Forward Christian Soldiers – bash Israel with all your might

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Christians wish pope welcome to Jerusalem , the city most of them want to emigrate from
Kirsti Næss

Pope Francis has excelled with a strong message of peace , inclusion and equality. This gives hope to the Christian minority in the Holy Land that the Pope will seek to protect all those suffering under the Israeli occupation .

While Christians from around the world travel to Jerusalem to experience the roots of religion , wants 62 per cent of the Christians living in the Holy City to emigrate if given the opportunity. The reasons they cite is lack of work , limiting Israeli laws and measures that prevent a normal life, lack of equal educational opportunities and housing shortages. The information emerged in a survey done in April , presented by Dr. Bernard Sabella of the Catholic Church’s press conference ahead of the Pope’s visit Sunday and Monday. Pope Francis is the religious leader with the most power in the world. In desperate Palestinians in Jerusalem and Bethlehem is the powerlessness he meets .

Access to holy places

The Pope is visiting the both Bethlehem and Jerusalem , and met representatives of churches that say they are denied access to their holy places . In the old city of Jerusalem , which is less than one square kilometer , is the Christian burial church, Jewish sounding board and Muslim Al – Aqsa . Jerusalem is only 15 minutes drive from Bethlehem , yet impossible to visit for many residents of Bethlehem because of Israeli restrictions .

In recent years, the Israeli government also introduced additional restrictions on religious holidays . Christians have been denied access to the Old Town on Easter Saturday , while Muslim men during such 40 or 50 years often denied access to their holy day , Friday. Sometimes it’s not just the old town closed to Palestinians , but the entire Jerusalem area , so people can not get to work or school. These measures are justified by the Israelis with terrorism .

Violations of International Law
Bible holy places are not available to all children of Abraham , and it is the Palestinians are excluded , whether they are Christians or Muslims. Lack of mobility is just one of many problems that the Israeli occupation inflicts Palestinians , and free exercise of religion is just one of the rights attached freedoms violated. The 4th Geneva Convention states that an occupying power to protect civilian population of the occupied territory. Civilians must not be subjected to violence or be deprived of property and livelihoods. Both occur systematically in occupied Palestine.

Gaza is exposed to the longest blockade in history ; a seven year long collective punishment of a population of 1.6 million people. While food shortages increase, denied fishermen to fish and farmers to cultivate the land . In the West Bank river Israel Palestinian homes , forcing moves Palestinians and expand the Israeli- Jewish settlements on occupied territory. Last year it happened several demolitions and forced displacement units in the West Bank than any other year since the UN began to document this in 2009. Due to forced removals, almost total build state for Palestinians and an ingenious system of residency proof, drops the Palestinian population in Jerusalem dramatically. One of the world’s oldest cities , inextricably linked to three religions and at least two people are slowly but very surely , about to become a city of one religion and one people .

Hate crime
It is also part of the image that Israel neglected when it comes to protecting civilians against Israeli- Jewish extremist groups. Last year, for example, 11,000 Palestinian olive trees destroyed by settlers , while farmers who are affected feel that if the Israeli military or police come to the place , it is to protect the perpetrators . The well organized ” price tag ” movement sprays racist and blasphemous slogans on churches and mosques. Israeli authorities condemn this, but have done little to stop the phenomenon. Many Israelis are now taking the word of the athletes should be defined as terrorists , and several former Israeli police peaks has stated that the government can stop this if they really want to.

Support for inter-religious presence
NCA is present in Jerusalem and supports local partners who work on projects in health, economic development and gender equality in Palestine and peace in Palestine and Israel. We also participate in the World Council of Churches companion program , where we work to improve Palestinian access to land , work and school , and to reduce violence and harassment of civilians. Our projects seek to prevent just that Palestinian Christians state that the reasons they want to emigrate . How are we helping to support Palestinian , who also is Muslim and Christian presence in the Holy Land – while waiting for an end to occupation and a peaceful and just solution to the conflict.

Christians in Palestine appeal to the international community
In 2009, the Christian churches in Palestine together Kairos Palestine document model from South Africa under apartheid. Kairos Palestine stated that Christian theology is based on love and solidarity with the oppressed, and a cry for justice and equality between peoples. The document shows how Christian theology correspond with international humanitarian law and human rights. Before Easter this year came Kairos Palestine with an ” Easter warning ” where the documents violations and asking Christians around the world for help to ” open the occupants’ eyes , hearts and minds [… ] that Jerusalem be given the opportunity to unite people from all religions peace and justice . ” Message of the Catholic Church in Jerusalem ahead of the Pope’s visit was the same: Reconciliation between the two peoples and three religions based on equality . In practice this means that the solution to the conflict must be based on international humanitarian law and international human rights . NCA and its partners in Palestine and Israel hopes the pope ‘s message of a just peace and his initiative for new meetings between the parties, will bring us closer to a solution .

