The bigoted Christians of Hamar

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There is something erie about Lutheran Christians who so brazenly declare support for groups that engage in terror against civilians and spread poisonous anti-Semitic propaganda. It is particularly worrisome that most of these Christians are clergy or lay persons affiliated with the Church of Norway. Such as the YMCA/YWCA. And now also the Dean of the Hamar Parish. Just to mention a few.

Nevertheless, they seem to have missed that Tromsø, whom the Dean refers to as having a successful friendship with Gaza, in fact decided to not support the Hamas terror group, citing that the Municipality of Tromsø deals with domestic matters, not foreign politics. 

Friends at the grassroots level

Hamar municipality’s friendship with Palestine has been too lax for many of the town’s idealists . They take charge.

by Hilde Berit Evensen-

When the Middle East Committee of Hamar was discontinued in 2013 , there was full support for Tor Inge Martinsen input to the decision : ” It is assumed that the Hamar municipality ‘s commitment to the Middle East can be maintained within a new organization of municipal international work. ”

Leif Jørn Hvidsten and Svein Ørsnes are two of them who have grown tired of the air went out of the middle east involvement by the municipality Middle East Committee was abolished .
April 28 is the when the new friendship group with Khan Younis will be  founded in Hamar.

Down to the human level
Svein Ørsnes : – There are some people who say that it is so difficult to make a decision for local authorities and other public bodies , but if we say that friendship is essentially to Friend cities , then it need not be particularly difficult.

Ørsnes shows that such Tromsø , which is twinned with Gaza , it has frequently focused on Palestine and the conflict with Israel.

Svein Ørsnes : – Instead of exchanging long political postulates and crooked friendship to, it is quite possible to make it simple and human ; for example, a school class in Hamar friend via the internet with a school class in Khan Younis , a cafe in Hamar can befriend cafe with a Palestinian café or skaters in Hamar can share video clips via the web with a skate club in the Khan Younis area. Such things we can do, and that without that money is a crucial part .

Beyond politics
Even though Svein Ørsnes is well known as the Salvation Army Soldier and Leif Jørn Hvidsten as Dean of Hamar , they seem not hinder go clearly into the Palestinian side of the Middle East conflict.

Hamar Dagblad : – You do not have political or religious involvement in this?

Leif Jørn Hvidsten : – Now, my humanity is religiously based , but do not have a particular religious stance to support the friendship agreement  starting with the inaugural meeting Monday. The goal is to expand our understanding of life in Palestine , how people live there. We will be a counterweight to the emergency account which is often the factor mentioned in the media.

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  1. martin
    April 28, 2014 at 1:53 pm

    Christianity’s love of all mankind except the Jews. Perhaps the good(?) people in Norway should forget Martin Luther the arch Jew hater and follow Martin Luther King.
    As he said anti Zionism is wrong as it is just pure Jew hate and nothing more.

  2. Anonymous
    April 29, 2014 at 5:00 am

    Off-topic, but still relevant:

    What Israel Can Teach the US About Taxes:|mod&par=xfinity

    (And what Israel could teach Europe too, if they weren’t blinded by their Jew-hatred. So Europe can put their oppressive taxation in their Socialist crack pipes and smoke it….)

  3. martin
    April 30, 2014 at 3:50 am

    Dear Anonymus, I quite agree. however, from what we see of the mainly euro socialists, they appear to already be on crack.

    I remember one crackpot from the Norwegian left or green party wanting the airforce to bomb Israel. Now that would be interesting. Just recently Israel and the US top guns held another military air exercise between the two nations and for some reason, the score was never advertised. The time previously, the loss was 11 to 1 ratio in Israel’s favour. How would Norway have gone?

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