Does the Socialistic Left party have a penis problem?

One really should not be cruel, but the question lingers after reading the oped below. This comes on the heels of yet another disastrous poll where the Socialistic Left party has gone from bad, to critical and now agonic. A lousy 2.5% of the population could be willing to throw a pity vote after this lot of losers, if elections were held now. That must sting badly. After all, it is almost a year since this loony troupe with such low standards on managing the public purse (they mistook it for their own, and shared generously among their loyal friends in positions). Then the Socialistic Left barely managed to crawl above the 4% threshold, now that they have been masters in their own house, they are clearly doing much much worse. So bad that their only hope of getting any attention at all is to rattle the xenophobic gene sadly so very prevalent in the Norwegian Elite Population. The talkbacks to the article are outrageous. Shame on Dagbladet for allowing pure hate speech when they claim that they actually moderate the debate. Probably goes hand in hand with their choice of illustration to this article; of the approx 2000 circumcisions in Norway yearly, only about 7 are for Jewish boys. The rest are for my Muslim cousins who also treasure this rite of identity. Yet the illustration is of a Magen David? Are they clueless or just bigots?


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Children who do not cry

The children still have many allies in Norway, but must apparently wait a little longer before any of them sitting on Parliament.

Published on 12 June 2014, at. 8:34 of
Andreas Halse
Leader of Socialist Youth
Norwegian politicians are pragmatic. Very pragmatic. They agree on appropriate solutions, often across party lines. Would like dropping vocal protests. Do not offend anybody. Especially if those are violated can invoke religious maxims. But what happens when those who violated not have a voice? What happens when those affected are unable to be heard? Then parliament ‘health committee agreed that it is okay to perform irreversible surgical procedures on vedkomnes genitalia.

There are many who are on the children’s side and protects their right to bodily integrity and religious self-determination. Children Medical Association, the Ombudsman, nursing association, child surgeons and country group of nurses are all on the children’s side. It is a pity to see that none of the politicians in parliament ‘health committee has managed to take the same standpoint, but unanimously support the government’s new bill.

The question of circumcision of male children is not a medical discussion, but is about to put parents’ religious beliefs of the child’s fundamental rights. In their own legal text recognizes the government that “Ritual circumcision is mentioned a procedure that is associated with some risk of injury and complications, and in addition there is talk of a surgical procedure that is permanent and can not be reversed.” Furthermore, it is argued in the text that the procedure is of such a serious nature that the health law the age of 16 years is not sufficient. Therefore, you must be 18 years of age to have your circumcision against their parents’ will. The proposal also states that there will be considerable emphasis on the boy’s point of view and not performed circumcision against his will. In reality all right to circumcise without consent only in cases where the boy is not old enough to be able to have a meaning, ie infants. In other words, the new bill at least protection to those who are most vulnerable.

In legal text type government that the law only aims to regulate ritual circumcision. For circumcision for health reasons are subject to special rules about how and when this can be done. This means that parents who are convinced that circumcision has health benefits can not choose this for their children unless they come up with a religious justification. The law is thus left as a milestone of a policy that puts parents’ religious convictions of the boy’s fundamental rights. It is not just a just a betrayal of the children, there is also a bad mindset to build a country. Either is inviolable rights of the child or they are not. This makes a total parliamentary guilty of micromanaging which religious considerations are high-quality enough to trump the child. What do the next time a religious group comes with a special pleading that violate the more basic rights? If you repeatedly give in or will circumcision of infants be left as a monument to the time Norway had as little principle politicians that we put basic principles aside to please the religious special pleading?

The alternative to systematize the extensive and unnecessary surgery on infants in the public sector would have been to give children a protection for minimum 16 years. Clearly, this would have major political costs. Fifthly would raged in the media. Accusations hail. Words that anti-Semitism and religious prohibitions would sat resolved. However, it is always costly to take sides with those who do not have a voice. they never stand up in the media, send thank you notes after the decision or give you an earful on the afternoon news show. One of the most important thing to learn as a politician is that those screaming the loudest are not always right. Often it is the case that one can notice that a stand is important because it creates noise. It is a sign that you are doing something important. Anything that moves power. In this case, from parents to children. From faiths to individuals.

When health committee treats the government’s bill on ritual circumcision on the 16th of June, all politicians teaming up with those who believe that religion alone can trump children’s rights. The children still have many allies in Norway, but must apparently wait a little longer before any of them are elected to Parliament.

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  1. motti
    June 13, 2014 at 5:30 am

    Well, I have just had to log in new details etc, no doubt because of viruses around and of course, those who hate Israel………Good idea Prof. Rather than using my first given name of Martin, I prefer to use my Israeli nickname name. So Norwegian, when you return, please be aware.

    so far as the article goes, it is all old stuff. Do they ask whether babies have the same right as regards to abortions? I doubt it of course, as no doubt, this mob are at the foreskin, oops, forefront of slaughtering unborn children. They should all be sent to Syria, where they can interfere and maybe do some good. Stay there

  2. Eric R.
    June 13, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    Does Dagbladet have a correspondent in Israel? If so, why are the Israelis letting them in.

    Throw out the scumbag (along with those of the BBC, UK Guardian, UK Independent, LeMonde..oh heck, along with 90% of the Euronazis in the media).

  3. motti
    June 15, 2014 at 3:22 am

    Don’t forget the LA Times and the NY Times, too, Eric R. It ain’t just the Euro press that’s anti Israel. I honestly believe that insofar as Obama is concerned, I reckon he is just as bad as Carter and other who said “Shalom Khaver” at Rabin’s funeral.
    Actually there has only been one prezzie that was genuinely friendly to Israel and that was Harry Truman. All the others, just saw an unsinkable carrier in a sea of despots and dictators.
    Strangely enough, when I watch the various international media on the TV, including CNN, BBC, RT, EuroTV, CNBC, and those from China and Japan all in the Engish language, the only one that does not pay total lip service to the Arabs versus Israel is France 24. Now that is surprising.

    Eric R, I used to know the late hon. Terrence Prittie who was very pro Israel and was a co author with Walter Nelson in writing a book about the boycott of Israel, back in the early 1970’s. He used to be an editor of the Guardian, based in Manchester, as he said when it was a real newspaper. He accused the Guardian of being a gutter rag. It is of course, the only paper that relies exclusively on Public and Civil services for readership and advertising. All the “luvvies” of the liberal left..

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