The NRK and their peculiar sense of humor

Apparently it is beyond the NRK to learn from the mistakes. No sooner have they served a blooper that caught international attention, pretending that it was a one off sort of thing, then this new clanger from a “humor” program (Social service or something like that):


«Yes, yes, yes, I’m like really jealous of the Jews. They were gassed, and then afterwards, it was like, damn it, lets just buy the whole shit. They have just bought it all. Yeah, but they are like the richest people anywhere. We’ve only just got Oprah.» said round table discussion participant Elizabeth Norheim

Afterwards, the proverbial shit hit the fan, but curiously, Dagbladet first chose to cover the (shocking and despicable) death threats Ms. Norheim received for this very tasteless “joke”, but not really challenging Ms Norheim on the offensive content of her remark. They do however refer to the Leader of the Jewish Congregation in Oslo and also vise director of the anti-racist center, Erwin Kohn who just  states that Ms. Norheim’s comments are plain anti-semitic and that she falls into the age old trap of anti-semitic conspiracy theories, such that Jews are good at business, that this is stigmatizing, and offensive, and racist.

The NRK is priceless in their defense of the program (lifted from google translate):

Dismissing criticism of the Social Security Office
NRK’s ​​entertainment editor defends program’s ” Racism Special ,” which has received harsh criticism.

Oddvin Aune

In a post on NRK CIF social commentator Yousef Bartho Assidiq vigorously attacks the last episode of the Social Security Office onNRK .

The topic discussed was racism , and the debate was partly characterized by a harsh tone.

– No wonder children behave like bullies online and in the playground when they see grown up people  they should be able to look up to thrash out at each other in prime time onNRK , writes Assidiq .

– Gross
He also vigorously attacked PR adviser Elizabeth Norheim , who was one of the debaters .

She clashed with Mohammed Ali Fadlabi , one of the artists behind the controversial ” Congo village ” being built , the park in conjunction with the Constitution anniversary .

– It is only when Elisabeth Norheim starting to warm up properly to argue that Norwegian-Pakistanis and Norwegian-Somalis make themselves attractive to ethnic Norwegians by pissing on their own and turn them back that I begin to notice that it might not be the right person sitting in chair there to defend minorities against racism and discrimination , write Assidiq .

Furthermore, he concludes that ” Wednesday’s episode of the National Social Security was for me perhaps the saddest chapter has been written about racism in a long time . It’s almost as one thinks that it was staged to provoke and make people react. ”

– Strong words
Entertainment director at NRK Charlo Halvorsen (husband of you know who…) does not follow criticism from Assidiq .

– I understand that some react to statements that appear in the program. But the intention was to discuss who has ownership of racism definition. And in that respect , I think this was an interesting discussion , he said.

– We heard strong words in a conflict that lives , and this of course was not staged to provoke, he elaborates .

Not all of the filming of the episode were in the broadcasted version. One of the statements to Norheim were omitted from the broadcast , but instead posted on Youtube.

There, she says :

«Yes, yes, yes, I’m like really jealous of the Jews. They were gassed, and then afterwards, it was like, damn it, lets just buy the whole shit. They have just bought it all. Yeah, but they are like the richest people anywhere. We’ve only just got Oprah.»

Also Lars Akerhaug in Minerva react to these statements , and in a commentary highly critical of her statements about Jews .

– Why was this posted on Youtube , Halvorsen ?

– I have no problem with publishing such opinions as long as they are put into context . I reckon it’s the space that makes this clip was not in the program, and that it also was posted online , as we often do with other programs , says Charlo Halvorsen.

Halvorsen says that some of the idea of ​​Social Security Office is facilitating voices not regular heard and raise issues that are not necessarily representative in all parts of the public.

– I think this episode of Social Security Office worked very well , he concludes .

Does not interpret it as criticism of the program
Project Manager Eric Sandberg Ingstad the social security office stating that he experiences Yousef chronicle primarily as a critique of things that were said in the program, not the program itself .

– What was the basis for how the guests were chosen ?

– They were selected on the basis that they have relevant and interesting perspectives on today’s key issues , including the topic of ownership of racism , or ” guardianship of racism ” as an artist and panel participant Fadlabi call it, he says .

He repeats the Halvorsen says that the program should have high ceilings.

– It shall be high temperature, no matter the topic , and it should also be room for expressions which neither we in the newsroom or the public otherwise agree with . has not succeeded  to get a comment from Elizabeth Norheim Thursday night. She says the following to :

– Due to several death threats against me and my son I do not want to express myself to the media before I and my attorney has consulted with police

Presenter Thomas Seltzer declined to comment .

Well, Mr Carlo Halvorsen seems yet again unable to reflect on the fact that the NRK version of humor tents to trample on many people’s feelings. One is under the impression that they are stuck in a groundhog day version of life, where farting, burping and telling tasteless jokes is the normal.

But an oped in today’s aftenposten reveals just how far removed the gnomes inhabiting the NRK are from ordinary peoples tastes (google translate)

Holocaust is my story
It is 70 years since the Hungarian Holocaust . Soon I must tell my son why my family in Hungary is so small , writes Monica Csango .

