum covers the whole field of art , including the political . However, it is important to remember that remark in a work of art comes from a single person, the artist.
To view an artwork of this kind makes it even open for discussion and motytringer . Art Room is just such a room where it will be possible to discuss many different expressions , including those that are unpleasant , or they disagree with . We do not see it as our job to censor and remove this type of utterances.
On the contrary , we think it is important to take care of them and confront them with our audience so that they can contribute to the exchange and discussion . ”

What MIFF says
Of all the dozens of states that have been deeply involved in deadly wars in the period after World War II , it is only Israel that SKMU paid to hang out as mass murderers , child murderers and terrorists. The conservator argues utterance comes from artists, but the museum can not disclaim its responsibility to broadcast this out in public when they do not just set it out, but also paid the money to do it.
Far more than 50 million people are killed in war for the last 70 years. Even if one were to hold Israel solely responsible for casualties in all the wars since 1947 – which of course is completely wrong ! – This represents just a tiny fraction of people killed in war . Here you can see where over 50 million people are killed in war and armed conflict. No “artwork ” that criticizes some of these other countries have SKMU used Southerners tax money to buy .
The exhibit Guttormsgaard works SKMU contribute to strengthening the false image of Israel in Norway . As MIFF has pointed out in the Norwegian Freedom creates the extreme surplus of Israel’s wars, without the war compares to wars in other countries , a false impression of a cruel Jewish state .
Norwegians leave, more than other Europeans , their attitude towards Jews be affected by actions undertaken by Israel. No one explains the often violence against Jews in their own country with anti – Israeli attitudes. To create a false image of Israel , contributes to nurture anti-Semitism fertile ground in Norway .

Comments on accusations
As to the specific allegations Guttormsgaard present in his work .
1947 – There was no Israel at that time , nor ” terrorism israel ” . In November 1947 the Arabs rejected the UN partition proposal and Arab terrorist groups intensified their attacks against Jews in the British Mandate area. There was a civil war. An Arab state could be established in Palestine if the Arabs had accepted the creation of a Jewish state . Guttormsgaard lying about 1947.
1948 – Begin – Israel mass-murdering refugees , claiming Guttormsgaard . According to historian Benny Morris , there are several examples of massacres of Jews in the period before 1948 , but there are no examples of massacres of Arabs . The most famous massacre of Jews in the mandated time happened in Hebron 24 August 1929 , after the Jewish population which had decided to refuse to receive weapons or leave the protection of the Jewish forces. About 60 Jews were slaughtered. A few days later, 18 unarmed Jews massacred in Safed .
The Jewish community was also subjected to terror during the War of 1948. The 13 April a convoy Jewish doctors and nurses attacked on their way to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem , and then were 40 Jews massacred . 14 May lost kibbutz in Gush Etzion south of Jerusalem fight against Arab forces, and the largest of them ( Kfar Etzion ) was around 120 massacred after they surrendered . A total of 170 to 250 Jews massacred during the war , according to Morris. How a large number of Arabs ( who call themselves Palestinians ) were refugees , read the comprehensive article Palestinian refugee problem .
Charges against Begin relating to 1948 is largely based on myths about what happened in Deir Yassin . Guttormsgaard lying about 1948.
1967 – Zion Israel terrorizing refugees , claiming Guttormsgaard . He fails to mention that the West Bank at the time had been illegally occupied by Jordan for 19 years , Gaza from Egypt as long. Shouted Guttormsgaard “Live Palestine ! ” The King of Jordan and the President of Egypt at that time ?
The artist refers of course to the Six Day War in 1967. Norway’s foremost expert on international law, Carl August Fleischer uses Israel’s war during the Six Day War as an example of a legitimate defensive war . Guttormsgaard lying about 1967.
1982 – Again comes the accusations of mass murder committed by ” Zion – Israel ” . Does the artist have been a victim of NRK’s ​​skewed coverage of the first Lebanon War ? Lebanese who led the Sabra and Shatilla massacre was later a member of Lebanon’s parliament. None of the perpetrators were punished . It is not concerned, when one can only condemn an Israeli leader who might be criticized for failing to stop the killing fast enough. Thus the massacres took advantage of hatred service. It is tragic that a publicly funded museum folds into the same campaign . Guttormsgaard lying about 1982.
2000 – This time it is also the U.S. who are accused of ” terrorizing refugees ” with Israel . This was the year when the Palestinians started a large-scale terrorist campaign against Israel. Arafat would not accept a solution that gave the Jews the opportunity to retain their state. Guttormsgaard lying about 2000.
2003 – In 2003, 688 Palestinians and 185 Israelis were killed , according to figures from B’tselem and Israel ‘s Foreign Ministry . The Palestinians were not killed in the genocide , but mainly in fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinian armed groups. That same year the U.S. invaded Iraq and its allies . It is estimated that nearly 7,500 civilians were killed, only during the invasion phase. Four years earlier , Norway participated in the bombing of Serbia during the Kosovo War. Estimates of civilians killed vary from 500 to 5,000 civilians.
In 2003, the Norwegian special forces already killed his first Afghan victim. Over ten years Norwegian soldiers killed at least 2,000 Afghans , perhaps up to 4000.
We look forward to SKMU take your artwork where the United States and Norway are accused of mass murder . Coming owners when to react ? Guttormsgaard lying about 2003.
2009 – In 2009, cries no longer living artist Palestine, but Living Gaza , and again Israel is being accused of mass murder . In all wars , especially wars between regular military forces and guerrillas hiding in their own population, are unfortunately civilians affected. When Israel in December 2008 and January 2009, fought back against Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza , occurred with greater leniency than almost any other country would use . In relation to what is common elsewhere in the world, Israel followed the rules of warfare ” well above average” during the war in Gaza in 2009 , said senior researcher Cecilie Hellestveit , one of the foremost experts on the law of war . Guttormsgaard lying about 2009.
Despite all Guttormsgaard charges of mass murder and terrorizing , the number of Palestinians between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean increased by a factor of ten over the last hundred years. On the other hand, the number of Jews in the Arab world declined over a hundred times , from about 1 million to less than 10,000. The Jewish refugees from the Arab world does not tell anything about SKMU . The Jewish minority in two percent have less than 0.2 percent of the land that the Arabs have received. In defense of this small area Israel does not have any uflekket military record since 1948 , but compared to other countries and neighboring countries in particular , the Israelis very well out of it.

