Norwegian Christian organizations oppose the YMCA/YWCA boycott

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– Israel boycott misses the target
The leaders of Acta , IMF Young , Youth With A Mission and Return2Sender refuse to participate in YMCA-YWCA boycott of Israeli goods . – Here we have Christian Europeans who pick out the Jewish state as the scapegoat to be brought to its knees. We do not want to be a part of this!
Silje Rognsvåg

In February started YMCA-YWCA Campaign Free Palestine . Just Peace for Israel and Palestine for boycott of all Israeli goods .

– Israel must end the occupation of the Palestinian territories so that it would be possible to establish a just peace in the region, says overseas manager Fredrik Glad- Gjernes the of the YMCA-YWCA .

Naughties kid on the street ?
The leaders of four Christian youth organizations reacted strongly to the call for boycott , and believes that the YMCA-YWCA  action ” misses the mark “.

– When Israel was picked out as the one to be boycotted in a neighborhood of other states that everyone is ” much naughtier ” in terms of human rights violations – what signal do we then give, they ask in a post on Return2Senders website.

These have signed:
Liv Hanne Andestad Langmoen , Acting CEO of Return2Sender , Israel Mission’s youth .

Marit Elisabeth Berling , Director of National Council and Espen Andreas Hasle, general manager , both from Acta , children and young people in Normisjon .

Andreas Nordli , national director of YWAM .

Kenneth Foss, Managing Director , IMF Young .

They ” want peace for the Israeli and Palestinian people” , but will not participate in a boycott of Israeli goods .

– In South Africa there were whites who boycotted to support the struggle of the blacks’ rights against a white regime. In relation to Israel , the picture is quite different: Here we have Christian Europeans who pick the Jewish state (who is far from the worst kid on the block on a world scale ) as the scapegoat to bring to its knees. We do not want to be a part of this!

Youth leaders believe a ” boycott will confirm the enemy image and victimhood on both sides. It will give Israel all the blame for the conflict and lack of a will for peace. ”

Hurts the Palestinians
– A boycott would also hurt many Palestinian workers who are unemployed ; this will lead to growing social unrest on the Palestinian side – which in turn will lead to more confrontations between Israelis and Palestinians . This does not provide a basis for creating a peaceful coexistence , on the contrary , it will help to deepen the conflict , writes Langmoen , Berling , Hasle , Nordli and Foss.

According to the YMCA-YWCA the boycott has support of churches and Christian organizations in the West Bank . Glad- Gjernes encourages the Norwegian Church to join the boycott, something the bishops have rejected.

The youth leaders behind the post to Return2Sender encourage nor the Norwegian Church to ” provide support and recognition to those do credible work for peace and reconciliation in the Middle East .”

– A boycott has the opposite effect.

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    April 6, 2014 at 12:49 pm

    Thank you Norwegian, this article made my day.

    Why join a bitsa army (bits o this and bits o that, when one can join a real army.
    Go kol hakavod og lykke til

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