Norwegian aid money goes towards tarnishing Israel

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Quite in contrast to the no-nonsense coverage of UK tax payers money going towards supporting Palestinian convicted terrorists, the same topic is treated in a somewhat lackadaisical fashion by Norwegian media. Newspapers like Dagen, or NGO’s like MIFF go a long way to cover the insanities committed by our tax money, sadly they are not (yet!) read by a majority of Norwegian.

its embarrassing really….

– Aid money support the enemies of Israel

– Aid Organizations supported by Norway portrays Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as pure apartheid policies in line with Nazism in Germany. Their goal is boycott and sanctions against Israel, claims Jitzhak Santis , director of NGO Monitor.

John Solsvik – Today’s correspondent in Israel
Monday 28 April 2014 , at. 9:17 (Updated : Monday, 28 April 2014 , at. 9:22

The Israeli NGO Monitor examines how the comprehensive emergency aid is used in Israel and the Palestinian territories. They claim the money used by large organizations whose primary goal is to eliminate the state of Israel. In their information and press releases are certain key words repeat themselves time and again when describing Israel : racism , ethnic cleansing, apartheid , boycott and sanctions.

They are part of a worldwide BDS campaign against Israel , claims NGO Monitor. BDS stands for ” boycott , divestment, sanctions .”

Tarnish Israel
– They portray Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as pure apartheid policies in line with Nazism in Germany. It is a big lie without any basis in reality. By using such expressions , the conclusion of this state is so evil that it must be combatted and has no right to exist , leader Jitzhak Santis in NGO Monitor.

He adds that this is not stated clearly for tactical reasons, as they would not get as broad support. But because so many are frustrated with the situation and want an end to the conflict , they are part of the charges against Israel.

– They are frustrated over the jammed peace process , they want a Palestinian state , and so they learn that the only way to reach is to pressure Israel economically in the form of boycotts and sanctions , says Santis .

BDS – campaign
A number of human rights organizations in Israel and the Palestinian side is part of the worldwide BDS campaign, and Norwegian and European aid is channeled mainly through these organizations.

– They do not want peace with Israel , but peace without Israel. They get gullible people in the West to support the BDS campaign , in fact also many Zionists are part of this. The first goal is to get Israel out of the West Bank , while the real aim is a one state solution with Israel , says Santis .

Undermines the legal system
According to NGO Monitor, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC ) is one of the major organizations behind the BDS campaign , and they are getting support from Norway, UK and EU. In its 2013 annual report NGO Monitor accuses the Norwegian Refugee Council to undermine Israel’s judicial system by paying for lawsuits in Israeli courts that local Israeli and Palestinian relief organizations conduct. The NRC funded 677 lawsuits in Israeli courts in 2011-2013 , on the demolition of houses and ownership of land in Area C and in East Jerusalem.

NGO Monitor reveals that NRC money go to radical political advocates who support the Palestinian cause . In addition, they are active in a number of initiatives that actively work to demonize Israel.

Supports non- violence
Norwegian Church Aid ( NCA ) supports organizations such as ” Rabbis for Human Rights ” and ” Breaking the Silence ” on the Israeli side and the Palestinian ” Near East Council of Churches ” in Gaza and the Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land except the Anglican church , the Lutheran world Federation in Jerusalem and Palestine and the National Council for the Middle East .

Regional Manager for NCA in Jerusalem , Arne Holm says they support Israeli and Palestinian organizations that are doing legitimate work for human rights without violence .

– Why , this leads to an exclusive focus on violations of human rights in Israel?

– Violations of human rights are unacceptable regardless. The groups we support, point out abuses by Israel’s side , and their address will then naturally be the Israeli public and the Israeli government, says Arne Holm.