Humpty-dumpty is going to lead the NATO

And Manfred Gerstenfeld shows the lunacy of this choice…

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NATO’s new secretary-general: Problematic not only for Israel

04/06/2014 21:50
The Cold War is history, so why continue to maintain a transatlantic military alliance?


A FRENCH soldier of the NATO-led coalition patrols in the mountains of Wardak Province in Afghanistan in 2009. Photo: REUTERS
Until the recent developments in Ukraine, it was unclear for many Westerners what the current justification for NATO’s existence was. The Cold War is history, so why continue to maintain a transatlantic military alliance? However, the recent tensions in Eastern Europe have led to major worries about an increasingly unsettled future.

In this context, the expected appointment of Norway’s previous Labor Party prime minister, Jens Stoltenberg, as the new NATO secretary- general seems bizarre. This is not only due to Norway’s political and military reality under his leadership which ended with the election defeat last September, but also because of the attitudes of his government vis-à-vis Israel.

The Stoltenberg government was the only European government to include the extreme Left. Several ministers came from the SV party, among the founders of which were Norway’s communists. Ingrid Fiskaa of SV was deputy environment minister for some time. She had stated before: “When for example the Palestinians are exposed to a slow genocide and the UN does not get much done, this discussion does not come up. Why not? Because it is not in the US interest. In some dark moments, I might wish that the UN fire some precision- guided rockets at selected Israeli targets.”

Though Norway sent soldiers to Afghanistan, its military capabilities are deficient. In 2013, former chief of the Norwegian army General Sverre Diesen said that the country’s military defense had neither the quality nor capacity to face even limited attacks on Norway.

This situation was summed up in 2008 by General Robert Mood, inspector-general of Norway’s army, in a slightly different way. The Norwegian army, he said, was barely “able to defend perhaps one neighborhood in Oslo, much less the entire country.”

The Stoltenberg government frequently applied double standards against Israel, a behavior which fits the European definition of anti-Semitic acts. The government de facto legitimized the genocidal Palestinian terrorist movement Hamas on several occasions. If its calls to remove Israel’s security barrier had been successful, this would have facilitated Palestinian terrorist acts. It also organized major festivities on the occasion of the 150th birthday of the late writer Knut Hamsun, a fanatic Hitler admirer. This was yet another example of the poor judgment of a democratic prime minister.

Stoltenberg’s personal support for hate-mongering against Israel is mainly indirect.

As prime minister and party leader, he is responsible for all the anti-Israel and hate bias coming out of his government and Labor. In a letter to the Norwegian ambassador in Washington in 2010, then-US Senator Sam Brownback listed a number of anti-Semitic acts by the Norwegian government.

The letter mentioned for instance how the Norwegian government funded the trip of two extreme left-wing Norwegian doctors to Gaza during Israel’s Operation Cast Lead campaign. They became a mouthpiece for Hamas. Stoltenberg phoned these propagandists for Palestinian murderers and told them that “all of Norway is behind you.”

During his tenure, the Norwegian embassy in Damascus funded an exhibition of hate-Israel paintings by artist Håkon Gullvag.

The ambassador said at the opening that, “this exhibition is perceived as one of the most important political expressions that has been made by a Norwegian artist in a long time.”

The party’s youth movement, the AUF, is packed with anti-Israel inciters. After criminal Anders Breivik murdered tens of youngsters at the AUF camp on the island of Utoya in 2011, it became known that a substantial part of the camp was devoted to promoting hatred against Israel among its participants, the youngest of whom were 14 years old.

Stoltenberg spoke at several meetings over the years in which there were brutal verbal attacks on Israel, while he remained silent. A prime minister indicates his support by not confronting these attacks.

The most recent case was at the May 1 celebration of the umbrella Trade Union LO in Oslo in 2013. Salma Abudahi from Gaza’s Union of Agriculture Work Committees (UAWC) spoke at the event. Earlier she had given an interview in which she called rockets a “symbol of resistance” and said that occupied people have a right to defend themselves. “It is important,” said Abudahi, “to understand the proportions. The Israelis are killing our loved ones all the time.” This was yet another example of Palestinian hatemongering.