Guttormsgaard is from Blaker in Soerum municipality in Akershus. MIFF is not aware that he has some local ties to Southern that would make it important for SKMU to buy into his work.
In December 2013 wrote Karin Hindsbo , former director of the Art Museum of South Norway , Dagbladet that the cultural elite in Norway ” red ” . ” We are a leftist herd , ” she admitted . Can the purchase of Guttormsgaard works building at left’s centuries-long problem with Sion , than on artistic reviews?
Administration do not forget joins a number of Norwegian art project where Israel is demonized . There is of course every artist’s freedom to demonize Israel , but it is not a public responsibility to fund and exhibit such art . On the contrary , when such strong and mendacious accusations lodged solely against Israel is the gross discrimination and which arouse hatred against Israel in particular and Jews in general. It should SKMUs owners, municipality of Kristiansand , Vest – Agder county , Aust – Agder County and Christian Sands Art Gallery to deplore .

Would you object ?
You can write to the museum by e – mail or call tel. +47 38 07 49 00

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  1. : )
    March 6, 2014 at 11:43 pm

    Well, I can’t say that I fund this art project very much at the moment being a house wife. Meet one of my earlier kindergarden bulliers at school when I was picking up my children. Arn’t you working? Whats wrong with you now then? Kindergarden was so kind to tell all the parents that mother is mad. DONT send your kids to her home. Lovely ; ) I looked her in the eyes and sad well after I was told that my family was Jewish I really don’t care very much about how I present my self to all people I meet. I know now that prejudging is just a part of my life ; )
    She just stood there and for the first time she sad something that was not planed. Eh, normaly I just get scared of non etnich Norwegians when its many of them around me. I just replyed to be scared of people I don’t know is something that is very rare to me. But I have been very scared about people I know that has told me I should be gassed. But thouse people are now out of my life. She sad sorry and do you know what? I have not seen her after that. Before she always came up to me with eyes that I felt went into the bone. McG if info can change so much, perhaps its usefull. Well now I just have to accept that I’m a parasitte because I don’t work. Them I’m an octopus for writing this on the web to you. Hm, I just know so well what those labels means. Do you think No way will pay me if I just paint it, hehheheh never: )

  2. : )
    March 7, 2014 at 3:28 am


    I’m not going to share more of my struggle to fit in her in Norway on the web. Krist its so shame full for the Norwegian’s to know that, ups she knows what we say behind her back oh that bloody hore!
    I just phoned to a job that I was promissed was mine before rumors about my Jewish identity sat a stop for it. The HR manager quicly understood that this might be a law suite, no, no, no, we don’t use rumors her against people. But we have to like the person then. I really wanted to say well I was liked with out clouts that was how fare I went desperate to get the job so I could get the life I have worked just as hard for as all other people I know. But with clouts I’m not liked, ok I get it.
    Well Eric R or should I say Richard this was not the Israeli embassy so then I guess its just a crazy nut woman that went to fare! No sexual work thing to care about ; )
    Good luck Richard with your peace project I’m so sure that the new world you make where only your friends has power is going to be so cool. But I stay out of it, I’m pretty sure its hope for me among people that don’t think about sex all the time!

    McG this place is governmental fonded so, I’m just waiting for a call back now from them do you know how insane we all her think you are. Tanks I will call the government as they has promissed Jew hate will not be taken easy on anymore!

    Sorry Joav life is not perfect and battel for freedom is not easy. Try to not do this sin again, ups sorry to all in the Jewish community. I did my best and failed 100%!

  3. martin
    March 7, 2014 at 10:36 am

    Is there really hope for Norway during my lifetime? I sincerely doubt it. The hatefest is so strongly imbedded within Norwegian culture, what ever happens to rectify the malicious accusations will be too little and too late to have any consequence.

