Norwegian media angle Gaza attack to feature Libermans comments on reoccupying Gaza

In honesty, this is the very first time that all of the leading Norwegian online newspapers actually state clearly that Israel was under attack. Nevertheless, Dagbladet (and after that also VG and a few other followed suit, but later on headlines were changed)

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– We have no choice but full occupation of the Gaza Strip
Israel’s foreign minister after torrential rocket rain over Israel. Sent fighter jets over Gaza.
JONAS Sverrisson RASCH

( Dagbladet ) : The situation has not been so tense for a long time . Israeli leaders have said they will turn back sharply after the Palestinian Islamists in Gaza conducted the largest rocket attack for a long time against targets in southern Israel .

It is estimated that there were fired some 70 rockets into the massive attack, which should have been an act of revenge after that three Palestinians were killed by an Israeli rocket this week.

Threaten occupation
As a result of the attack were Israeli fighter jets sent over Gaza to take out 29 targets , according to Israeli authorities.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is clear that Israel will respond with force.

– If there is quiet in Southern Israel , there will be noise in Gaza – a lot of noise , and it is an understatement , he said.

The country’s Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman goes even further :

– After an attack like this, a barrage of more than 50 rockets , we have no choice other than full occupation of the Gaza Strip. No sovereign state can accept a situation where dozens of missiles raining the peaceful towns and villages, says Lieberman .

– There is no price we will not pay for the safety of the citizens of Israel.

– Do not be passive
Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has already made ​​a stronger blockade of the Gaza Strip , including by ordering the borders closed and suspended visitation .

– Israel will not stand idly by and we do not allow Islamic jihad or other on Gazatripen disrupt the lives of our citizens , he says and repeats Netanyahu’s rhetoric :

– When there is quiet in the south, it will not be quiet in the Gaza Strip – that way we want terrorists regretted the attack , he said.

Gives Israel blamed
The Palestinian movement Hamas in power in Gaza , on the other hand blamed Israel for the escalation .

– We warn against the consequences of any escalation and we emphasize that the Palestinians have the right to resist to defend themselves , said the Islamist group Islamic Jihad spokesman Ihab al – Ghassin .

Also Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gives Israel the blame .

– Israel must stop the military escalation in the Gaza Strip , he said.

Eight rockets were fired at Israel , hit urban areas , according to the Israeli army. One struck near a library in the town of Sderot , while another struck near a gas station.