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Minimum age on religion

To introduce a minimum 16 years for male circumcision will mean that we put a stop to Judaism in Norway .

Published on 14 April 2014 , at. 8:16
By Nicholas Kahn
Child Ombudsman Anne Lindboe and her Nordic colleagues want a minimum age for male circumcision . The proposal is controversial , Norwegian Muslims and Jews argue for religious freedom and the right to exercise a practice that has been going on for thousands of years , while Lindmo and her colleagues’ main arguments is that the procedure lacks medical indication and that it violates children’s rights. At the same time encouraged a respectful dialogue between government and communities in order to be informing children about their rights .

I’m not particularly religious and I am more than happy to support medical – ethical thinking when I consider what is good and proper health care . I’m not the observing the Sabbath , I eat bacon with enthusiasm and relate to Jewish custom and culture in an inadequate way . So why do I feel so provoked the proposal to introduce a minimum age for male circumcision , or the Ombudsman so fine puts it : “Let the boys decide for themselves whether they shall be circumcised ” ( Joint statement from the Nordic children’s ombudsmen and children medical experts , 2013 ) ?
As a Jew, I applaud that the debate be taken . I see it as one of society’s most important tasks is to safeguard the rights of children , and getting a respectful and constructive dialogue on the subject testify to a society that is both tolerant and development. Ritual male circumcision is not medically indicated . I fully agree with that the potential medical arguments for ritual male circumcision is easily countered by the fact that we ‘ve got soap and contraceptives , and to charge the public health care system with this task , I understand arouses reactions. Maybe the private health care system can see their opportunity to nip in ( a pun ) ? My problem is that as a Jew I must be circumcised in order to be able to call myself a Jew. It gives me a dilemma .

The Ombudsman has in her good intentions succeeded in creating a debate that is made to induce shame in minority groups. Not enough with that one tries to assimilate immigrants and other cultural minorities to the best of Norwegian costume stitching , but should therefore be accused to commit child abuse and barbarism to exercise their religious duty and inheritance. To think of what really communicated My parents committed a violation of my human rights and the Children’s rights convention when I was circumcised . Primarily because I was not asked as 8 days old , but also because I got hurt . For some reason, the pain has become our society’s greatest problem. Could it be that I could stand the pain ? Could it be that the emotional pain of not being a part of the Jewish would have been bigger? Or could it be that the shame I feel about being circumcised , the physical representation of barbarism between the legs is even more harmful? Maybe I ‘d rather chosen to have a pain in a day or two as a baby than not being able to be proud Norwegian Jew?

The need for belonging is an urgent need that the Ombudsman should not take lightly. In the minority , this is a particular challenge and when the Ombudsman communicates what she does, it worries me what this does to the self-image of these minority children . Will the kids be able to feel proud about being circumcised , or will they now be met with criticism and disgust ? How will these guys have for the gym when they shower , they will feel the need to cover up to hide their parents’ barbarism ? Will they dare to show themselves naked for his first girlfriend in adolescence ? Will they feel proud about being circumcised or will they feel shame ? The strength of social rejection is potent, and children are particularly vulnerable to this power ; a child’s reaction will always be to find a way to get out of shame position so that you can once again find acceptance and unconditional love. In this context, the solution either to reject the minority , or the distance from the majority. The need for acceptance of the other is so potent that children go extremely far. As a Jew means in practice that one must choose between Judaism or “the Norwegian “.

Dang it, I am so glad that I did not have to decide for myself when I was 16 years old. If I were a non- circumcised Jewish male , which by definition is a paradoxical condition , I would easily have chosen to say no . As a 16 year old would have been too concerned that my penis was not tampered with in different purpose than orgasm. Do not talk about that a doctor or other scalpel educated person should have cut the penis with the intention of giving me a sense of community , belonging and opportunity for participation in the Messianic time if it would come in my lifetime . As a 16 year old would have prioritized it away , no doubt. And as an adult , I had certainly not bear to execute the procedure, I would not had an association with the Jewish indicating that I would bear to implement a procedure that would give me pain and soreness for a week. The need to protect my penis would come at the expense of my Judaism . Penis or God , it is a fairly simple priority for a poor secular . And by prioritizing my penis , I’d prioritized away Judaism.