It is fairly accurate 70 years ago the Hungarian Holocaust . Until 1944 , it was not done mass deportations of Hungarian Jews, but from May to July that year was 440,000 Hungarian Jews deported. Get returned . Many of these were my relatives.

Soon I must tell my son why my family in Hungary is so small. The answer is that several were burned , gassed or shot . How do you explain to a child like that?

lack of historical knowledge
The myths about Jews are still kept alive. Recent example , I got in last week’s Social Security Office at NRK, where Elisabeth Norheim had the following to say :

«Yes, yes, yes, I’m like really jealous of the Jews. They were gassed, and then afterwards, it was like, damn it, lets just buy the whole shit. They have just bought it all. Yeah, but they are like the richest people anywhere. We’ve only just got Oprah.»

There is a large and relatively extensive propaganda apparatus that still keeps the myth that Jews grow rich on telling the story of the Holocaust. That Norheim widens lead these simple stories , I can at best consider that she is of history .
For me and my family with roots in Hungary see the story like this: Part of the family were actually gassed , other parts of the family way into hiding to avoid being killed. Others were mentally ill by what they had gone through.

My Story
My grandmother Magda talking yet about her husband, my grandfather , Ferenc . He was sent to forced labor of Hungary’s extreme right-wing government in 1942 and never came back . Her apartment stands as a memorial of all that once was : the first lipstick lovers my grandfather bought for her baby picture of my father Peter . His father was brutally torn from him .

My father’s uncle was sent to forced labor . He never came home . My father’s aunt was with my grandmother sent out on the so-called “death marches .” The train cars were filled up as they were ordered to go instead . A miracle did she and grandmother escaped .

My great-grandmother’s two brothers were killed by the Nazis and fascists henhodsvis .

My father’s second uncle was sent five years of forced labor. He came back to life destroyed. His two sons would later suffer under his alcoholism and depression.

My grandmother was trapped in the Budapest ghetto with her husband and parents. They survived at a Granny friends smuggled food through a hole in a fence. My grandmother’s parents died of starvation two weeks after the Budapest ghetto was liberated .

Another aunt was sent to the concentration camp Bergen – Belsen in 1944 and came back with lasting trauma which she talked about every day for 70 years .

An uncle was first sent to forced labor , and returned there only to discover that his four children had been sent to concentration camps . He never saw them again .

When the nationalist , anti – Semitic Pilkors regime came to power in 1944, the new 100,000 killed.

One of the methods used were tying threes people along the banks of the river Danube and shoot it standing in the middle. The two that were tied to the one that was shot, drowned. One bullet in three people would be enough . Today, one can see a collection of shoes cast in metal along the riverbank. There are also children’s shoes there.

It’s about today
To claim that I or someone in my family at any time have used the past as a way to acquire us money and sympathy , is to mock and stepping on these people , in these stories .

In January I wrote op-ed ” intimidated into silence ,” where I take up the challenges I ‘ve had in recent years to communicate publicly that I am Jewish. I am afraid to say who I am.

But I have still made ​​a choice to be open, both for myself and for my family. My hope is that history solve people take note that we are not just talking about the past – but in my and my son’s life now, today .

A wise friend of mine once said that ” you do not need to denigrate others or compare who has the worst . You should tell your own story . “

4 comments for “The NRK and their peculiar sense of humor

  1. martin
    March 25, 2014 at 5:39 am

    Norway, you are welcome to this bit of shit. Of course she is jealous. She has a lot to be jealous about. Her people are dependent upon receiving aid for over 40 years and they still cry out for more. If she and her kind were Jewish, they would just get up (unlike her who sits on her fat ass) and be productive. Better they stay in Norway than having made the trek to Israel, as so many African (Muslims as well) people have done to claim refuge.

  2. Dov
    March 25, 2014 at 5:50 am

    NRK sucks, big time!
    Where are the “official” watchdogs besides sites like Israelwhat miff, tundratabloids?
    Seems heads need to roll at NRK hq + they have to be reminded that the old anti Israel/Jewish govt is now a thing of the past

  3. de Bacle
    March 25, 2014 at 6:18 am

    (Prof, don’t understand how you manage..Kol Hakavod – below is the link to your own recent “NRK humor” post)

    Charlo Halvorsen, head of entertainement at NRK, as you state above here again defends the anti-Semitic indoctrrination on NRK.

    Again, not only the hsuband of the infamed Israel-bashjer Kristin Halvorsen, also the “chum” of Jespersen who was “convicted” of an anti-Semitic holocaust joke on NRK (Thye hosted a radio talk-show together for years).

  4. martin
    March 25, 2014 at 4:34 pm

    And if all this is not bad enough, it appears that the old Jew hating Stoltenberg is in line to become the next head of NATO. Wow with a dyed in the wool communist like him, better get your Kevlar helmet ready.

    There really is no doubt whatsoever, that Norway might pride itself on being one of the happiest nations on earth, however, that doesn’t take away the fact that it is also one of the sickest.

    I said long ago that even with the change of government, the old Jew/Israel hating establishment will still retain control and that even if all was to change overnight, decades of hate brainwashing will take many years to be weaned off the minds of the =Nordic simpletons. No wonder why they are so happy.

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