Oy vey! Only in Norway!

Imagine the reaction if I chose to wear a t-shirt sporting the face of our national mass murderer AndersBehring Breivik (who incidentally says he is considering suing the State since he has been kept in strict solitary confinement the entire time he has been imprisoned – by UN definition this is torture, and thus prohibited). Naturally – and rightfully! – I would be shamed and booed until I took the t-shirt off.

The H&M chain have apologized for their very tasteless t-shirt sporting a scull and the Magen David… But what are we to make of the professor in sociology who thinks wearing Nazi-clothes will result in less neo-nazism? Of course this is a Norwegian professor, at a Norwegian University. I only hope the journalist who quoted him has made a real hack of the job, because the alternative is just too upsetting to bear…

Lifted from Vårtland.no (google translate)

Believes Nazi clothes can prevent neo-Nazism
H & M has been criticized for a T – shirt with a Nazi theme print , but the clothing chain gets unexpected support from research sources. The leader of the Jewish community, Ervin Kohn, shakes his head in disbelief
Petter Nord Gaard Lorentzen
Andreas W. H. Lindvåg


A T – shirt from H & M has created uproar recently. After a blogger associated newspaper Times of Israel came across the product in a British H & M store, the cries of anti-Semitism spread in the international press . The T – shirt with a skull surrounded by a Star of David , was pulled from the market last week , according MinMote.no .

Also in Norway the T – shirt  has caused reactions.

– I am sad and angry , said Ervin Kohn , Leader of the Jewish community . He is happy that T – shirt is now withdrawn.

Kohn received very unpleasant connotations when he saw the picture of it.

– The first thing I thought of was the skull – skull – which was the symbol of the SS uniform berets. It is  macabre . I think it is primarily due to ignorance of H & M ‘s side , but the lack of knowledge of history knows no apparent bounds.

” Conscious ” But H & M gets unexpected support from research sources.

– That the totalitarian symbols are used to sell clothes may actually have the unintended consequence to counter extremism , says Allan Sande , professor of sociology at the University of Nordland.

He points out that the Nazi symbols on clothing is not a new phenomenon. The fashion industry collects tokens from different contexts to provoke . Among other things, Boy London last year was accused of using the eagle of the Third Reich coat of arms on one of their garments.

– It is a difficult balancing act . They must break boundaries , but without going too far. Then it seems counterproductive , says the professor.

Sande has no belief that clothing with totalitarian symbols provide fertile ground for extremist forces.

– The use of symbols often happens to provoke, but to joke . Extreme symbols are used as the attire for parties and carnivals .

On the contrary , he believes fraternizing with swastikas or hammer and sickle , counteracts extremism.

– When the symbols are taken out of context and used in fashion , movies and the like are the unintended positive effect. The symbolism is destroyed because the meaning is eaten up .

The professor says the symbols on t – shirt from H & M is somewhat ambiguous , but he understands that people react .

” Dangerous “. Ervin Kohn shakes his head when he hears the statements of Sande .

– it is precisely that the symbols are made common that makes them all the more dangerous. The swastika is banned in 19 European countries , and not without reason. Studies in recent years have shown that we have anti-Semitism in Norway . In addition, the ignorance associated with anti-Semitic stereotypes and symbols is very big, says Kohn .

The consequence will be that old bigotry becomes repeated and reproduced , he said.

Also a professor of political science at the University of Oslo, Bernt Hagtvedt , reacted strongly to the design on the shirt . When Vårt Land called the leading expert on genocides he was in France, visiting American war cemeteries.

– Is there no limit to the trivialization of totalitarian symbols, he asks.

The professor believes there is a lack of manners to use extremist symbols to sell clothes.

– Someone has to say stop to this nonsense . People’s ignorance never ceases to amaze me.

The use of Nazi symbols is due to ignorance , ” sensationalism and a desire to shock ,” Hagtvedt  says.

Not on purpose. The Swedish fashion chain Hennes & Mauritz has now pulled the t-shirt back and lie flat . They do not want to respond specifically to criticisms that come to Vårt Land , but Kristin Fjeld, press officer H & M Norway , said they never meant to cause offense  with T – shirt.

