Norway confirmed as the most anti-Semitic country in Scandiavia

The ADL report revealing wide spread anti-Semitic attitudes world wide has failed to attract any significant media coverage in Norway. Vårt Land has covered this shocking revelation in some modest degree. Lets hope they will now review they appalling debate forum for the frequent and disgusting attacks on Jews, Jewish values and of course also Israel, so easily accepted by their moderators…

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One in four are negative to Jews

Every fourth person in the world is anti-Semitic attitudes. In the Middle East , three of the four negative towards Jews.

Geir Ove Fonn, Published : May 15 , 2014
Best and worst
Least antisemitism :
Laos ( 0.2 percent)
Philippines ( 3 percent)
Sweden ( 4 percent)
Netherlands ( 5 percent)
Vietnam ( 6 percent)
United Kingdom ( 8 percent)
United States ( 9 percent)
Norway ( 15 percent)
Most anti-Semitism :
West Bank and Gaza : ( 93 percent)
Iraq ( 92 percent)
Yemen (88 percent)
Algeria ( 87 percent)
Libya (87 percent)
Tunisia ( 86 percent)
Kuwait ( 82 percent)

The results appear in a comprehensive global survey to identify
level of anti-Jewish attitudes in over 100 countries . It also shows that almost one in two do not know about the Holocaust.

The survey indicates that 15 percent of the population in Norway
 have anti-Jewish attitudes. It is in line with Iceland and Finland, but clearly higher than in Sweden ( 4 percent ) and Denmark (9 percent) .

Disappointing . – The scope of
 negative attitudes in Norway to Jews confirms findings from previous studies , but it is disappointing that we are relatively high in Scandinavia, says researcher Vibeke Moe at the Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities ( HL center ) .

She hopes that through extensive research over the next year to find more answers to why these attitudes exist, and how deep they are in the Norwegian population.

– Qualitative studies are important to complement quantitative studies like this, says Moe.

Index . Anti -Defamation League ( ADL ) on the basis of the examination made ​​an index of the global scope of anti-Semitism :

West Bank and Gaza has the highest anti-Semitic attitudes ( 92 percent) . At least the presence of anti-Jewish attitudes are there in Laos ( 0.2 percent) .

Norway and Finland come out with a relatively high proportion of anti-Jewish attitudes ( 15 percent ) compared with Sweden (4 per cent ) and Denmark (9 percent) .

Only 54 percent responded that they have ever heard of the Holocaust. Two of the three have either not heard of the Holocaust or doubt that the historical information is accurate .

The report estimates that there are nearly 1.1 billion people with anti-Semitic attitudes in the 102 countries studied .

No improvement . – This confirms the trends we ‘ve seen in previous studies , with relatively high prevalence of anti-Semitism. Unfortunately, there is no evidence that such anti-Jewish attitudes
is on the decline , says
Vibeke Moe.

She takes a small proviso that the survey may be a little too coarse , since the only question has been whether you think each of the 11 allegations
Jews is ” probably correct ” or otherwise. She also believes it should have been a category of “do not know “.

– The study confirms that negative attitudes toward Jews are closely related to what is culturally transmitted in various
regions , regardless of whether you actually have no relation to
Jews. In fact there is less hatred tracking in countries with greater
Jewish population , than in countries with fewer Jews , says Moe.

Middle East. Decidedly strongest are the negatives attitudes towards Jews in the Middle East and North Africa. Here are three of the four anti-Semitic attitudes. Strongest is the negative attitudes
to the Jews among Muslims in
region but also among Christians
anti-Semitism is widespread ( 64 percent) .

– Much of the explanation for these
high numbers can be found in the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians , while we know that the anti-Semitic stereotypes of the region is rooted in the European cultural heritage ,
says Moe.

She points out that in the HL – center Norwegian survey from 2012 manages almost everyone – except those with the most Israel -
critical attitudes – to draw a clear distinction between the view of Israeli policy and the Jews.

