YMCA/YWCA global Norway won’t stop lying

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Not only are they boycotting ordinary Israelis, now they are also shamelessly lying to further underline their Israel hate. There is a very clear pattern emerging as the lefties have taken over whatever is left of the Church of Norway; one of hatred and dirty lies. In the good old fashioned Lutheran style

A new example of the YMCA-YWCA lies
” Every minute an [ olive ] tree in Palestine is destroyed ,” the YMCA-YWCA Global claimsin its last newsletter . This is a hundred times more than the Palestinians’ own prime minister.

By Conrad Myrland

The YMCA-YWCA Global’s latest newsletter  (Global News 2/2013 ) features a large advertisement for planting of trees in the West Bank . Donor can buy their own olive tree for NOK 200 .” This appears to be a copy of a similar donor projects for reforestation organized by Jewish National Fund in Israel for many years .
YMCA-YWCA Global , who elsewhere in the magazine show a great interest in what they call ” justice” , begins its fundraising campaign with a lie . ” Every minute a tree in Palestine is destroyed” they claim in the opening paragraph .
If a tree is destroyed every minute , there will be 60 trees per hour, 1,440 per day, 525,600 in one year.
How does this measure up to reality ?
In October 2013  Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah claimed that Israeli soldiers and settlers from the beginning of the year (2013) had destroyed about 4,000 trees in the West Bank . That is about 400 trees a month, 13 day , 0.55 trees per hour and 0,009 trees per minute – or 108 times less than YMCA-YWCA claim.
In October 2013 Visualizing Palestine claimed that 800,000 trees have been destroyed in the West Bank since 1967. In comparison the YMCA-YWCA Global claims that 525,600 trees will be destroyed in one year.
If Vizualizing Palestine’s contention is correct, 17,000 trees have been destroyed annually in the 47- year period . It must either mean that there is now destroyed much less trees than before , or that Vizualizing Palestine and / or Prime Minister Hamdallah wrong . Also in relation to Vizualizing Palestine the YMCA-YWCA Global exaggerates by a factor of 31
From January to October 2012 was 7,500 olive trees destroyed by settlers , according to the UN agency OCHA , the Palestinian news agency Ma’an writes . It is 58 times less than the YMCA-YWCA claim.

Why are olive trees gone?
In all countries where there is rapid population growth and community go from developing country status to modernity are agricultural and forest loss. It is therefore wrong to think that all the trees that are broken is a plan from the Israeli side to destroy Palestinian living conditions . Often trees have given way for infrastructure and development that has benefitted the Palestinians.
17,000 trees a year sounds like a lot . In comparison in 2011Norwegian authorities approved of  reallocating 6067 acres of cultivated land and 3646 acres of arable land, according to the Norwegian Agricultural Authority . Many more trees than 17000 can be grown on 9713 acres of land.
The fight for the Land
it is clear that  olive tree groves are a factor in the fight for the land in the West Bank . Because of the old Ottoman property laws, the cultivation of land is vital for property control in the area.
In some areas of the West Bank is the continual episodes of violent settlers vandalize or destroy Palestinian olive trees. An IDF report published by Ha’aretz, 28th October 2013,  shows that over 1,300 trees were burned , cut down or damaged during the period 11 September 14 October 2013. All the episodes took place near Israeli settlements or outposts , writes journalist Amira Hass . This could mean that the settlers would prevent Palestinians cultivate land near their settlements , for fear that this would give Palestinians claims to areas in the future. Often the actions aimed at afforested , ie previously uncultivated land that Palestinians plant trees in order to assert private ownership over .
Also if Israel withdraws more from the West Bank, olive trees will give way to the new Palestinian roads, neighborhoods and business parks . It will probably still be a need for the YMCA-YWCA Global raise money for tree planting , but it is never a need to present a problem one hundred times larger than what it in reality is.

Somewhat related, NRK commentator and author, Jahn Otto Johansen, takes the YMCA/YWCA to task in an oped in Vårt Land. He says the thought that Christians once more are boycotting the Jews raises many difficult memories (lifted from Vårt Land)

Sanctions yes , no boycott

Published on March 25 – 2,227 views posts
I’m generally under doubt yes to sanctions and no to the boycott. And I react especially that churches and Christian organizations and Christian people want boycott of Israel.

In connection with Ukraine crisis has been much talk of both sanctions and boycotts, and before this required the YMCA and YWCA , with support from cultural figures who Ecumenical Culture Works Nowhere Erik Hillestad boycott of Israel. I will distinguish between sanctions and boycott , saying the question yes to the first and no to the latter.

Putin used military force on a peninsula which for centuries was Russian, and where the vast majority populations have always felt that Russians. The western countries’ response was as expected, although at one time supported Kosovo’s secession from Serbia. Kosovo was historically and culturally a Serbian heartland , but had a Muslim majority of people who felt persecuted by the Serbs. Many countries with Spain, Brazil and India recognize Kosovo still does not , but the EU and NATO has been little self-criticism about the people unlawful attack on ex- Yugoslavia and the recognition of Kosovo. Now facing these countries themselves in the door in conflict over Crimea.

