Wise words from Anne Sender.

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A dead end for frustrated emotions

It has vicarious , partly immoral motives – and the effect is far less than the resources used.

Chronicle Anne Broadcaster , writer and lecturer, recipient of the Freedom of Expression Prize 2014

It is easy to understand the frustration many feel about the unresolved conflict between Israelis and Palestinians . Is a boycott of academic, cultural and economic relations with one party what it takes to resolve the conflict ? Is occupation sole cause of the conflict , and it is only Israel can make peace?
Boycott as a tool against Israel began as opposition from Jews in the U.S. who protested against the huge aid to Israel’s military defenses with their tax dollars . Palestinian Marwan Barghouti followed up in 2005 with the establishment of the movement ” boycott , divestment and Sanctions ” ( BDS ) . It included a sudden requirement for full return to Israel for Palestinians – without including issues around the same number of Jewish refugees who were simultaneously displaced from Arab countries. Is it fruitful for two people who are both there to be , that a new generation of Palestinian and Jewish children being raised without the knowledge and experience through interaction with each other?
Palestinian people are made redundant
If we only look at the economic boycott , without remembering that there are rogue states who ought to have had the activists’ focus, it becomes almost immoral not to give the Palestinians all the help they can get. International presence of industry and commerce who can provide expertise and development, without being client -building assistance is critically important. Both potential and actual Palestinian jobs will disappear by an economic boycott of Israel and weaken the Palestinians the most. Also today banning Palestinians from neighboring countries will exacerbate poverty and make unemployed Palestinian youth easy prey for radicalization and demonization of the party they should make peace with .

A full support from the West for such insulation line will strengthen victim mentality and lack of willingness to compromise. At the same time weaken the intellectual will to self-criticism and human legal thought , as the Palestinian society sorely also need to be a state their citizens will live in. The occupation is unjust and discriminatory , but has not blamed for everything that goes wrong in the Palestinian areas. Education , debate , criticism, adjustment and negotiations must be learned and practiced on many levels – not left to corrupt management layer and violent militias. A two-state solution depends on two parties want something, even if the Israeli settlement enterprise is little constructive feed and hated , so the cultivation of Islamic religious violence rhetoric does. The solution is that both parties both experience and recognize that they must negotiate.

Blinded by lack of historical knowledge
What makes such a boycott by Israelis ?

Boycott Campaigners believe symbolic efficacy against Israel is important, but the truth of history prevents them from seeing that isolation and stigmatization give very different images in the collective Jewish memory. The activists may reject it as much as they want, but the Holocaust experience and Europe’s betrayal sits just under the skin . It must empathy to recognize the depth of this.

Obviously also strengthened victim mentality , and also prevents the necessary self-criticism and willingness to equal treatment in Israeli society . Especially in those who must make decisions about security and existential threats from the Arab winter effects . Boycott activists say they “do not defend helpless Palestinian violence against Israel ‘s own citizens or corruption ” but they actually condemn them either. Whether it’s the naivety , historieløshet or anti-Semitism , so support disheveled resistance in practice such attitudes .

Important partners
If we lay aside ideology and emotion and look at the facts shows that Israel gets along well anyway .

Europe is Israel’s main trading partner , accounting for 33 percent of the country’s exports. Soon it negotiated an agreement both parties obviously sees as important as Israel can deliver services and products Europe needs . At the same time tourism and exchange of students, conferences and research visits from all other parts of the world.

EU 28 countries will thus unlikely to agree on joint sanctions against Israel , as a free market just means that firms are partners in the West Bank and in Israel anyway – without including the Palestinians. Banks unlikely to stop trade with Israel as long as the world’s largest companies in many sectors , especially computer technology , now established there. Research on water , agriculture , health and safety systems are world leaders .

No major effects
The statistics from Israel Chamber of Commerce also shows that attempts boycott had little effect. In addition, there are now oil and all that entails. Self-sufficiency with oil and trade with Brazil , China and the Far East will essentially prevent significant effects of any full or partial boycott.

Is the goal to weaken Israel economically particularly realistic – and in the Palestinian interest? Provides boycott alternative solutions for Palestinian needs? Will it change the policy in practice for both parties in the right direction? If we add to boycott cultural and academic institutions in Israel – who loses? Would not the liberal forces lose heart and give in to the ” everyone is out to get us” metaphor ? Who shall then negotiate and compromise ? Many questions without clear answers .

