Dagsavisen claims racism is “dangerously high” in Israel, ignores rampant xenophobia in Norway

lifted from dagsavisen.no, poor google translate.

I must admit this particular piece got me pretty exercised, for its lack of credibility and toxic undertones. I really thought journalist Roger Hercz had a better grip on reality than serving this tearjerking yet fundamentally flawed article. Unless the desk got out a pair of vizard writers to fill in details where Mr. Hercz left none? When it comes to Dagsavisen, it would not be beneath them. Interestingly, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK is airing a program on how the locals in a small and tight knit community in Norway, feel, after an asylum seeker who was going to be sent out of the country after the final rejection of his application to be granted asylum in Norway, slaughtered three hapless passengers on the regional bus….  it sort of leaves Dagsavisen looking ridiculously obsessed with Israel when in reality they should focus their creative energies on Syria, the Crimea, a dozen or so African countries, plus a few Asian ones as well.

Their witness of truth is Gideon Levy… I cannot think of any living Israeli who is less credible than him, well possibly only the group of peace activists who actually carried out the survey.

Dangerous high element of racism in Israel
WIDESPREAD : A third of Israeli Jews would deprive Arabs voting in Israel. For Ayat Mahanshne ( 27), a Palestinian with Israeli citizenship , racism begins as she walks out the door

Roger Hercz
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JAFFA ( Dagsavisen ) – most Jews do not see me , they see only terrorist , says mother of two Mahanshne .

She says that suspicion and racism is part of her daily life .

– If I go into a mall , some will always check the ID my papers . If I’m going into a government office , I checked more than others, she says .

We meet inside her underwear shop , located at Jerusalem Boulevard, the main street in Jaffa. Outside continues the tree city life , Jews and Arabs passes quickly by. Mahanshne says it’s difficult to be a Muslim with hair covered in Israel.

– Once a guard said to me that he thought I was a terrorist. I was so angry. And I replied that I had been a terrorist , I would certainly not have blown me apart for someone like you , she says.

widespread racism

Yesterday the Israeli newspaper Haaretz published a poll which revealed that 59 percent of Jews wants the state to give them advantages over the Palestinian minority. A third of Israeli Jews want to take from voting Arabs in Israel.

– Here it is no longer about people abroad who criticize us. Here we see how the Israelis themselves openly , shamelessly and without guilt defines itself as nationalist racists , writes Gideon Levy , the journalist who brought the poll .

According to the survey , which was conducted by a group of peace activists affiliated with Tel Aviv University, racism is most common among ultra-Orthodox Jews. Then comes the Jews affiliated settlement project in the occupied West Bank. In third place came the immigrants from the former Soviet Union. Among secular Jews racism was far less widespread.

turbulent history

In the main street in Jaffa yesterday life continued however it has been albeit not always , but in a little over 60 years. Before Israel was created in 1948, when Palestinians were still the majority , called the main street of King George Street and the area was controlled by the British. The Turkish governor built the lifeblood in 1915 , just before the Ottoman Empire collapsed.

A little south of Mahanshnes lingerie shop does a group of religious Muslims getting ready for the holy day Eid al – Adha , which begins Friday. The mosque is washed and prepared . But then, on the other side of the road , suddenly sounding rock music that must come from huge speakers. In Jaffa , located on the Mediterranean coast , daily life is less about coexistence and more about the parallel existence – people living side by side .

The music comes from Jaffa College, where an Israeli band will perform at noon. Hadar Levi , a 25- year psychology student, is doubtless agree that racism in Israel is widespread.

– It is sad. But it ‘s all about fear . Our history shows that we cannot always know who it is that stands before us, she says .
Government responsibility
But Michael Even, who is active in a Jewish -Arab coexistence group protests .

– The government here has long tried to make us more patriotic Jews , nationalist . And the Arabs in poorer schooling and harder to get out of poverty. This creates an abyss , he said.

Michael believes that racism also have great political implications, since fewer people might care about peace solution with the Palestinians . But this , says Avraham Diskin , a political scientist at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem , is wrong .

– It has long been stable support for a peace settlement with the Palestinians . More than 70 percent of the population is for a two-state solution . It is true that there is racism here . It’s sad , and it can not be excused , but we must know why. And it is because we have had 100 years of war and incessant threats to throw the Jews into the sea , he says the Times .

Next generation

Professor Diskin also rejects the accusation that Israel is an apartheid state and says that he was recently admitted to an Israeli hospital in Jerusalem , where the doctor who treated him was Palestinian from Ramallah.

– I ‘m afraid it may not be peace in my time and that we must wait for the next generation. But I am now trying to learn Arabic in their leisure time , says the professor , who was born in Jerusalem one year before the state of Israel was created.

Meanwhile continuing Israeli rock band – who happens to call themselves just the last generation – to blow their music through Jaffa’s streets.

– Are we just born on a boat floating senseless in the ocean , singing boys.

Then comes the rather unusual and little rocky chorus , especially for a complicated place like Jaffa :

– Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Go out and get the life you want!

roger.hercz @ dagsavisen.no

Now just for the exercise of contrast and compare, this is what the NRK wrote today on the aftermath of the bus slaughter in the small village of Årdal a few months ago (bad google translate):

What happens to a small community where an asylum seeker killed three random bus passengers? Årdal did not want an asylum seeker reception center, but the protests of the mayor and executive committee did not help.

In the weeks after the triple murder of Valdresekspressen the village is dominated by what has happened. Citizens are afraid to walk and take the bus.

– We also know that there is one culprit . But if he was a ticking time bomb, do we then have 40 other ticking time bombs walking around here, asks Elin Bøthun , the waiter at the hotel at Årdalstangen .

– We have lost confidence . We sent our kids to training and visits, they could go anywhere. we have great trekking grounds , but people have been afraid to go alone, says Bøthun .

Årdal did not want the asylum seeker reception center, but the protests of the mayor and the Presidency did not help. On short notice arrived asylum seekers from Eritrea, Sudan , Rwanda , Afghanistan and Somalia to the industrial town at the end of the Sognefjord.

– Important to create security
4 November 2013 it went terribly wrong

An asylum seeker who was going to be deported the day after, hijacked the Valdresekspressen and murdered three people. One of murdered persons was a 19 year old girl from Årdal. Suddenly the whole of Norway turned its attention to the village .

In the Mix kiosk are people upset over what has happened. They think it was a mistake to create a reception center for as many asylum seekers in Årdal.

– They must create security for the whole community, both asylum seekers and the rest of us . It is the most important, says Oddgeir Øren .

He believes many parents are hesitant to send the kids on the bus or out alone after what happened .

– The times I ‘ve seen a dark skinned person getting the bus, I have been concerned . I study them a little closer than I do a farm woman from the valleys , Øren said.

What does this interview say about the dangerous levels of racism in Norway.

Get real, Dagsavisen, or in the very least, get professional.

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  1. martin
    March 18, 2014 at 5:46 pm

    Well well. So the Norwegians believe that all is not well with their society due to having foreigners there. But of course the difference is that the minority immigrants are not trying to eradicate the country of Norway off the map. Well not yet anyway,.

    Insofar as Levy and Ha Aretz are concerned,, well no surprises there, that is for sure.

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