Jenny Klinge MP Center Party: proposed circumcision Law is publicly funded child abuse

The circumcision row is roiling on in Norway, with the Government now preparing a new law to regulate the practice of circumcision of baby boys in Norway. The short version of the proposed Law is that ritual circumcision of baby boys shall be legal in Norway, however, the procedure must be carried out in a public hospital under controlled conditions. The measure is tailor made for the Norwegian Muslim population, who otherwise would have no public access to a ritual which is of great importance to their faith ( it is estimated that approximately 2000 boys are circumcised yearly in Norway). This pragmatic solution has caused furious responses from the intactivists, who say this is the worst possible outcome (Ombudsman for Children, Anne Lindboe), while pediatric surgeons say they oppose the measure since the anesthetic risk for a newborn is higher than acceptable for an elective procedure. yes… they actually want to submit a newborn baby to general anesthesia for a procedure that lasts a maximum of 30 seconds (I have personally great knowledge of anesthetic procedures and wonder if these doctors perhaps have been hitting the lithium a little too hard?). In the same article, the leader of the Jewish Congregation in Oslo, Ervin Kohn, states that the measures will be good for the Muslim population but that for the 5 or so Jewish babies that are circumcised annually, a specialized mohel is flown in from the UK. This Mohel is highly trained and specialized and serves both the Jewish and Muslim communities in the UK. Mr. Kohn (rightfully) scoffs at the notion of submitting newborn babies to general anesthesia, correctly stating that this is an unacceptable risk for such a minor procedure and that better methods of providing pain relief are readily available.

Other, less informed, intactivists also have a go in trying to impart the notion that circumcision is detrimental to a child’s health, but some of them are so ridiculous in their erratic argumentation that they mainly appear pathetic (google translate the link and have a laugh). Luckily, my coreligionist and very eminent blogger; Leif Knudsen – Leifern – elegantly shreds all of their erratic arguments to pieces   – thus getting it in the neck from furious and emotional intactivists. Interestingly, a Danish doctor Morten Frisch, who published a retrospective study (commonly known as the least reliable form of statistic study), where he  concluded that circumcised men – and their partners – suffer reduced sexual pleasure after being circumcised in adulthood, tries to bully Mr. Knudsen into submission by some very very unprofessional means. I however, the avid BBC radio 4 listener, remember vividly how he was sunk in a radio debate on the Woman’s hour in 2011 for this flimsy piece of work. Mr. Frisch may have been tricked into thinking that he didn’t do so badly in the interview, but anybody who knows anything about British academia is that when your opponent appears to be polite and perhaps a little soft, its because the work you have presented simply isn’t passable, so no need for robust discussion. (You can google translate Leiferns blog post, or you could write him to ask him for an English version – fluent and all of that)

It is plain obvious that the target for this feverish campaign against circumcision is the Muslim community in Norway, but necessarily also hits the tiny Jewish community. Whereas (if I have understood correctly) the rite isn’t compulsory for Muslims, it is still a dearly held custom and one that my Muslim “cousins” aren’t going to let go that simply, for us Jews it is a mark of identification. A rite that binds our menfolk into a millennia old tradition, a sign of nationhood. It cannot be abolished, lest we cease to exist as a religion and a people. It is therefore very hurtful and offensive to read that Ms. Jenny Klinge, MP for the Center Party, continues on her warpath against our right to live in accordance with our religion and customs and call the practice a state sanctioned form of child abuse. Its

lifted from (google translate… sorry)

– Publicly subsidized child abuse
Centre Party Jenny Klinge attacks new circumcision law .
HARALD Skotheim

The proposed law on ritual circumcision is just around the corner and expected to be presented to the Parliament in April . According to Minister of  Health and Welfare Bent Høie health authorities will be responsible for conducting ritual circumcision, and although there will be a charge for this procedure, MP Jenny Klinge calls this a state subsidized child abuse.

– This is publicly subsidized child abuse. Siv Jensen is responsible for finances in this country , and the Norwegian health care system has more than enough challenges if we are not also to convert  healthy children into patients . Previously it has been estimated that circumcision of boys is going to cost the government 13 million each year. Although parents have to pay a feef or the procedure, it is still going to be cost to the public purse of several million Kroner . I think we should use this money to treat sick children , not to cut small children who in the worst case can be injured and die as a result of the procedure, says Klinge .

Cecilie Brein – Karlsen , State Secretary of Health and Care Services, disagrees with the criticism from Klinge

– Unlike the Red-Green coalition , we have incorporated a statutory requirement for a fee based service . This will help cover costs and provide a clear signal that this is not regarded as a priority for the health services, says Brein – Karlsen .

It is the Parliament who will decide how large the fee will be when the proposal will be debated.

To ensure that the procedure is safe

The Progress Party believes that by facilitating the circumcision under the auspices of a specialist one ensures that the procedure is performed in a proper manner by competent personnel.