Arne Naess – Holm, area representative and Kirsti Næss, political advisor at the Norwegian Church Aid ‘s office in Jerusalem.

If  anybody had any doubts about the very one sided and biased approach to Israel by Norwegian Church affiliated organisations, here is what a group of YMCA-YWCA kids studies when they went on a leader course to Palestine:

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YMCA-YWCA traveling to Palestine
FLORA 23/05/2014 at . 00.30
A total of thirteen children from Haugaland circuit of the YMCA-YWCA took earlier this year trip to Palestine.

The trip was part of the leadership training course LIV 3, where they learn about the YMCA-YWCA of global organisation and about themselves as youth leaders in a global context.

Lars Hellerdal , circle secretary Haugaland circle of Norwegian YMCA -YWCA , has written about the trip to Ten Sing 2/14 . Hellerdal have talked with two girls who were on the trip , and all the text I understand as part of the ongoing delegitimization of Israel , or Israel – hatred that had been the designation if it was right that drove this one-sided campaign against another country .

The girls tell it like sitting strongest after the journey is the experience of injustice that destroys the everyday life of ordinary people. The Palestinians are virtually locked in, while we can move freely .

To this is to say that Norwegians course largely free to move , but the girls or at least Hellerdal ever heard of the West Bank’s division into A, B and C zones ? Of course he will. Therefore he knows that Jews can not move into the A- zone . A zone is forbidden for Israeli citizens. Therefore, it is propaganda when this information under proposed in the interview with the two girls .

– In Hebron we experienced soldiers distinguished between people because of religious affiliation. Our Muslim guide was not allowed to enter the synagogue part of the Abraham Mosque , as our Christian Palestinian tour guide was allowed . We chose to show solidarity with him who did not come in, so we did not go into .

So women claimed that soldiers distinguished between people because of religious affiliation in Hebron ? It is strange that neither the girls or Hellerdal ask themselves why this happens . Do they know something about the terror against the Jewish minority in Hebron ? The majority (about 80 percent) of this ancient Jewish city is currently under Palestinian authority and is an A zone where Jews are not allowed . Why be concealed this fact ?

The participants in this management course temperature was also to plant olive trees in a oliventrekampanje .

– Olive Tree planting was one of the handsomest of the trip , said Tora . It was socially, we were with our Palestinian friends and felt that we got help to really make the campaign !
– At the same time we knew the uncertain mood , says Martha. We did not know if it would suddenly be soldiers or settlers to stop us . It has happened before. Having to live with the uncertainty and fear that someone may suddenly take away your livelihood , you need to be very tough.

It is hard for many to live with uncertainty and fear. The participants of the course leader had probably no training in what the Jewish minority in Hebron exposed. For about a month ago, five children father Baruch Mizrahi shot by Palestinian terrorists just outside Hebron. He and his family were on their way to relatives to celebrate the Passover with them . Baruch pregnant wife received minor injuries , while Baruch himself never came forward. This news I registered not in Norwegian media. The massacre of the Jewish Fogel family in Itamar in 2011, however, was so cruel that Norwegian media could not ignore it.

Norwegian adolescents The deceived . Those who have recently been in the Middle East , does not seem to know anything about or care nothing about what Jews in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank ) are exposed. They reflect nothing that soldiers distinguished between people because of religious affiliation. These young people can seemingly nothing about Islamic jihad and the eternal war against the Jews . These young people are observing , but lack information and knowledge to put their observations into an understandable context. Like many other Norwegians , young and old , they are not able to understand the enormous spiritual power behind the Islamic jihad.

One might be tempted to take amused by YMCA-YWCA and young people’s naivety and simple approach to problems. But the smile hardens . One can not smile a naivete caused by deliberate manipulation . And least of all can smile about Norwegians who lack elementary knowledge of jihadism and its countless victims.

But with a growing and increasingly radicalized Muslim population in Europe and the Nordic countries , it is only a matter of time before the truth about jihadism and Islamism also understood by us here in the north . When this truth dawned , the lies about Israel be seen through .


“On leader course to Palestine ,” Ten Sing 2/14 ( Paper Edition )
Youngsters have written the diary of the trip can be read here .

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