Divide and polarize
It’s not a lack of awareness about the Palestinian situation is the problem, but confidence. In Norway, the boycott campaign never got the wind in its sails , rather the brand and increasing polarization . Various Christian communities and youth cheer for each conflict party and invoke Our ​​Lord’s support for their side . Norwegian universities touching anxiety for all Jewish weakens an already barren knowledge about Judaism and Israel , while the cultural boycott is not really to understand: Those who just intellectual awakening ( alertness ) that targets must be blind in one eye .

Is the absence of trust from one party idea if you like Norwegian private organization or state actor wants to contribute to peace?

My contention is that the resources used in the boycott campaign far exceeds the effect that the action based on the error analysis , the vicarious and sometimes immoral motives and is a dead end. Perhaps the most a measure of committed people in the West who need an outlet for their feelings ?

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  1. de Bacle
    April 13, 2014 at 4:58 am

    Well prof., wise or sly, there is an apologetic touch. This, again, will be counted as a “pro-Israel” comment by Aftenposten, but is it really ?

    “A full support from the West for such insulation line will strengthen victim mentality and lack of willingness to compromise”

    Sender’s words are as indoctrinating as any other Israel-basher in her willingness to support the delusion of Israel politics being guided by “victim mentality” and lack of “willingness to compromise”. Sender is known for her views of the “right wing extremists” in the Israel government is sucking up to her friends in the Norwegian red-green gulash.

    “The occupation is unjust and discriminatory”.
    This too, are words we are not surprised to hear from Sender. A valid representative of Jewish opinion would instead have had the guts to propose that the occupation makes sense as long as the 1 billion enemy neighbours of Israel don’t unequivocally agree to terminate hostilities and threats of extermination. She could have given recognition to Israels needs for reasonable guarantees that giving up land will not lead to further escalation of hostilities. Instead Sender is here subtsantially apologetic and supportive of the mob of Israel-basher’s narrow description of reality.

  2. April 13, 2014 at 5:04 am

    A fair comment, and yes, judged on past performance, it is perhaps wise to be a little hesitant…. That being said, this is the first time there is a clear and unambiguous rejection of the pro-boycott line. Which is a very positive thing!

  3. martin
    April 13, 2014 at 5:59 am

    Sender needs to go back in time regarding the boycott movement against Israel.

    I became actively involved with the anti-boycott movement in London in late 1975 or just after. First of all her socialist Jewish American friends in the Democratic party also support today the Jew/Zionist hating Obama, surrounded as he is by his Jewish lapdogs. However, that is another matter.

    I attended an anti-boycott meeting in London, shortly after I had returned from Israel. Those present in the audience asked many questions and made statements with the “board feeling satisfied. I then asked questions which they felt unable to answer. In fact after the usual wishy washy type of response, a board member asked for other questions, even though one of my questions had not been answered. The board were told to answer my question and this met with a response that they would like to meet with me at the end of the meeting. This I did.

    Consequently, it became obvious that I would not be pushed aside and would make life difficult, so I was asked to join the board. This I did and carried out some research and other work in helping to combat the boycott. The official boycott of Israel headquarters was then, and probably still is in Damascus, Syria. I hear no boycott of Syria being made by the establishment, even though the carnage continues. Meetings were held with top Israeli and Jewish people in evidence. The actual organisation was headed by the Honourable Sir Terence Prittie and Walter Nelson (USA) in London.

    At the time, any company wanting to trade with Arab and Muslim countries had to prove that they had no Jews or Israelis working for them. That they held no business contracts first hand, or through intermediates in order to trade with the likes of he social democratic regimes in Saudia, Syria, Libya et al. IMost countries complied with these measures, some more fully than others. I do know that the UK supported the measures totally, as much as they today with EU rulings. It was the USA that threatened sanctions of its own against any company complying with the boycott movement that wished to trade with the USA.

    With or without Obama, the USA is committed to full and open trade, so I must be assured that if Norway does go ahead with any BDS, their people will be held on notice in the USA.

    Sender needs to be reminded that the so called Palestinians have had $£€billions thrown at them for many years. The refugees were made homeless due to the calling of the Arab leaders to leave their homes so as not to be in the way when they invaded the newly formed Jewish state. There were over 950,000 Jewish refugees from the Arab countries. Why no concern for them, or the tens of millions of other refugees made homeless after WW2

    One can go on about real history and facts. I sincerely doubt any of this will make any difference to her and her liberal social Establishment friends. If you want to be heard act/speak against Israel, otherwise your views will remain silent in Norway.

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