MIFF report: Stavanger municipality weighs spending 20% of Constitution Jubilee fund for Palestinian propaganda

thanks to the hard working people at MIFF, we now know what the people of Stavanger are up to.

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Stavanger plans to use constitution celebration money to defame Israel
The administration of the municipality of Stavanger plans to spend 20 percent of allocated funds for the Constitution Anniversary project ” Nablus – an occupied town “. The very Constitution that denied Jews access to our country will be celebrated by telling the story of a city that has fostered a number of Jew killer who think Jews are in the wrong place.

By Conrad Myrland

Wednesday 7 May the Local Government Board for culture and sport in Stavanger municipality will debate a recommendation from the administration on the allocation of NOK 500,000 to ten different projects . Already in February the municipal board set aside this amount of money earmarked for events and projects in connection with the constitution anniversary in 2014 .
The Administration proposes that the planned exhibition ” Nablus – an occupied town ” at the Museum of Stavanger should receive NOK100,000. This is twice as much as any of the other beneficiaries , but significantly less than the full amount the museum applied for, NOK 500.000.
” Nablus – an occupied town ” is scheduled to open at Museum Stavanger in November 2014 . According to the documents submitted to the municipalitythe exhibition will “show Stavanger’s twin town Nablus ‘ 4000 years of history ” .
The administration continues its reasoning as follows:
” Through a tableaux of authentic artifacts and sound recordings the town’s heritage , architecture and building will be exhibited, but also the city and city life today under Israeli occupation. A main thread through the exhibition  will be the population’s own voices , mediated through film footage created specifically for the exhibition.
We therefore apply for funds for the museum’s main exhibition which will highlight the Constitution Anniversary’s most central theme: the significance of democracy, human rights and free speech , and it is the applicant’s intention to encourage debate and audience participation. Educational material for all levels will be prepared. Seminars and lectures will be held in the exhibition period. The project is also part of the official national constitution program. ”

It is difficult to comment on a show that is not yet clear, but here several red warning lights should flash for local politicians in Stavanger.
A large stain on the Norwegian constitution, which  Stavanger seeks to celebrate, was the ban on Jews in the kingdom of Norway. Nablus is today a town without Jews. The Palestinian Self-government authorities have imposed the death penalty for Palestinians who sell property to Jews.
A large number of Palestinian suicide bombers in the last 20 years come from Nablus . The men behind the Norwegian Constitution at Eidsvoll in 1814 thought Norway was the wrong address for the Jews. Suicide bombers from Nablus said Israel was the wrong address for the Jews, and they were willing to use more bloody means than men at Eidsvoll.
Nablus was under ( legal! ) Israeli occupation from 1967 to 1995. During the last 19 years the city has , however, been governed by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah. When people complain about all their troubles, they will then be free to point out misrule and corruption in the PA or will the curators from Stavanger steer it in the usual , one-sided condemnation against Israel?
Nablus is controlled by the Fatah – controlled self-government authorities , where democracy, human rights and freedom of expression are very weak. What can all school classes within the Stavanger municipality learn from this?
Nablus is situated on the site of the ancient Canaanite city of Shechem . After the Israelites conquered the area was Shechem many centuries situated within the area of the tribe of Manasseh , and was later the capital of the Kingdom of Israel. Shechem is mentioned over 50 times in the last Norwegian translation of the Bible . Will the Museum of Stavanger tell about the central role Nablus has had in Jewish history ? Will they tell how local Palestinians have disgraced Joseph’s Tomb which is located just outside the city ?
” Nablus – an occupied town ” is likely to be included in the series of government-funded smear campaigns of Israel. It is hoped that the majority of the municipal Board believes that this has nothing to do with the Constitution celebration, but rather a helping hand to the forces that will take us back to the darkest corners of the 1800s .

Update May 6
After the Progress party warned of its opposition to the project in Stavanger Aftenblad 5th May, Siri Aavitsland , the executive director of the Museum of Stavanger, sent this e – mail to the municipal board members in which she argues for support for the Nablus project. She also adds a 14 -page document describing the exhibition in more detail. Here it is stated :
” By focusing attention on the Palestinian situation, the values represented by ​ the Norwegian Constitution, be put in perspective. It is an exhibition that would greatly touch on contentious political issues , which will create a strong commitment and that will be suitable as a basis for reflection and public debate on important social issue. ”
In other words: This is an exhibition that lend itself to whipping up the mood against Israel among Norwegian children and helps to cement the myth that ” Israel treats Palestinians as bad as the Jews were treated during World War II ” ( a lie four out of ten Norwegians already believe ) .
In the project group preparing  exhibition, we find Nasser Arafat from Nablus and representative of the Nablus Association in Stavanger.
On page 9 it is said that one item in the exhibition presents the home environment of a typical family in Nablus . ” The scene is displayed with audio and image of Israeli tanks passing by on the street. ”
This confirms the fear that this is a propaganda project . Very rarely , Israel has used tanks on the streets of the major Palestinian cities in the West Bank . The last time they were used in the Nablus area was probably under the large Israeli anti – terror operation in the West Bank in April 2002 , after 130 Israelis were killed in terror attacks in one month in March 2002. There is good reason to believe that Arafat and the Nablus association will not find it important to mention this backdrop.