Necessary reactions . Nevertheless , I believe that it was necessary to clear western reactions, not least because the Russians have built up substantial forces on the border with the Ukraine. Will they intervene also there to protect a large Russian- speaking group? Will Putin , who perhaps dreamed to Ukraine myself in an eastern counterpart to the EU and NATO let his soldiers go over the limit? We do not know . There is also speculation over whether he would intervene in the manufacture Istria which seceded from Moldova. That we do not know with any certainty . But it was necessary that the Western countries sent a clear signal that this would not be accepted.

Military countermeasures have not be appropriate , NATO does not have the necessary forces to do this and we could at worst risking nuclear war . There is of course no interested in. Then you can discuss how comprehensive and effective such sanctions are. Will they frame the western countries as strongly as Russia? My assessment is that they to a certain extent will do so if the oil and gas retract. The Russians will lose important export income , but the industry and consumers in several European countries will be hit hard . This is pure ignorance when some have suggested that the Norwegian North Sea gas and American skiffergass can replace the Russian . This would require a completely new infrastructure and take a long time . Should European factories stop and people freeze in the meantime?

Worried . It is understandable that Poland , the Baltic countries and perhaps also the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania are concerned. But they are members of NATO and thus a protection that Ukraine does not host or receive. No talking seriously to include Ukraine in the EU and NATO, and everyone knows that the financial assistance that the Ukrainians are promised , not without strict conditions . But what NATO can and should do is to station more planes and more soldaer for example . Poland and the Baltic countries.

So far, these countermeasures. But what about the boycott as many advocated in the past to share with Sochi Olympics and now require in connection with Ukraine ? Many demanded Olympic boikot because of Russia’s discrimination against gays . But the vast majority of the Russian people with the Orthodox Church in the tip is clearly against homosexuality . There are also a number of other people and countries. Should all these be boycotted ? And what about Poland if the strong Catholic and nationalist parties come back to power in the next elections ?

Empirically does not boycott so we hope and believe . South Africa and Southern Rhodesia was possibly the exception . I was once a supporter of the boycott of these regimes . But it is not certain that it was the boycott that led to the turmoil in South Africa.

Olympic boycott. After the Soviet invasjonenen of Afghanistan went West for a boycott of the Moscow Olympics , and there were also many other boycotts against both the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact countries . Military countermeasures were not at all relevant. Therefore, we seized the boycott.

But this building on the completely erroneous assumption that the Afghanistan invasion was part of a larger Soviet strategy of reaching the Persian Gulf and frame oil supplies to the West. Today we know that it was not so . Afghanistan invasion was due to Russia’s historical fear of Russia’s ” soft underbelly “, ie vulnerability against Muslim and especially Islamic regimes in the south. The American motaksjonene in Afghanistan just strengthened the Islamists and especially Bin Laden’s people .

I had at that time one of my many conversations background with a Soviet deputy foreign minister , who was also a historian. Having given up trying to convince me with the official popaganda he knocked out his arms and said :

“Ah , yes, it was easier then we had an old reactionary king of Kabul. ”
If I would have boycotted the Soviet Union and the Eastern European countries then I would not have gotten such access . Otherwise reacted all Muscovites I spoke to about the Olympic boycott , being angry at the West, not the distance from the Kremlin.

Israel. What about the boycott of Israel because of its policies towards the Palestinians ? It is also I receive, for it affects critical Israelis and Palestinians over the government in Jerusalem. I have since the Six Day War in 1967 was against the Israelis to keep the areas they conquered , and I have none other than Israel’s first Prime Minister Ben Gurion behind me in this view .

I had in 1967 a long bakgrunsamtale , no formal interview with him in his apartment in Tel Aviv. Ben Gurion , who was a hawk in 1948-49 , had not been a dove, but as the great statesman he was , he gave a real political reasoning which indicated that the Israelis should provide most of what they had taken , namely demographics . Palestinians born far more children than Jews. Then we will no longer be able to maintain Israel as both a Jewish state and a democracy , said Ben Gurion to me . He had broken with Labour which has the original charge of colonization policy. Many Israeli intelligence and military people I have talked to agree with Ben Gurion .

Antisemitism behind . I react especially that churches and Christian organizations and Christian people want boycott of Israel. Even when such a boycott claims brought under anti – sonismens banner , it will often be anti-Semitism behind . The Christian churches have a special responsibility for anti-Semitism . From Augustine to Luther acted church leaders Jew haters , and priests and monks encouraged pogroms . Churches in Germany did not clear distance from Nazi persecution and extermination of Jews , although a few responded and in some cases had to pay with his life .

And another thing: Why would they like to boycott Israel , not also boycott Hamas and regimes that are not only anti-Semitic but practicing sharia and oppress women?

Unsurprisingly, talk backs mainly anti-israel, but that is what can be expected of Lutherans these days. They have a rich tradition of Jew hatred to look back on.