Religion . Overall, in the 102 countries responding 49 percent of Muslims in a way that suggests strong anti- Semitic attitudes, compared with 24 percent of Christians.

Among Christians, the anti-Jewish attitudes
clear at least in the Protestant countries (15 percent) , compared with 25 percent in countries with a Catholic majority and 36 percent in countries of Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Among non – believers , Hindus and Buddhists located Semitism between 21 and 17 percent.

In the population of Eastern Europe
have one of three anti-Semitic attitudes. In other parts of the world , the proportion of anti-Semites between 24 percent ( West
Europe ) and 14 percent ( Oceania ) .

Of the eleven negative stereotypes about Jews is mostly agreed with the statement that Jews are more loyal to Israel than to their country ( 41 percent of all respondents) ,
front claims that Jews
have too much power in business and international financial markets ( 35 percent) .

Never met . Anti-Semitism is lower among those under age 65 than among the elderly , with respectively 25 percent and 34 percent.

Pervasive think they asked that the Jewish population of the world is far greater than it actually is. Three out of four respondents have never met a Jewish person, yet one in four of these anti-Semitic attitudes.

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  1. Eric R.
    May 16, 2014 at 9:00 am

    Some of these results do not pass the smell test. Sweden and Holland as amongst the least anti-Semitic countries? Are you f**king kidding me? If Sweden is not a Jew-hating sh*thole, why are half the Jews planning to leave?

    On the other hand, note how Asian countries are less anti-Semitic? No wonder why Naftali Bennett is flying all around Asia, eating his kosher vegetarian meals, while selling Israeli business there. Meanwhile, he has shut down Israeli trade offices in Sweden and Norway because he felt that they were lost causes.

  2. de Bacle
    May 16, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Yes Eric, it seems strange that there is such a big difference in outcome between Sweden and Norway. Perhaps this reflects (my feeling) that NTB and NRK are the most unbalanced of their counterparts in the other Scandinavian countries. Even Sweden with their malicious Aftonbladet is not as totally anti-Israel commited in TV, radio and newspapeer coverage, as is Norway.

    Also politically “neutral” media, such as Aftenposten, which pretends to have objective journalism ideals and politically neutral ambitions, their web-site – more read than the paper – is more or less anti-Semitic in the selectively one sided Israel bashing propaganda. (I wish someone would research that…., there are just too many false headlines (..and not-retracted errors, out-of-proportion biased readers comments, politically motivated journalist comments, inconsistent editorials and editing, skewed attention in the time and placement etc) to be “within epxerimental error”.

    The large “15 %” for Norway is probably “real”, I don’t believe this is a technical error (e.g such as the outcome of a mistaken different value/meaning of the same questions in different langauges) and the reason for it is likely the “spill over” from the heavily skewed media picture of Israel in Norway the past 10 years, and the aggression from the political (including trade unions) leadeship, also in a class of its own in Scandinavia.

    The “spill over” from the Israel propaganda could be seen in countless examples: We remeber shechita that was again brought to the table and repeatedly presented in media as a barbarian blood ritual, with a minister of agriculture acting as a cheer leader, and a number of Professors feeling the urge to sign their indignation in comments to media. (There was not even an attempt from media to sustain a scientifically sound debate).
    The ME conflict gave rise to headlines such as “Rich Jews threaten Obama”, also a “spill over”, exaggerations and fabulations of “The Jewish Lobby” turned up more frequently the past ten years (there was even a commentary on the “Norwegian Jewish lobby” in Aftenposten ! – is that Anne Sender ???, who DOES SHE lobby for ??) and countless caricatures of demonized Jews representing Israel (of course we do !), also applauded and “blown up” by the establishment and the media to an extent unequaled in Scandinavia. One of these led to Rabbi Joav Melchior in fury writing a comment in Aftenposten, another to Ambassador Miriam Shomrat trying to put a stop to it via the press supervising oboard. None of them were successfull, on the contrary, on both occasions this instead resulted in the political establishment rewarding the media and “artists”.

