Children’s Ombuds person lives in a weird medical universe: claims we do not know enough about side effects of circumcision

I struggle to get my head around this. Anybody with a medical degree and average reading comprehension skills and able to leaf through the many medical journals that overflows any practitioners study will point out the red herring immediately: We know very much about the long term effects of circumcision. There are several thousand articles on medical data bases. Yet our paediatric doctor claims – against tons of evidence to the contrary, that we don’t have the knowledge. Dr. Anne Lindboe might be suggesting that we don’t have any knowledge that fits her expectations, but that isn’t how the medical sciences work. Yet.

I have a suggestion for the good Children’s ombudsman; in stead of pressing on for a ban which would harm children much much more, and in the process rob ordinary people of their most basic human and religious rights, to raise their children the way they see fit and in accordance with their religion and culture, the doctor might instead consider the mental health of children who are made to bear the brunt of the conflicts surrounding a divorce. Solid research show that such children, several thousand more than the handful of Muslim and Jewish male infants who are circumcised yearly in Norway, suffer a great deal more than previously thought and are at risk of having learning difficulties and other problems that could hamper their development socially and emotionally.

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– We know too little about the damage caused by circumcision
The Ombudsman believes the bill about circumcision in the public sector must be studied again.
Valentine Dommerud
Tuesday held an open hearing on circumcision of boys in Parliament . Health and Human Bent Høie has suggested that one should allow circumcision of boys in the public sector . Høie allows for private clinics can stand for the procedure, but will have the orderly and conducted by professionals .

The hearing organized by the Health and Human Services Committee, and in addition to the Ombudsman , both Medical Association , The Norwegian Nurses and midwives association participate. Also, these three major organizations are skeptical about circumcision in the public sector .

– There is a lack of investigation of potential harm to boys who are circumcised and little understanding of children’s experience of pain and the human aspects of the surgery , she said.

The Ombudsman believes it is strange that you do not go further into the importance of the foreskin and has the potential complications associated with removing this .

– Risk of complications
– Complication rate of removal in newborns is disproportionately large, even by removal to hospital . The risk of most serious complications is also higher in newborns than in older children , says Lindboe .

She refers to a study from Rigshospitalet in Denmark. There, it emerged that the complication rate for circumcision performed in hospitals located in five percent when the boys are followed until they are 16 years of age.

Anne Lindboe believes that if parliament adopts bill  as appears , Parliament should require the government that initiated preventive information campaigns to reduce the incidence of surgery.

She will also require that an evaluation result of the offer as established in public hospitals .

– Also, it introduces good reporting from hospitals , and all the law and the age limit should be reconsidered in 5-10 years , she says.

5 comments for “Children’s Ombuds person lives in a weird medical universe: claims we do not know enough about side effects of circumcision

  1. Common Sense
    May 21, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    Actually, there is a 4,000 year history of the practice, demonstrating the lack of side effects, including upwards of 50 percent of the 150 million men in America.

  2. martin
    May 22, 2014 at 4:43 am

    Your post name Common sense, is what is so clearly lacking in the Norwegian elitist established society today. This has nothing to do with medical grounds at all. This is just an ongoing and long continued war against the Jewish people.

    We have been reminded on this blog that medieval laws have no place in modern society. Well of course these people have this attitude. They reject all teachings which have been a cornerstone of so called western civilisation.

    Not for nothing is Norway the most rabid Jew/Israel hating country in Scandinavia Thirty+ years of brainwashing on top of the latent Jew hate since Jews were allowed to reside in Norway certainly prove a point.

  3. Per Ardua
    May 23, 2014 at 12:36 am

    As a political person lacking any medical qualification, she is probably only speaking of the political side effects of circumcision, which in Norway have already proven to be considerable.

  4. de Bacle
    May 23, 2014 at 11:01 am

    If she’s given up the “matter of principle” arguments and pushing the scientific/medical angle, we’re ok.

    Maybe she’s really showing her hand her – has to stick to her guns but given up really.

    If it comes to the science we can beat her mob down into their biggoting shoes.
    (Same goes for shechita, their arguments only survive when desperately avoiding the science. Incredible tribute to “Halacha”).

  5. martin
    May 26, 2014 at 10:19 am

    The Norwegian medical authorities must feel they are 8 decades too late. Mengele, Heim and all their conspirators including many from the medical and legal services also hated Jewish medical practices.

    How soon before we see a Swastika imprinted onto the Norwegian flag?

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