Parliament rejects Christian Democrat’s plan for fighting anti-Semitism

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Christian Democratic plan against hatred rejected by Parliament
The other parties will take the fight against anti-Semitism in other ways.
Silje Rognsvåg Christian Democratic Party has for years tried to get Parliament involved in developing an action plan against anti-Semitism .

– We hope that the coalition parties will support this so it gets a majority , said Kjell Ingolf Ropstad ( KrF ) the day when the party in November submitted a new proposal .

Now it is clear that the other parties in the municipal and administrative committee will not vote for the proposal to be discussed Tuesday next week , even if they see that anti-Semitism is a national challenge .

“The Committee believes it is important to involve various professional bodies , communities and organizations in the fight against anti-Semitism in order to get the best results ,” writes committee in its report .

five million
– We are of course disappointed that we did not get a majority. I’m a little surprised that Conservatives and the Progress Party did not want to support the proposal , when we know that there is growing anti-Semitism and that there should be measures to combat it , says Ropstad .

Right and FRP indicates that together with the Christian Democrats and the Liberals secured five million kroner to the fight against anti-Semitism in the state budget for 2014 .

Four million goes to work in schools , while one million dollars goes to the Jewish Museum in Oslo.

Hornes reply
It make government parties behind the recall letter from Children, Equality and Social Inclusion Solveig Horne ( FRP ) to the Committee

There, she rejects all the points in the plan from KrF ( see fact box) .

* Holocaust Day : Not appropriate to legislate annual commemoration of the schools. The government will consider lifting days as national mobiliseringsdag against anti-Semitism , racism and discrimination in schools.

* Teacher training , teaching materials and mandatory teaching about the Holocaust: already good coverage in the curricula .

* Better support for school trips : Too expensive .

* Support and protection to Jewish institutions : Having already 7.2 million to the physical security of the Jewish community , as well as one million dollars for security . Ongoing dialogue with the police for protection.

* Stronger sanctions against hate crime : early changes in place that should be put into effect as soon as advice.

Concerned about anti-Semitism
Horne , however, will come back to how the government will make efforts against anti-Semitism . She is concerned that seen in the context of the fight against other kinds of racism and discrimination.

– I share the concern of the Jews in Norway are experiencing discrimination and anti-Semitism. Jews as a group will never be held responsible for the state of Israel’s policies , the Minister .

The government has started work on creating a better protection against discrimination and the promotion of universal equality and anti-discrimination .

During the spring, the Government will submit a plan to prevent radicalization and violent extremism.

– Need special plan
– It is a very important work , but we believe that anti-Semitism is a special challenge, and that it is therefore necessary to have a separate action against it, says Ropstad .

Despite lackluster support he is glad that the other parties share the concern about the growing anti-Semitism .

It also makes the majority of the Committee consisting of the Labour Party, the Centre Party , Liberal Party and the Socialist Left Party . They show the HL – center report on anti-Semitism in Norway and other minorities , and believes that the center’s recommendations should be followed up in the fight against anti-Semitism.

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