  3. Per Ardua
    May 17, 2014 at 4:03 am

    Both the survey and the presentation of it are flawed. There are more than 1.1 billion Muslims in the world, and in addition come all the others. A Norwegian survey by the Holocaust centre, a couple of years ago, indicated that as many as 38 per cent of the Norwegian population were infested With antisemitic ideas.

  4. de Bacle
    May 17, 2014 at 1:45 pm

    Per, it is obvious from the results of the Holocoust centre survey that their conclusion of anti-Semitic sentiments are a gross underestimate. They are open about that they didn’t include percentages of “don’t know” or “uncertain” answers (on negative traits of Jews) as anti-Semitic answers. This doesn’t render the study “flawed”, but it does show that the concusions they derive from it subject to definition. The ADL survey (who cannot be accused of intentional whitewashing) conclusions “seem” to support the holocaust centre conclusions. Here, similarly the ADL intentionally chose to keep a very strict conservative definition, that all could agree on, on the what is anti-Semitism. The ADL survey is mainly intended to compare countries and follow developments over time, therefore it doesn’t matter much what level they use to define “anti-Semitism”. It is not correct, therefore, to use their numbers as a sort of “absolute” measure of “anti-Semitic sentiments”. I am sure they would agree on your evaluation/definition.

    To me it is clear therefore that you are right in not accepting the conclusions of the Holocaust centre survey (even if the study itself is not “flawed”). The ADL and Holocaust centre studies should refer their percentage numbers to those that are “blatantly” anti-Semitic, whereas, from the same study, the large proportion of “Don’t know” answers should be referred to the much higher proportion of Norwegians that have what they call “anti-Semitic sentiments”. These are people who would be easily duped into believing slander, myths, rumors or lies about Jews, or hesitant to trust Jews, or believe lies about Israel, Israel army/soldiers/legislation, and Israel peace intentions.

    It is strange that all of them, the Norwegian media, the official Jewish community leaders, the Holocaust centre and the political leaders are all so reluctant to officially correctly judge the full reality of the survey.

    The survey is not flawed, they just don’t want to call a spade a spade.

  5. kaj
    May 21, 2014 at 5:53 am

    A quick google translate of this may explain a bit:

  6. martin
    May 22, 2014 at 5:14 am

    Kaj, the site is for the communists, so what else can one expect?

    The problem in fact is because the establishment Jews in Norway are too scared of their own shadow and are just not fit for purpose.
    The Holocaust centre is run by the Norwegian establishment, so has no practical guidance at all.
    Ann Sender is hopping that she might now have a high position placed before her, as a trusted Jew.
    Irving Kohn will not speak out more forcibly and call a spade a spade. He should be making a bloody nuisance of himself in the Norwegian media, start making accusations where it is appropriate. Don’t act like a scared pussycat. I only suggest what I have done my self.

    History is repeating itself because too many Jewish leaders want to be accepted as respectable people. Fine, but they need to show responsibility. My hat goes off Senter mot antisemittisme. They at least tell it as it is. Just like this blog!

    I have only just returned from France. Thank you Prof, it was a lovely surprise to receive your phone call. A pity we can’t get together again. Maybe next time?

    The church has played and continues to play a most significant role in its tradional hate for the Jews and of course, the Jewish state of Israel. Look at some history. Martin Heidegger, Rector of Freeiburg Universtiy, Germany in May 1933 flew thew Nazi flag and said “Not these and ideas are the law of your being. The Fuehrer himself and he alone is Germany’s reality and law today and in the future. So next time we read of the Norwegian church being so bestial towards the Jew and Israel, it is a tradition with the church which continues unabated .

    Indeed as Heine said “wherever they burn books, sooner or later they will also burn human beings.” So one may ask, as anything of positive value towards Israel is banned, when will the old books be burned, some of which might offer the truth and historical fact?

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