Stoltenberg spoke after Abudahi at the meeting and ignored her incitement in his speech.

If NATO states believe that out of all potential candidates this person is the most qualified to coordinate the workings of the alliance and head its staff, this is indication of poor judgment. Regarding Israel’s contacts with this powerful organization, Stoltenberg’s anticipated appointment is at best moving several steps backward.

The author has written over 20 books, of which two deal with Scandinavian anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism.

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  1. : )
    April 7, 2014 at 2:36 pm

    I had somthing to say, but I bit my tounge :) It will probably be just fine :) Suuuper fine :)

  2. de Bacle
    April 8, 2014 at 12:48 am

    .Humpty Dumpty ? He was quite a philospoher with character and integrity !

    ‘When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’.

    The analysis falls a bit short, I think. This Dumpty clone intends proudly to follow the doctrine “When I use a word – it means just what Obama, Merkel and Cameron choose it to mean – no moore no less ‘. If he will rise to the task is too early to say.

  3. April 8, 2014 at 4:10 am

    but… in the end, humpty dumpty fell of the wall, and then he was no more…

  4. martin
    April 8, 2014 at 4:41 am

    It was NATO that kept the peace in Europe for so many years during the cold war era..
    In order to placate the left leaning Europeans, NATO bombed Serbia, as though only the Serbs were committing, or had committed atrocities. It was only coincidentally that Serbia was backed by the old Soviet regime. Let us be honest here. The same left leaning bureaucrats in the EU want an EU military force to take the place of NATO, led by France.
    Certainly ever since Obama came to power, the world has become a less safer place. Of course the Europeans love him, as he is not the ugly American, he is of course another Democrat and he is of mixed parentage. another reason for diversity minded Europe.

    That NATO is prepared to place such a left leaning person to lead this organisation shows how weak it is, and appears to follow the weak western leadership. The Cold War was frozen and unfortunately, it id defrosting due to Putin’s realisation that Europe is still tender and weak. The only good element for Norway is that she has an organisation to defend her, unlike Israel. I mentioned earlier in these columns that Israel can forget closer relations with NATO now this Jew hater is going to run hierarchy of the aliiance. No doubt, that democratic country of Turkey will be further enhance by NATO, assuming Erdogan allows it.

  5. fg
    April 8, 2014 at 4:36 pm

    Good writing again by Mr. Gerstenfeld.

  6. Lunovich
    April 9, 2014 at 3:17 am

    Stoltenberg “left leaning”? Stoltenberg is a neoliberal adherent of Tony Blair-style New Labour politics, firmly rooted in the right wing of social democracy, and only barely distinguishable from the Conservative Party by rhetorical details only. His views on Israel more specifically are shared by the great majority of Europeans and are mainstream, he is even far less critical of Israel than his conservative predecessor Kåre Willoch (Stoltenberg’s father Thorvald Stoltenberg however is an outspoken proponent of BDS against Israel). You also misunderstand the political position of the EU’s elites. They are despised by the European leftists. The EU’s elites are elitist and neoliberal and rooted in the right wings of liberalism and social democracy as well as mainstream conservatism.

    Bombing Serbia makes much sense from a conservative (and anticommunist) point of view, as Serbia is the traditional ally of Russia/the Soviet Union, whereas Croatia and the other enemies of Serbia are traditional allies of Catholic Europe and the central European powers. Indeed it was the German national-liberal FDP party, considered the most right-wing mainstream party in Germany, and the conservative CDU/CSU that actively sided with Serbia’s opponents in the 1990s. With some knowledge of history, this is not surprising. The FDP’s think tank is named for Friedrich Naumann, who already in his 1915 book Mitteleuropa called for the destruction of Serbia as a state. Breaking up Serbia has been a consistent theme in German foreign policy under mostly conservative and right-wing liberal governments for over 100 years, and may be the main reason for NATO’s and the EU’s actions in regard to the former Yugoslavia after the fall of communism.