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  1. martin
    April 6, 2014 at 1:38 pm

    What rubbish. Sanctions yes, boycotts no. What sanctions is this idiot thinking of? what measures does he want taken? He did not explain.
    He better look to the north of his country which shares a common border with Russia.
    Israel, the only democracy in the whole of the mid east, actually allows homosexuals and lesbians to live their lives. However, they still hate Israel while supporting the Arabs.
    Will Jewish people and decent non=Jews stop naming people as being anti-Semitic if they act against Jewish people. Arabs are Semites, as well. Yet, the national and international socialists do not hate them, only the Jews. Along with the established churches of course. Better to recognise Jew hatred for what it is and and call it for what it is., Jew hate.

  2. April 7, 2014 at 12:14 am

    I think I would disagree with the suggestion that Mr. Jahn Otto Johansen is an idiot. He has been the one sane voice over at the NRK, and through his experiences as a correspondent in what was once the East block, he introduced many a Norwegian to Jewish thought and culture in his many books. He is also a leading force in the combat against anti-Semitism in Norway, and is generally a calm, informed and fair voice on the ME conflict in Norway. I think in the article I have translated, he calls out the glaring double standards the leaders of the YMCA/YWCA global in Norway, challenging them on their silence on Hamas and their atrocities.
    I think I too would disagree on sanctions against Israel, but I have way too much respect for Jahn Otto Johansen to call him an idiot. I would probably (if I ever got within earshot of Mr. Johansen) politely ask why even sanctions against Israel.

  3. : )
    April 7, 2014 at 12:50 am


    I agree, when one are polite and keep a dialouge one can reach people in a better way. Martin all respekt love and the blablabla the public debatt in Norway is not always easy to explain. From a Norwegian perspective Jan Otto Johansen write balansed and well. But I do see that from a UK perspective it just looks like a old fool. Norway and UK are very different. It does look to me that you guys on the Island has lots of things to solve too!

  4. martin
    April 8, 2014 at 4:20 am

    Yes we have many problems here to solve. One of which is the ever increasing encroachment into our lives of Sharia law. Of course Cameron has surrounded himself with a bevy of Muslims in order to capture this sizeable vote.

    As regards to Johansen, he would support sanctions. I have merely asked what does this imply. What form of spanking Israel does he envisage to punish Israel? We have seen many supporters of Israel (the ones I classify as fair weather friends) who traditionally supported Israel, but bow claim that the settlements are a barrier to peace. They do this to take the pressure off Israel in order to remain friends with Israel. They do equate the settlers in the same category as the terrorists as a barrier to peace. What bloody nonsense is this? ~No mention of all Jews being ethnically cleansed for a future Palestinian state. No of course not. More ethnic cleansing of Jews is okay in their eyes.

    Whether Johansen is an idiot or not, we can disagree as to just how accurate he is in his synopsis of Israel and her Arab enemies. I am surprised that a reporter with NRK is open minded about Israel and can communicate truthfully. If that is the case. I would still want to know exactly what sanctions he proposes and why? I would also like to know whether all the $billions, €billions, Nkr millions are still being offered as bounty to the families of imprisoned terrorists whose only crime,. poor devils was to murder Jews. Can that be right?

    It is surely is most telling that the organised and established churches are the main backers and active supporters of BSD against Israel. These people reckon it is a more humane way to punish the Jews for killing their god. I visited Cambridge a couple of weeks ago and every Saturday, there are local English women (not one pretty one among them) sitting beside a huge PLO flag with a selection of pamphlets etc. on the stall. It is all of course the usual humbug inaccurate malicious allegations about Israel. Not for nothing were the Arabs, Christian and Muslim allied with Nazi Germany during WW2. The Arabs picked up very able the Nazi propaganda (and Soviet versions too) as publicised by Goebbels and put it top their own good use. As he, Goebbells said, tell the lies enough times and people will believe them. The PLO/PA copy the same acknowledgement that propaganda has absolutely nothing to do with the truth, it is only a means of success.
    Not for nothing that he also was quoted as saying that Jesus Christ had been a master of propaganda, which Goebbels then used as the formal teaching of Nazism.
    I find the worst element of all this is the fact that the churches have learned nothing whatsoever, in trying to rectify their hate of the international Jew. Even such outwardly respectable organisations such as the Quakers are among the leading lights to light up the cause of the “Fakestinian.” They need to be renminded that in 1948, the Arab states and irregulars invaded the newly formed Jewish state of Israel in order to annihilate the Jewish people. That is why most history books just state the war of 1948 and very often forget to state who the perpetrators were.

    Prof, I have no interest in fair weather friends. Either people acknowledge right form wrong fully and are prepared to speak factually without prejudice, or they can just state the obvious and say they support one side only. Me? I support one side only, right or wrong and that is the Jewish state of Israel. Arab Spring? What a joke. More killings and disruptions to human life since it started then before.

  5. : )
    April 8, 2014 at 12:09 pm

    Ok, Martin you know a lot more than I do about things that most people probably will lose sleep over. I don’t wanna know all! I just accept that most people are fair weather friends. When you help them everything is fine, when you fall you are a zero they don’t know. Lets hope Israel can be something more!

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