Propaganda war against Israel in Norway

Since President Peres came on state visit to Norway, and took home with him requests to deepen and expand the commercial, scientific and cultural ties between the two countries, the left been jolted back into life and aim their poisonous darts at Israel, in any possible way they can dream up. Dagsavisen, in fierce competition with Vårt Land (lets not forget they are, after all, the same company, Vårt Land owns 66% of Dagsavisen through the company, Mentor Media AS) to see who can allow the most outrageous anti-Israel drivel on their moderated debate pages. Below you will find a representative sample of the wild and undocumented allegations of wrong doing Israel is accused of doing. Now again, the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from “Palestine”. Much as I would hate to wee on Mr. Krefting Nissen’s parade, his untrue allegations are very easy to dispel. For example exhibit A: Hebron. This is where a sizeable portion of my extended family comes from. Yet even so, not allowed to claw back the property that was stolen from them by the Jordanians (who we now know as Palestinians). Exhibit B: No Jews are allowed to live in Nablus, once the home of a very proud Jewish population. Exhibit C: At the entrance of any part of the PA controlled areas on the West Bank the Israeli authorities have seen the need to erect massive boards to remind Israeli citizens that it is expressly forbidden to enter any of these areas, since there is a very high risk of being abducted, torn apart limb for limb by an a very blood thirsty lynch mob, killed by snipers, etc. I can go on for days.

Small wonder the more uninhibited Jew haters in Europe feel free to take pot shots at Jews or people who dare to enter Jewish premises: with this kind of unrestrained anti-Israel propaganda being served by supposedly respectable members of society.


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Norway and Western support for Israel’s demands for Lebensraum
Published on June 3 –

Now that it is forming a joint Palestinian government with technocrats from both Hamas and Fatah are the usual demands of Norway and the West to the Palestinians. Requirements tll Israel excluded. A plan for further ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

The Norwegian indigenous government and Foreign Minister Brende has stated that it can cooperate with the joint Palestinian government if it agrees to comply with all tiligere ENTERED agreements, recognize Israel’s right to exist and renounce vold.Dette are familiar claim that only emphasizes that Norway practice accepts and supports the ethnic displacement of Palestinians, and Israel’s insatiable undetrkkelsen hign after expansion and demands for Lebensraum in others bekostning.Ikke a word about the demands of Israel that they must refrain from violence, although Israel accounts for 95% of the executive violence and killing in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Once, for example. Isael complied with its agreements with paelstinerne? It has not happened often. The standard has been that Israel has violated or completely ignored agreements with the Palestinians after a short tid.Bryr Norway and the West with it? Absolutely not! It continues as before and pretend that Israel comply entered into an agreement, and that it is Hamas and Fatah that is the problem, when in reality Israel.

Israel has exhorted the U.S. and EU tl refrain from the common technocratic Palestinian government that is backed by Fatah and Hamas. The U.S. has Israel’s dismay, said that they will work with the new Palestinian government and the same will probably also EU gjøre.Man is however the same conditions as before that also now Foreign Minister Brende ask for cooperation.

The requirement that the Palestinians must recognize Israel’s right to exist is unheard of as long as Israel does not want to define their own limits. It does not want Israel for as long as they do not, they can continue their expansion and demands for more Lebensraum.Der is actually Israeli politicians aligned with Adolf Hitler when he demanded more Lebensraum for Tyskland.Hverken Norwegian and other Western politicians want to mention reasonableness that Israel should first define their own limits before the Palestinians can assess whether the limits are reasonable to accept.

With its hypocritical claims to the Palestinians, and zero claim to Israel supports Norway, the EU and the U.S. in reality still actively Israeli ethnic dispossession and continued greedy expansion hunger, and where Israel should be allowed to use force against Palestinians, but where Palestinians are condemned if they use force against Israel, even though the Palestinians have international law on their side when they use violent resistance against an occupying power.

3 comments for “Propaganda war against Israel in Norway

  1. martin
    June 8, 2014 at 3:39 am

    Just wikipeded the author and he is not even shown. Is he a junior journalist starting out as another anti-Israel propagandist?
    No word naturally of the areas on the east and west bank where Jews have been ethnically cleansed form Islamic society then?
    Norway, how do you manage to find, train and let out these Nazi minded principled Jew haters? What a thoroughly sick society. Ugh. Norway should have been allowed to remain under Nazi occupation at the end of the war. The spirit of such open ended Jew hate is alive and well. when will they bring out a Norwegian version of Sieg Heil I wonder?

  2. motti
    June 20, 2014 at 10:13 am

    Prof, it has just come to my attention that the Jew/Israel hating Arab Nazi Abbas, leader of the PA has ensured that his wife receives best medical attention. Where did she go for the operation on her leg.

    Attention; Norwegian news media, unions, arts, police, judiciary, academics, and the rest of the lousy rotten establishment. She went into a clinic in Tel Aviv, not Oslo.
    Your comments please!!!!! I am sure that I will have all the time in the world before this is reported by the Nazi following in the Norwegian elitist establishment

    Have a happy Shabbat everyone

  3. motti
    June 22, 2014 at 4:31 am

    I have just noticed on the MIFF web site they have articles of interest including;

    The Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv is luring Norwegian industry and business to Israel

    Silicon Valley is coming to Israel and shows how much importance Israel has become in so many high tec fields. Probably why the Norwegian embassy is showing the interest above. Actually, it is not really a valet, as many companies are in Tel Aviv and other cities, but also in small towns and kibbutzim

    The last one was about the old Jew hater ex pm Willoch. He has the cheek to mention Deir Yassin as a massacre and Begin was a terrorist. The Herutniks lost many fighters by warning civilians to leave before the assult began. Thereby losing the important element of surprise causing unnecessary Jewish deaths by doing so.
    Begin was never responsible for killing civilians, unlike Willochs dream partners like Arafat and Abbas and the Grans Mufti Willoc makes no mention of the many massacres orchestrated by the local Arabs of Jewish civilians e.g. Hebron Mount Scopus. I sincerely hope that if this moron becomes seriously ill and the only equipment that can save him is Israel, that he the courage to forgo any life saving attempt. Idiot. But then, most Jew haters are.

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