– We know that children have died and been seriously ill following circumcision. Only since Klinge’s government presented the draft proposal in 2011, 5,000 male children circumcised but we do not know where the procedures were carried out, nor do we know if adequate pain relief is administered. The interest of the child is our starting point and therefore it is important for us is to prevent children from being circumcised by untrained persons under hazardous conditions, says Brein – Karlsen .

In 2012 a two week old old infant died in Oslo after he had been circumcised at a medical clinic at Grønland. Klinge believes that although doctors perform the procedure , there is no guarantee that the surgery will be successful.

– In the United States, each year about 100 boys die because medically unnecessary circumcision. The outcome can be tragic even if doctors perform surgery. And who shall be responsible when things go wrong ? Luckily there is a total ban on all procedures of girls’ genitalia. It is a 10-year maximum penalty if girls are seriously injured or die as a result of circumcision , if a boy dies of the same, there is no legal sanction , says Klinge .

Age and consent

The Ombudsman has called for an age limit of 16 years, who are health legal age of majority. To believe the Ombudsman that children will get self-determination over their own bodies.

– The primary one is that boys are not able to make the choice today , and we are sure no one will be able to cut the genitals of both boys and girls without medical reason. Also boys have the right not to be subjected to a procedure which changes both the appearance and function of their genitals without their consent , said the ombudsman Anne Lindboe Dagbladet last week.

Jenny Klinge will go even further than the Ombudsman . She believes that the age limit for ritual circumcision should be 18 years .

– You must be 18 years old in Norway to vote , and the consequences of circumcision may be far more extensive than an error voting. I go beyond the Ombudsman , and suggests an age limit of 18 years . How can Treasury Jensen defend that we should put children through this? Why will not FRP rather put an age limit for male circumcision so that it is possible to choose even when one is old enough , ask Klinge .

Brein – Karlsen says that an age can cause the circumcision disappears underground.

– An age limit will act as a prohibition . It will cause a great risk that circumcision is carried out by inexperienced persons under hazardous conditions, she says .

Klinge said Norway should be a leader in this area. She wants the rights and interests of children should trump other considerations.

I shudder to think what would be the consequences if this MP ever should get in a position of power. She would gladly tread roughshod over other people’s sensitivities, but on that matter she would probably be well within the traditions of this very conspicuous party…

Luckily for me, this is not a matter of concern for me or anybody else in Israel, where the State guarantees full religious autonomy for all of its citizens, as behoves a full-fledged multicultural society.

Moreover, tomorrow morning we are going to celebrate the new arrival of a baby boy into our extended family. Snip-snip!

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  1. April 4, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    Forcing an amputation of healthy normal body parts is perfectly ethical, but only if waiting for the patient’s rational informed consent would lead to harm, and after less-destructive remedies are exhausted.

    Infant circumcision fails this decidedly and has no place in Norwegian health care facilities.

  2. : )
    April 5, 2014 at 10:48 pm

    After one week on the public Norwegian web I have meet so many racist that I wonder how it is to be a muslim in Norway!

    Take a look at this McG:

    This is really something for Vepsen!

  3. : )
    April 5, 2014 at 11:42 pm


    I know you don’t like pink. But I would have loved to sing this song to you


  4. Eric R.
    April 6, 2014 at 2:42 am

    If brit mila is banned, Israel must break diplomatic relations. Period. It does not matter which party is in power.

  5. : )
    April 6, 2014 at 7:32 am

    What a political discussion in Venstre, oh my God. McG I hope you write the hole story as nice and calm as only you can :) My guess is that Martin will be on me all the time in the future when it comes to if its ok to just drop it or not. Don’t God forgive also Martin? Human world and God. Not easy. But hey we are not Jehovas vitnes after all, or the swinger club 😉

  6. : )
    April 6, 2014 at 8:38 am

    Ron Low,

    what you should care about is all the Norwegian kids that grow up with mothers that think its perfectly normal to sit on the web and spread hate! That you get so wild in your pantalonies just because some religious parents can’t be accused to be childe abusers well it say all about you. If you are a man, post your real name and my lawyer will send you my bill, because we are so feed up with your show!

    Best regards

  7. martin
    April 6, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    Ron Low, will you please place your medical knowledge online and explain why this medical act should be made illegal.
    Just a few weeks ago, I mentioned the fact that a middle aged non Jew had to have penile circumcision to save his life. Cancer of the penis is no fun. The non Jewish doctor who saved his life also said that he wished all male babies would have this operation automatically to save lives. That is not good enough for you though is it?
    If you are so intent on saving young Norwegian children have you become active in stopping abortions, or stopping paedophilia? Or are you only intent on stopping Jewish people the right to their lives, according to their belief?
    I somehow doubt that you haver any medical evidence, knowledge or experience to make invalid comments.
    Go back to sleep and ensure that when you wake up every morning, you thoroughly clean your penis by pulling the excess fat back. the folds of your penis will hold all sorts of germs. But as you are a yok, that will be acceptable.

