Erwin Kohn in Vårt Land: Only cure against anti-Semitism is education. Some talkbacks are hideously anti-Semitic

The leader of the Jewish Congregation in Oslo, Erwin Kohn is a very active participant in the Norwegian debate. Now also taking on the gigantic task of educating Norwegians on the roots of anti-Semitism, and show how this awful disease is alive and well in Norway today. Some (not all!) talkbacks prove his points adequately. For being a morally superior newspaper, Vårt Land is surprisingly liberal when it comes to derogative comments about Jews. Oddly, Mr. Kohn challenges the position of a Mr. Leif Gullberg – who certainly harbors many many difficult emotions towards Jews (all you need to do is to follow his string of talk backs if you have the time and energy; Gullberg seems to have little else to do but to comment.. Simple life perhaps?), but then back tracks from the challenge, saying that he does not at all imply that Gullberg is an anti-Semite, when his comments are rife with old fashioned and modern anti-Semitic sentiment.

Lifted from Vårt Land, bad google translate

Blood libel

Published on April 15 –
When even the worst genocide was not enough to dispel anti-Semitism , it is not likely that the stories of the can. Anti-Semitism has a much longer history .

Several studies have confirmed that we still have antisemittsm . HL – Center’s survey from 2012 reported that sterotypiene and conspiracy theories live on, one of five Norwegians believe that ” Jews have too much influence over the global economy ” and that ” world Jewry working in secret to advance Jewish interests .”

Anti-Semitism is a disease. The degree of anti-Semitism may be a kind of thermometer of how healthy or sick society . The disease can be fought , and maybe we can vaccinate against the disease as well. But it must be prescribed the right medicine .

The most common medication is teaching and marking Holocaust . But when even the worst genocide was not enough to dispel anti-Semitism , it is not likely that stories about it can make it Anti-Semitism has a much longer history . One of the treatments I will prescribe the teaching of anti-Semitism long history.

Ritual Murders . One of the worst accusations against the Jews was the charge of ritual murder. Jews were accused of abducting Christian children , kill them and use their blood in religious rituals associated with Jewish holidays . The earliest accusations that Jews went recreated Jesus’ crucifixion. The most common accusation was that Jews used the blood in his Easter bread, matza .

Throughout history there have been around 150 registered blood accusation, in addition to thousands of rumors. These cases were always followed by persecution , pogroms and murder of Jews. The myth of ritual murder and the use of blood in matza still live in several Arab countries.

It started in England in 1144 when the Jews were accused of killing William of Norwich. William was found stabbed in the forest. Myth and legend changed this that he was crucified . The legend became a cult , and William got martyr status. Pilgrims flocked to Norwich and sacrificed in the church.

His hagiographer , Thomas of Monmouth, claimed that each year becomes an international council of Jews together to decide which country they will kill a Christian child . He claimed that Jews bases this on an ancient prophecy and that the sacrifice should expedite the return of the Jews to the Holy Land .

Thomas of Monmouth, who was born after William was found dead , was a Benedictine monk visa purposes living in a monastery in Norwich. He wrote the book The Life and Miracles of St. William of Norwich. This is considered as the origin of the blood accusation against the Jews . It started one after each major anti-Semitic wave in England culminating in that all Jews were expelled in 1290 .

The weekend Explained . Little St. Hugh of Lincoln was a 9 year old English boy who was found dead in a well in August 1255 . Jews were accused of ritual murder, and little Hugh was the weekend explained. Until the beginning of the 20th century pilgrims came to Lincoln to visit ia well that was made ​​in the old Jewish Quarter. In 1955 continued the Anglican church a plaque on the spot where Little St. Hugh’s sarcophagus had been in Lincoln Cathedral . The plaque tells about the accusation of ritual murder and innocent Jews had to pay with his life – and it contains a prayer for forgiveness. Plaques wording is :

” By the remains of the shrine of ‘ Little St Hugh ‘ .

Trumped up stories of ‘ ritual murders ‘ of Christian boys by Jewish communities were common throughout Europe during the Middle Ages , and even much later. These fictions cost many innocent Jews their lives . Lincoln had its own legend and the alleged victim was buried in the Cathedral in the year 1255 .

Such stories do not redound to the credit of Christendom , and so we pray :

‘ Lord , forgive what we have been , amend what we are , and direct what we Shall pray. ”

Torture . Simon of Trent was a little 2 year old boy from the city of Trento in Italy. He was gone at Easter time in 1475 . His father accused the Jews of having killed him and used his blood in their matza – baking.

The entire Jewish population was arrested and confessed under torture. 15 of the men were sentenced to death and burned at the stake . The women who were found guilty were jailed but released after three years and papal intervention .

