VG obsessed with Israel – tries to hitch an Israeli angle on the missing Malaysian Airlines flight.

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A former aviation security chief in Israel believes it is likely that Iran is involved in the disappearance of flight MH370 in Southeast Asia. Israel has now introduced stricter security requirements to safeguard its own airspace.

According to the Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel and Haaretz , the authorities in the country recently introduced a series of new measures to further secure their airspace . Among other aircraft now have to identify themselves much earlier than before when they are moving into Israeli airspace.

The new measures come shortly after a flight safety expert told the The Times of Israel that he believes it is likely that Iran is involved in the disappearance of flight MH370 , somble trace bortepå way between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing 8 March.

Monday joined the Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times that the missing plane may have flown as low as 1,524 feet above the ground to avoid being picked up by radar . Previously known by the plane may have flown in as much as seven hours after it disappeared from radar and flyeksperter can not exclude the possibility that the plane may have landed safely on shore.

Former head of security for the Israeli airline El Al , Isaac Yeffet , told The Times of Israel that he believes the two Iranian men who were aboard hijacked plane landed and got it in a secret place .

– Investigators did right when they put the spotlight on the two Iranian passengers with fake passports. They are wasting their time pursuing other tracks . Checking for flight from the U.S. to China to Japan , and no one can find anything. So my opinion is that the plane is hijacked , says Yeffet said.

Shortly after it was recognized by the Malaysian plane was lost , it was known that there were two people among the passengers who had arrived on a flight with stolen passports. Iranians Pouria Nour Mohammad Mehrdad and subsections Suyed Mohammad Reza had both tickets via China to Europe, and was carefully investigated . But both were checked out of the case , as the Malaysian police believe they can not be connected to any terrorist network .

Isaac Yeffet believes that these two people are behind the disappearance and suggests that they must have received help from others.

– If the two planned to hijack the plane , I refuse to believe that they were alone , says former chief aviation safety .

In recent days, the investigation of the case mainly been about pilots Zahari Ahmad Shah and Fariq Abdul Hamid . Their background has been samfart and Shah’s house was the weekend searched by police.

The theory that the pilots had nothing to do with the disappearance , Sunday was further strengthened when it emerged that their last communication to air traffic controllers in Malaysia may have come after one of the aircraft tracking systems had stopped sending out signals .

– OK , good night , the last words that were said over the radio. Monday it was announced that there were other pilot who gave the closing message.

Yeffet believes it is unlikely that the pilots have something to do with the disappearance .

– Here we are talking about a airline captain 53 years who has worked for Malaysia Airlines for 30 years – and suddenly he’s a terrorist ? It is unlikely , he said.

New York Times reported Tuesday that the change of course the missing plane did just before it disappeared from the radar, was programmed on a computer in the cockpit. The course change was most likely carried out by a person with a good knowledge of management systems in Boeing planes , said a U.S. official told the newspaper.

Any angle to report on Israel seems good enough. Why they have not also focused on the similar measures adopted by most countries in the wake of scandalous revelation that people can just steal a passport and whiz by border control officials with a smile is a bit of a mystery.

In the case of Israel, there is actually a very real cause for concern, but it is unlikely that the lazy slobs at VG would have bothered to check how for instance Iran together with Hizballah were involved with the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires exactly 22 years ago, then then again in 1994 when the same terror outfits bombed the AMIA Jewish Center to smithereens.

For the same reason, every Jewish congregation around the world (apart from in Israel) submit to airport style security checks to avoid similar atrocities in their own communities. Now that is the scandal VG should have covered. Not some tittle-tattle about enhanced security measures after a flight has disappeared under very strange circumstances.



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  1. Eric R.
    March 21, 2014 at 1:36 am

    Israel should not be allowing reporters from press outlets that they deem anti-Semitic (and that means just about every outlet in Europe, even normally otherwise sensible ones like the UK Telegraph, which becomes indistinguishable from the UK Guardian when it comes to Israel) into the country.

    If they are going to spew Nazi propaganda, let them do it from outside Israel’s borders.

  2. martin
    March 21, 2014 at 5:19 am

    Come come Prof, twats are extremely useful and even pleasurable. :)-

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