    The U.N. has praised Israel for its sending medical teams into Africa to help with make circumcision there in order to prevent the growth in aids and cancer of the womb in particular. women with Jewish men have a lower rate of vaginal cancer than those who are partnered with non circumcised men. Will you comment on this please.

  8. martin
    April 8, 2014 at 4:26 am

    Once again Ron Low has made his smear and then shuts up and finds it impossible to answer comments made to his allegations.
    How strange that the Christian world want to deny Jews the very basis of their religion. No to kashrut and no to circumcision. The persecution continues.
    A strange pojnt is that during WW2, the Danes saved almost the whole of their Jewish population. The Swedes took them all in. A tiny minority of Norwegian helped Jews to escapes, while in contrast, the Norwegian police played an active part in rounding up Jews, as happened in most Nazi occupied countries.

    WHY? Any ideas any one?

  9. : )
    April 8, 2014 at 8:00 am

    Ron Low is probably a part of the nature loving nettwork that think they run the show her in Norway. They are so fragile that they wonder if Kaptein Sabeltan is something kids can see. Poor the kids to this people, what else that rocks and sticks do they have for toys? Ups I forgott it their kids like to sleep with dogs.

    No wonder their kids suffer from insomnia!

  10. Harold
    April 8, 2014 at 3:44 pm

    Ron Low, and all the other ethical people who work towards the ending of the Bronze Age ritual genital cutting, are right. Moses Maimonides admitted that genital cutting was done to diminish sexual pleasure, and he was honest, it does.

    You have brit shalom, so that he can choose for himself when the cutting actually means something to him. Of course, he may choose to leave his penis as it is, more enjoyable and still be Jewish.

    I support Jenny Klinge,, and all the other people in Europe who work to preserve the genital integrity of non-consenting boys and girls.

  11. : )
    April 8, 2014 at 11:00 pm


    if you want the Norwegian elite to take you and your old fanatic friends to take you serious come up with better arguments!

    A man that lived for eh how many years back in time?

    Your plan has been discoverd what else to do now than to row as fast as you can?

  12. : )
    April 8, 2014 at 11:06 pm

    One more thing Harold, I refuse to reply when you and your like speak to me in the street. You have no right at all to demand a discussion because I eate an orange or what ever Jewish you see on me! Stop bulling muslim women too!
    Stop the stalking, we will report you all for hate crime!

  13. : )
    April 9, 2014 at 12:43 am

    One more thing Harold, my guess is that your friends also are pro republic.

    What a reading in the news:
    Why should the King be removed? What is the problem with having a King? Oh, its not 2014, ye I get it. Seen to much on les Misreables now again?

    Hope you are so proud ouf your self to use bulling, you must have very low selfconfident when you act like this!

    You really need a life!

  14. martin
    April 9, 2014 at 5:03 am

    Harold, your friend Ron Law would not answer my questions. How about you? Will you?
    You mention Moses Maimonides. First of all, the translation is insufficient. . Why not read the whole item to understanding the whole point of his thoughts?
    You are so keen to spout your knowledge, so my real question to you is this; Do you believe in the 13 Principles of Faith and try to practice them?
    If not, why therefore, do you need to quote MM?

    Further questions to you are, how involved are you in stopping abortions, and paedophilia?. How involved are you in the real care of vulnerable youngsters whoi are brutally treated by the carers or lousy parents?

    Are you just like others who find this site, unable to answer questions and only make the same old tired allegations?

    Perhaps you might read what I wrote to RL and discuss my points regarding health and cleanliness of the penis and also the UN pushing for circumcision od young males to stop infection.

  15. : )
    April 9, 2014 at 6:31 am


    this people only sit in a room and think one thought together, if they do anything more complicated then they need a quality controll so nothing go wrong :) To react ad hock kriste that is mental illness to them. Hm, have to find my slippers and coffe cup. McG I have to laugh before I really wanted this, now its the last thing I want :) So glad! So much more time to do what I like.

  16. martin
    April 10, 2014 at 3:31 am

    Unfortunately Norwegian, the establishment’s brainwashing of the seeming majority appears highly successful. These people learn how to paraphrase their arguments. I can guarantee that the two people, or one using two names, has no sense of literate independence. Instead, rather than learn real facts, they prefer to swallow “evidence” of their argument, courtesy of those who hate Israel and the Jews.
    Ignorance is bliss, just allow these idiots to make their points and then disappear.
    have a happy Norwegian,,,,,,

  17. : )
    April 10, 2014 at 6:13 am


    things are happening her in Norway. The idiots that make points have to accept time when they could bulling Jews are gone with out problems are gone. And good is that! When I look back on my life her in Norway I’m glad I was clueless or it would have felt like a fight. Some people has really fighted for a long time for justice her in Norway. Like McG and other brave Norwegian Jews.

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