  7. martin
    April 10, 2014 at 3:50 am

    Tony Blair is as corrupt as they come and surely one of the most despised politicians in the UK, of which there are many. When Cameron came onto the scene, and Obama for that matter, my immediate reaction was “Oh no, another bloody Tony Blair.”

    Must disagree though on some your points Lunovich. Stoltenberg is a socialist, just like his Jew hating father, who was one of those responsible for the disastrous (for Israel) Oslo Accords. I am not so sure that there is a huge divide between Stoltenberg and Willoch. I understand that it has only been recent times that Willoch has shown such Israel hating tendencies. I am unsure whether the story of his Muslim relation is true or not.

    Lookat the majority of the EU top elitists, they are all east European style communists, whether it be Stalinist, Maoist, or Marxist. Many of the socialist and liberals in the UK were extremely anti EU, but like so many just joined the gravy train to pilfer as much as they can from EU tax payers. Forget what these people call themselves, their devotion to east European socialism or communism to name it more correctly is all too evident. The corrupt EU with its unelected tsars following the old national and now international socialist dogma is there for all to see, if one wants to look. The two forms of socialism are entwined, this business of right and left is not completely true, as before Hitler invaded Stalin’s Soviet Union, the only difference between the two was Hitler’s intention to destroy all European Jewry. Both were responsible for the deaths of millions, as we know.

    Apart from the bombing of Serbia and actively taking part in helping the Muslims All three, Serbs, Croatians and Muslims committed atrocities against each other, I agree with your last paragraph. Certainly the Muslims have never acknowledged “our” help in saving their community. A community which as active Nazi supporters certainly had plans with Hitler as to what could happen in British controlled “Palestine” during WW2..

  8. Lunovich
    April 10, 2014 at 1:34 pm

    Stoltenberg is not a socialist. In Norway, Germany and other countries, social democracy is a distinct centrist ideology and socialism is considered a different ideology to the left of social democracy. For example, the mother of all social democratic parties, SPD of Germany, officially broke ties with socialism over half a century ago and declared itself a centrist, pragmatic “people’s party” (a term often used by conservative parties in Europe). Stoltenberg is first and foremost a neoliberal in economic policy and a centrist who takes pride in being as politically correct as he can on other issues, and who doesn’t really like the hard left. Stoltenberg is like Blair largely a liberal-conservative in social democratic clothes (Blair, originally a member of the conservatives, tellingly only joined Labour because his Labour father-in-law demanded it).

    The EU’s elites are also not communist. They are elitist and neoliberal and indeed quite corrupt, and some of them have been socialists or communists in the past, but as circumstances changed and/or as they became older, they preferred a lavishly paid job as euro politicians, like for example Green Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the German/French Jewish-origined politician who was a left-wing radical in his youth and who is now a neoliberal EU elitist. Actual communists hate the EU. There are a couple of communists in the EU parliament, just as there are some right-wing extremists, and they are the only ones there who are critical of the EU. The conservative EPP, the liberal ALDE, the social democratic SD and the Greens are staunch supporters of the EU. Communists regard the EU as a neoliberal elite project.

  9. martin
    April 12, 2014 at 4:49 am

    When you mention right wing extremists as against extreme left extremists, just what is the difference? The only difference between the extreme left/liberal wings international socialist hate for Zionism and Israel (most of it is dressed up to hide the Jew hate, even by those who were born and gave up their Jewish birth right) and the extreme right wing national socialist hate of the Jews is the term “inter.” The two versions of socialism are entwined together, of that there is no denial.
    People can own their own titles and change their titles throughout their political career, however, most still retain their political thought, some might have had it hidden for years. Who knows exactly, except the individual him/herself!

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