– We are very sorry if we have offended some by the print on this T-shirt , it was never intended. Here we have failed in our routines and have a great understanding of the reactions . The item has been pulled from all stores.


5 comments for “Oy vey! Only in Norway!

  1. martin
    April 3, 2014 at 8:45 am

    Last night on Channel 5 TV, the programme Killing Spree: Terror in Paradise serial 2 of 6 was shown. The events that led ABB to kill 77 people on July 22, 2011. I missed the first showing
    Some of the Utoye survivors were interviewed along with the police, a journalist who was in Oslo during the explosion and a shop keeper and a securiuty/terror expert, too.
    The broadcatse mentioned the youths were leftwing on a holiday island. No mention then of the hate propaganda that they have been brainwashed for over 20 years. No mention of the fact that Hamas was present, or they were being urged to kill Israelis.
    Of course not. Well Norway, you have sown the seeds of hate and now you have reaped the results. The tragedy is that the victims were the brainwashed not those responsible for the brainwashing

  2. fg
    April 3, 2014 at 4:33 pm

    “Well Norway, you have sown the seeds of hate and now you have reaped the results. The tragedy is that the victims were the brainwashed not those responsible for the brainwashing.”
    Oh, cut the cr*p for a single second already!
    As if your own Disjointed Fiefdom going by the initials of “UK” (at least for the next 30 years, but not a moment longer as your country is clearly destined to become the 1st Western Caliphate in the world) were any, I repeat any better!
    It’s not any better I emphasize.
    (No, I davkeh write the American way like emphasise.)

  3. martin
    April 5, 2014 at 4:31 am

    FG, what do you mead by cut the crap? The youngsters have been and were at the time being brainwashed. Do you deny it? Do you deny that the head of Hamas N
    Norway had been on the island along with Stoltenberg?

    You can write, davke, any way you like. but make it understandably concise and with meaning. At this moment in time, I would suggest that the YK along with Scandinavian countries are among the “favourites” to win the race towards being a Caliphate. We need to wait and see. At least in the UK, there is always an opportunity, one way or another to have an opinion expressed in opposition. Something that has clearly been lacking in Norway

  4. Eric R.
    April 6, 2014 at 2:40 am


    While I would not advocate killing these little Nazis the way that Brevik did – and I think he should have gotten a death penalty – I will say this:

    These kids were brought up to celebrate the blowing up of Jewish children on buses. I cannot feel the pain of the deaths of those who want to exterminate me. I feel the same way about the refugees in Syria.

  5. martinm
    April 6, 2014 at 1:31 pm

    Hi Eric R, I am unsure what caused FG to make his statement. I remember back in the UK, London had become known as Londonistan back in the 1970’s. I could claim that Hungary will be the first country in Europe to have a Nazi government, or perhaps it might be France with Le Pen.
    If these youngsters had been Hitler Jugend during the war and a communist had caused the deaths of these Aryans, would the world had taken such a sympathetic response? Like you, I do not advocate the killing of these brainwashed idiots who were being taught that it is not just acceptable to murder Jews, but actually encouraged.
    When the Norwegian establishment actually encourages and supports morally, financially and politically the terror organisation hamas to murder Jews, they have a real khutzpah explaining why they have no empathy or sympathy for young Jews murdered by their Arab friends.
    Remember the Rabbi and his family brutally murdered by a typical Arab moron, he missed one youngster hiding under the bed. However, he managed to heroically (as he was extolled by the Nazi Abbas) slit the head from the shoulders of a 4 month old baby. At that age, they don’t have necks. Yes Norwegians, not for nothing do you offer all support to the Nazis like Arafat, Abbas etc. Never mind what comes around, goes around.

    Eric, I agree, if Norway bans this or kashrut, it will be necessary for Jews to leave if they can’t practice their religion. Hence the reason for the anti Jewish atmosphere in Norway today. Then Israel can and will hopefully break off all diplomatic relations.

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