For me the choice is easy. Being Norwegian Jew is something that has always been fundamental to me, to be circumcised has been a source of pride, not shame. My parents did not perform an abuse of me when I was circumcised , but they gave me the opportunity to explore the duality I am born in. But I’d chosen the age of 16 would likely choice over circumcision , a choice that in reality would have been about to opt out of Judaism. I would not could have been Mizwah Bar ( confirmation ) , participated in religious rituals or member of a Jewish congregation before the age of 16 years and in all that time I should have had training in my background and identity , I would not have gotten the opportunity to get this training and socialization . Belonging to the Jewish ‘d been pulverized . I would therefore not have felt Jewish, and therefore would never let me circumcised .

To introduce a minimum 16 years for male circumcision will mean that will put an end to Judaism in Norway . Is that what we want?

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  1. martin
    April 17, 2014 at 4:20 am

    To answer your question at the end. Yes, it is what the establishment wants.
    No doubt, we shall have the odd idiot again coming online to mention the pain and how barbaric it is.
    There is an on-going war in Europe against the Jew. End circumcision. Stop Kashrut. Defile Israel as being in the wrong continually with calls for BDS etc. This in itself – anti-Zionism, is now recognised for what it really is, as anti-Jew.
    As Norway is such a prominent member within the UN, can those who are against circumcision please explain why the UN is spending time, effort and money in sending medical teams to Africa to perform circumcision on males in a bid to stop disease? It is the same with Kashrut, the most ignorant are thosae who shout the loudest.
    I truly do not understand how Jews in Norway, after the early experiences of their murdered brethren in Austria and Germany can still consider living there. No doubt Sender has her new god in socialism. But what about the real Jew that believes in Judaism? Who the hell wants to face continual sniping attacks against their belief. If you don’t want to go to Israel, than apply under religious discrimination to migrate to Canada, the USA, Australia etc. A Judenrein Norge is what is wanted. So let the “”fjbsjnfds”” (call them what you like) have their way. Norway is not known for cultured excellence, so let it become the pagan outpost it so desires.

    Happy Pesakh. Make the most of it before they ban matza because it’s made with the blood of young gentiles. No doubt, many still believe that.

  2. : )
    April 17, 2014 at 10:25 am


    I agree McG’s work is impressing.

    Read this:

    Just lots of good thoughts her, learnt some new songs and had a happy time with the folks. Take care Martin and give some credits to your self as well.

    Have a happy……

  3. martin
    April 18, 2014 at 6:21 am

    The church was not the first to show hate against the Jews. The Romans before them crucified and slaughtered b y the sword over a million Jews in north Africa and the mid east. Before them, the Greeks and their Assyrian allies tried to do the same.
    The earliest recorded history of plans to slaughter the Jews is why we celebrate Purim.

    Of course the church had to lie and massage the truth to be the good while the Jew was the devil. all of Christian teachings portray a hate against the Jew. Why the good Samaritan, when they tried to stop the second temple being built? Why Judas, the traitor, only because his name implies being the Jew?
    Christianity is wholly responsible for the modern hate of the Jew. The lies and malicious allegations against the Jews have been manipulated by the church and used by those with vested interest in hating the Jews. I viewed the site above Norwegian and I believe that what I write is supported by this. the present church is no different today than it was two thousand years ago or for the period during the dark ages for that matter.

    Mr Kohn really needs to lose his respectability and show more responsibility as the head of the Jewish congregation by explaining Jew hate is not anti-Semitic. Semites are all the peoples of the mid east, not just the Jews.

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