Vårt Land gives space to unmitigated Israel hate. Talk backs pan anti-Israel propagandist Kjetil Nilsen

Vårt Land pretends to be a liberal Christian newspaper. But is serving exaggerations and outright lies about Israel (i.e.. the Jews) a liberal thing to do? Even for the owner of official anti-Israel newspaper in Norway, Dagsavisen

bad google translate of “comment” by Kjetil Nilsen, who doesn’t give a rats arse about the hundreds of thousands murdered in Syria, but invent dirty lies about Israel (i.e. people like me, the Jews) lifted from Vårt Land

The occupied West Bank : The world’s biggest prison

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– After the Six Day War in 1967, in practice the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza sentenced to life imprisonment in the world’s biggest prison.

– They were imprisoned for crimes they never committed – and without being explained what offense they possibly were guilty in. Now the third generation of these ” prisoners ” started his sentence in this mega – prison.

The Israeli historian Ilan Pappe describes the use of metaphor aptly how the living conditions of the civilian population in the occupied territories has developed during almost 50 years . One need not remain long in the West Bank to experience prison life and the brutal repression of ordinary people ‘s daily life .

Reis example . very south of the West Bank. The encounter with the tiny isolated Palestinian society A Seef will leave you speechless . – Can a civilized government really treat innocent people so inhuman ?

– We’re not allowed to plant anything ; not build on their property; not dig for water ; we refused medical help if we are ill ; denied visits by other Palestinians ; do not bring the goods here – not carrying yogurt and cheese we produce to the nearest market over the other side of the ” border “. We are forced to smuggle .

– In addition, we must every three months traveling to an Israeli police in Hebron to renew the permit to stay here we have lived all my life. – Welcome to No Man’s Land, says Mahmoud – one of the residents – with a good dose of black humor , during one of my visits .

Tampered with border
In order to come to A Seef must pass an Israeli checkpoint turned into illegal border crossing with passport control. The isolated Palestinian farming community located a few hundred meters from the ” border ” and counted about 50 people – most of them children. They are involuntarily annexed into Israel .

In 2002, Israel began construction of the wall along a route that does not follow the “green line” , ie Israel’s border with the West Bank by 1949. Than 80 % of the course eats into the occupied Palestinian territory to maximize illegally built settlements within the Wall.


Notice how the line of wall here at A Seef take a detour up from the Green Line that here is dotted with green, and presto – Israel has annexed a piece of land , but also people … Go to article to see “map”)

stripped of rights
The demarcation hit A Seef particularly hard. Its inhabitants live today trapped in a annexed Israeli enclave – entirely legal rights . As the closest neighbor is the illegal settlement Mezadot Yehuda . It is the cause of Israel’s illegal border migration .

Despite the fact that the Palestinians who live here are tvangsinnlemmet in Israel , they have no rights as Israeli citizens. They actually have fewer rights than tourists and can not travel freely in Israel – the land is annexed into which they are ” obviously ” not enjoy Israeli public services, eg . connecting to power and water mains as neighbors in the illegal settlements are provided with the Israeli authorities.

Harassment of school children
The contact with the rest of the world is done by crossing the border illegally built drive over to the West Bank . For the 17 school children , this is particularly unfortunate. Their school has ended up on the wrong side of the illegally drawn border – in the village Imneizil .

The walk to school should normally take fifteen minutes – no obstacle on the road . But daily , the pups exposed to the same treatment : Waiting up to an hour at the border station while simultaneously watching the settlers allowed to pass freely; thorough check of your birth certificate and residence permit ; passing through the metal detector; X-ray image intensifier and manual control of every knapsack – and on top of it all ; much harassment and scolding . Twice a day .

The situation here is a vivid illustration of Ilan Pappe prison metaphor , and that Israel would like the Palestinians land for an inheritance – but not the people who live there. The political strategy to achieve the goal easily transparent : Living conditions made ​​aware so difficult and misery as possible – with the hope that people will one day give up and move ” voluntarily ” from their homes and their land .


( In 2004 established the International Court of Justice ( ICJ ) that the parts of the wall that goes into the West Bank and East Jerusalem are built illegally. Court urged Israel to halt construction and demolish those portions of the wall . Israel has made it stings opposite.

Approximately 11,000 Palestinians live today between the Wall and the Green Line – the so-called ” seam zone” . They live at the mercy of their own homes. In addition : Palestinians in about 150 different Palestinian villages have lands behind the wall. They need special permission for access to private land ) .

3 comments for “Vårt Land gives space to unmitigated Israel hate. Talk backs pan anti-Israel propagandist Kjetil Nilsen

  1. Eric R.
    April 28, 2014 at 11:33 am


    When you say “liberal” to describe this newspaper, are you talking the modern day definition (leftist), or the “classical” definition (basically free market and tending to socially libertarian, as Britain’s old Liberal Party used to be, and Australia’s Liberal Party is now.)

  2. martin
    April 28, 2014 at 1:48 pm

    To give Ilan Pappe the title of historian is being overly generous. How about Revisionist?

    Blimey Prof, just where does one start to pick up the malicious allegations that Vaart Land has made?

    How about Jews will not be allowed to live in a new Palestine? This in line with most Islamic lands. Why intervene in Iraq and Afghanistan to bring “Democracy” when they still bar Jews entry? Of course being Norway, one can fully appreciate the article.

    I tried explaining the difference between Jew hate media in Norway and the UK. At least in the latter, free speech also means he right of answer. Unlike Norway.

    Yaaaawn, the Jew hate continues in the Aryan national socialist state of Valhallastic Norway. I wonder when the book burning will start?

  3. April 28, 2014 at 11:56 pm

    whacking leftists most of the time, although some of the articles, editorials are very worthwhile reading, agreeing or not. But essentially, snooty attitude to most things.

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