    Israeli foreign ministry; how much longer will you put up with this dritt, before you finally say that enough is enough and more and pull the plug on this rotten spiteful country with a record of Jew hate?

  4. : )
    March 9, 2014 at 12:59 am


    the Norwegians is just after revenge in general, they are not more siviliced than that! But there are some people that stand up and becuase of them its worth continue to strugle with educating.

    Saw 678 Kairo for the first time yesterday I have never been able to see movies like that before with out womiting and crying. A writer on this page says its the 20 000 in the military that was in Lebanon that was the reson for Jew hate in Norway. Well most men that rape her in Norway has been in the military, so the one that should protect one learn to hate one? It does make sence why my ex was so scared if I came close to any in the military, if the military has a list over Jews and go after us as civilians her in Norway, well then I’m sorry I doubt any in the sivil Norway will respect you much!

    Start learning men that a NO is a NO. And when you get power you never use it to get sex! If you think all will have sex with you seek professional help, as terapy can help you to respect other people again and explain you why you ended up hating women.

    Martin I can ensure you next time man that push his penis into me, comes with very tempting ofers if I just can do this and this , I give his name to Joav and then he can figure out if it is just one more mad Norwegians the school system did not pick up!

  5. : )
    March 9, 2014 at 3:32 am


    sorry that I put you and the rest 100% out of the comfort sone. We must not lose hope in the good in humans, than we all fall for satan!

    I grew up with this voice and its nothing that bring up good memories better than him.

    No one is perfec and all has secrets that we just need to keep to be normal!

    Have a happy day Martin, I never let my self use long time to think about bad things so please don’t worry. I just do my best to make people remember to take care about each other also the one that one just want to turn our back to.

    This is my 100% favoritte:

    Oh I love the rythm Matin, it makes me dream about happy times back in time for our folks had Martin when I dance around the house. Remember them smiling and alive and let the music connect your soule to them and you find out that you are not alone in this world.

  6. : )
    March 10, 2014 at 2:42 am


    when will the Norwegian press write about the electronic intifada?

    Richard what kind of a person is he for real? He writes about Obama standing behind terror??? Is he sane? Can one write things like that in US? Sonds odd!

  7. : )
    March 10, 2014 at 3:10 am


    I just have to add that Norwegian Muslims don’t behave like this one on the web against Jews her in Norway in an organised way!

    Martin do you know anything about: and violent attac on Muslims and postmodern Jews?

    It does look Eric R. that its from your part it all comes from, hm what to do now then? Run down in your rabbit hole. Sad your are not a fox then : ) Martin can you fench more wood? McG do you have gass?

  8. martin
    March 11, 2014 at 4:07 pm

    Good old MIFF. what a wonderful organisation. They have more love of Israel and her people than EU UN and others funding of Israeli quangos such as Betselem.

    On the subject of deir yassin. Menahem Begins organisation suffered more casualties than was even necessary. How and why? They gave up the element of surprise to warn the civilians of the attack and gave them ample time to leave. The Arabs used this military defeat to perpetuate the lie of the massacre. This and the Arab leaders telling ordinary civilians to leave their homes so as not to interfere with their planned holocaust 2 of the Jews is what led to many Arabs leaving the newly formed state of Israel. However, as has been pointed out. There were many instances of Arab atrocities upon the Jews.

    Insofar as the MT Scopus affair is concerned. The British military was told to not interfere with the Arab slaughter of unarmed doctors, nurses and other civilian staff. They also would not allow the Jewish underground army to intervene who stood helplessly to watch the slaughter.
    Two other facts. The ex Labour leadres who also condemned Begin after Deir Yassin and supported the Arab claims, now admit they lied in order to obtain Jewish sympathy to ensure they received more political support. well, it was Labour ie socialist after all. so what else can you expect?
    The other fact is that the Jewish buses had to have broad white stripes running fully along the side of ther bus. It was necessary to help the Arabs with a larger target.

    Yes, times they ain’t changed,

    Norwegian, I am a little confused with your sex life. Who is this Yoav you plan to complain to, in case a man dares to penetrate you? Recently in the UK, a young female in the military police claimed to have been raped and then committed suicide. Why did she do this? The man she accused of rape was celebrated as a hero with his ex girl friend calling the victim a liar and all sorts of filth. says a lot about the british high command doesn’t it?

    Anyway Norwegian forget the nasties and enjoy and be happy with the pleasant items in life.

    Also Satan is not a devil for us.. This is the Christian view. for us, Satan is an angel who criticises peoples actions or lack of actions to the Al mighty.

  9. : )
    March 12, 2014 at 8:30 am


    I have a tendency to play high, not few close friends has asked me to be more open about what I really think to do so that it can be safe. I messed my self up into some power people and well the same old story when a woman do that. Guess I had to be showed how is the boss and that I could not just walk in and take power. No way one can report it, as with the story you mention, I was 100% unstable as I was really shaken after the hole thing. So it does exist people that think its a ok idea to penetrate me, urk! I did felt better when Marie Curie also has a sex scandal back in her time. But when I don’t do stupied things sex is something one do in a relationship out of love : )

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