A big thank you to the Intactivists, lead by the Childrens Ombudsman in Norway: The right to circumcise baby boys now enshrined in Norwegian Law

Well! This was a very successful strategy. Get the anti-people to run such a misinformed and xenophobic campaign that our elected politicians see no other way out than to enshrine the right to religious freedom –  in particular the right to circumcise baby boys of Muslim or Jewish extraction – in Law.

We owe a many heartfelt thank you’s to the Children Ombudsman, she threw all her energy and fervor behind banning the practice.

I am sure she is learning the lessons of her enormous mistake: In a multicultural society you just don’t ban religious rites that are the cornerstone of identity and cultural belonging. If she had been a smart woman, she would have identified the need to ensure that any person who performs ritual circumcision is suitably qualified and with the necessary back up for the very few times things can get complicated.

But she is not a smart woman. She just wants to be right. No matter how roughshod she rides over other people’s feet. And no matter how many false statements, scientific misrepresentations and outright lies she has served in order to get it her way.

As she now might want to consider, such approaches always backfire, now with her face well covered with egg.


lifted from Vårtland.no (google translate)

Unison support for circumcision
The entire Parliament wants law on ritual circumcision of boys.
After several years of consultations and tough negotiations within the individual political parties, Norway now gets a law on male ritual circumcision.
Yesterday it was announced that the entire health committee in Parliament supports the government’s proposed new law.

– Gratifying. Annually, approximately 2,000 male children are circumcised in Norway – the vast majority of them are Muslims. The interventions have largely been conducted privately, but now the Parliament will ensure that circumcision becomes part of the specialist health service. The procedure can thus be performed in public hospitals or private clinics that have signed an agreement with the health authorities.
– This is very gratifying, says the leader of the Jewish community, Ervin Kohn and adds:
– This law will make that Norway stands out as a light among the nations. It has almost been a campaign against male circumcision in Scandinavia, led by Norway. But what is now happening is that circumcision is regulated in a good way.
Negative hearing. When the matter was taken up for hearing before the parliamentary committee, only organizations that are adverse to circumcision as met. One of them was the Ombudsman.
– If we had started this practice today, would we then have accepted to cut into healthy baby boy’s genitals in a public hospital, asked the technical manager of the Ombudsman, Camilla Kayed.
Religious identity. The Parliament has also considered the ethical aspects of ritual circumcision, but concludes that circumcision of male children is “closely intertwined with the majority of Jews and Muslims’ religious identity.”
They point out that ritual circumcision is a common procedure in many parts of the world. The World Health Organization estimates that about 30 percent of all men worldwide aged 15 years and older are circumcised.
Copayment. The health committee emphasizes that ritual circumcision can not be defined as essential health care. It should not displace other specialist treatment. In its recommendation to the Storting, the  committee is divided when it comes fees.
Everyone wants a user fee, but the majority emphasizes that this should not be so high that the intent of the proposal is weakened – namely to prevent irresponsible performance of ritual circumcision.
The Progressive Party for its part believes that since circumcision is not medically necessary procedures each family should fully finance the operation.
– Proud. – What does it mean to you that all parties in the committee supporting the law?
– It means we can be proud of our country, says Kohn.

I send my warmest thanks for a job very well done to the Children’s Ombudsman, the Medical Ethical Association, the Norwegian Association of Paediatrics, and a long, long list of other intactivists. Just splendid!

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  1. motti
    June 16, 2014 at 2:25 am

    Really Prof, all this nonsense should never have been put in place in the first instance.

    However, credit where it is due. No doubt all the positives for male circumcision were made with the Muslim vote in mind. Yes, I am cynical I know, But that’s all down to experience of life.

    In a different vein altogether, Norwegian Airlines fly to Tel Aviv, so I applaud their actions, unlike Delta Airlines which bar Jews from their aircraft flying to Muslim countries. This in line with their partners Saudi Airlines. I am shocked that the US authorities even allow this airline diktat. Imagine an American Jew being barred from flying Delta because it flies to Arab countries. Erm, all you Israel hating lefties out there, is this a form of segregation. Jews to the left Entrance barred. Others to the right Continue.

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