Socialistic Left party lagging in polls, turns to Israel bashing to boost numbers

As the Socialistc Left party continues its slip slide into oblivion they are now trying to regain some of its old number of adherents by offering up undiluted Israel bashing. Now that they no longer are held in short reins by big brother Labor party, they feel free to court the most base feelings among many a Norwegian… But Mr. Solhjell is not more principled than showing up at the  Governments official lunch offered for President Shimon Peres when he was on official state visit a week ago. Mr. Solhjell evidently thinks it is fine for him to call Israel an Apartheid state but then greedily grab free food in the corridors of power, where he no longer has a role to play!


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– Norway should drop the mediator role and instead pressure Israel
– As long as it is not a real peace process between Israel and Palestine , as Norway should rather fingerlings force behind the demand that Israel must end the illegal occupation of Palestinian land , says Vice-President in SV, Bård Vegard Solhjell .

Bent Tanstad

Solhjell says to NRK that Norway should take a leadership role in putting pressure on Israel to get them back to the negotiating table and to get them to quit the illegal settlements in the West Bank .

– Norway is a country that is being listened to in the Middle East because of the Oslo process . We provide substantial assistance , we ‘re talking open both Israel and the Palestinians , but it will not be added enough pressure on Israel to get the country back to the negotiating table , he says.

– Must be tougher

SV- second leader believes that Norway must be tougher with Israel , among other things, by not buying goods from illegal settlements . The government should continue the policy of not to sell weapons to Israel , says he , but also the stronger claim that Israel should continue the negotiations .
Solhjell believes that Prime Minister Erna Solberg ( H ) went in the wrong direction during the visit of Israeli President Shimon Peres recently when she went in for increased trade lines and more cooperation in education and research. She should also set tougher requirements for Israel , he says.

– She went in completely the wrong direction in his wish to trade on more and more cooperation in education and research. It dummaste one can do is to reward the country that occupies and violates human rights , says SV- second leader .

Not general boycott
Asked whether he is in favor of a general boycott of Israel , says Solhjell that Norway should primarily frame that is in violation of international law , and of course the arms trade .

Solhjell calls on Foreign Minister Brende ( H ) to putting down a wide selection of Middle East – researchers and experts to take a closer look at what Norway can do to make peace between Israel and the Palestinians .

– We have some of the most accomplished scientists in Europe in this field . Many of them are critical of Norway ‘s role in the Middle East , so I think they can provide many useful tips , he says.

– Willing to listen
Solhjell says he knows Brende as a person who is willing to listen to the professionals , and he believes that the foreign minister might be interested in going up the Norwegian policy towards Israel again.

– Norway should join forces with other European countries. Quite a few countries have a critical attitude to the Israeli policy, and Norway is one of the countries that are most heavily involved in the Middle East . Thus we have power of influence , says Bård Vegard Solhjell .

Solhjell was promptly put in place by a junior minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Now that the Labor crowd have been brushed out, we now have politicians in place who understand that Norway has everything to lose by taking sides.

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  1. martin
    May 22, 2014 at 4:53 am

    Norway can offer zilch as regards a peace process. This country has already caused much Jewish bloodshed in which Israel and the Jewish people have been targeted by people who share much with their northern Nazi brethren.

    Any process must start with a good solid foundation with which to build upon. Before a peace process is started, education of the Arabs should start. They hate the Jews more than anyone else in the world. It has nothing to do with the so called Palestinians. That is only part of the propaganda and used as a marketing tool.

    As the late Golda Meier suggested that there will only be peace when the Arabs learn to love their children more than they hate the Jews. Unfortunately, assisted and abetted by Europe, especially Norway and the UK, when a reward is paid as bounty for the head of murdered Jews, that won’t happen. That is a fact recognised by anyone with even a mediocre knowledge of real facts concerning the mid east. Hate books used in schools paid for and supplied by the UN and taught by hate mongers in schools, there is no chance for any foundation to be set in place,

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