What happened in Trento inspired to blood accusations in all surrounding regions. Simon of Trent was the weekend explained and there arose a cult also around him. Simon of Trent was the weekend for kidnapped children. In 1758 wrote Cardinal Ganganelli (later Pope Clement 14 ) a report that exonerated Jews of allegations of murder of Simon . Pope Paul the 6th removed Simon from the weekend calendar in 1965.

Damascus affair . Blood allegations were not reserved Europe or the Middle Ages. Damascus affair became a momentous history of the Jewish world . In 1840 Franciscan monks Thomas and his servant away , and the Jews in Damascus (Syria ) were accused of ritual murder.

Eight of the most distinguished Jews in the city was victim of false accusations . Several of them died under torture, while one of them was forced to convert to Islam. As before in history had the charges included for the entire Jewish community in Damascus. Damascus affair gained international attention. Both Austria and the U.S. President was involved . Damascus affair the Jews in the United States to organize and engage in politics for the first time.

Steadfast . Blood allegations were not limited geographically. They were steadfast and occurred with astonishing frequency in many countries. At Rhodes in 1840 . In Georgia in 1879. In Hungary in 1882. In the Czech Republic in 1899 .

In Tsarist Russia there were many pogroms that wiped out entire villages by Jewish blood accusations. Perhaps the most famous is the Beilis affair , Kiev , 1913 . Menahem Mendel Beilis was in 1911 accused of ritual murder of 13 year old Andrey Yushchinsky . In the period surrounding the trial were scattered leaflets in Kiev with the image of the dead boy and the following text : ” Orthodox Russians , remember the name of the young Andrey Yushchinsky martyred at the hands of the Jews . May his memory live forever . Christians make their children ! ! On March 17 begins the Passover ! ”

In 1913, Beilis was acquitted by a jury of only Christians. Prosecutors had no evidence, and Beilis had watertight alibi and credible witnesses .

Beilis affair caused massive international criticism of the Russian Empire’s anti-Semitism. The case was the background of Bernard Malamud award-winning novel The Fixer . For this he received both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.

Not just Europe . Accusations of ritual murder was not confined to Europe. In 1928 the Jews in Massena , New York, accused of killing a 13- year -old girl . Even if the girl were recovered undamaged after having gone astray and stayed in the woods , the rabbi jailed and accused of abducting her.

In the German Nazi magazine Der Stürmer , Jews were often accused of ritual murder of Christians. The infamous number in May 1934 was even banned by the Nazi authorities when it compared the alleged Jewish ritual murder by the Christian Eucharist .

World War II was not a watershed in the history of these heinous accusations . Accusation of ritual murder initiated the Kielce Pogrom in Poland in 1946 to Holocaust survivors. In the Arab world there is blood accusation frequently in both print and film of our time.

Berge life. Lack of basic knowledge of Judaism makes it possible to distort it. Therefore, the teaching of Jewish learning , philosophy and tradition , along with the teaching of hatred history , basic to vaccinate against anti-Semitism .

Those who know the Jews ” neurotic ” relationship to blood , based on the kosher rules , will flatly refuse all claims mixture of blood in the matza .

The most important thing in Jewish learning is the sanctity of life . All bids can and should be broken to save a human life. The Talmud teaches us that saving one life is like saving an entire world.

For 3,300 years ago, when the Jews received the Law on Mount Sinai , the world was pretty barbaric . Lawlessness , blood revenge , and human sacrifice was common in many societies. God was clear on what he thought about human sacrifice . The story of the binding of Isaac ( Ishmael in Muslim tradition ) , as the others are interpreted as the sacrifice of Isaac is an educational message that God does not want human sacrifices .

Lack of knowledge . Those who read this story with today’s glasses do not understand why Abraham did the preparations he was asked – to collect firewood and set the place on the mountain. But at that time it was just that many did. The gods demanded human sacrifice. The Jewish god said no.

It is extremely unknowledgeable to believe that Jews engage in ritual murder. It is also unknowledgeable and lack of knowledge of history to blameJews for blood lust , brutality, barbarism and bestiality.


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  1. martin
    April 18, 2014 at 6:01 am

    I confirm yet again that Herr Kohn invited back into the realm of the Jewish community the Senter mot Antisemittisme.

    From what I learned on these pages, thanks to Norwegian is that Sender was the cause of the real Zionists having to be excluded. This in itself is a disgrace and if Mr Kohn has any common sense and forget niceties, he should make this alliance double quick. The tiny community cannot afford to be divided because of the communist anti-Zionist values and dogmas. You cannot expect an easy life, if you are unprepared to fight for it!

    I also believe that the Senter has much more guts0 and, knowledge to fight the Jew hating louses. Mr Kohn, ensue that you are not judged badly in the future. Act now, be a man who fights openly and call a spade a spade. The goyim will respect you far more than your being wishy washy. Shy use the term anti-Samitism. Call it for what it realyy is = Jew hate

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