Norwegian YMCA-YWCA and Record Label Kirkelig Kulturverksted in bed with anti-Semite Trond Ali Linstad

wonderful Christian spirit exposed. Both of the above organisations are on the forefront of BDS efforts in Norway, now also mingling with several notorious personalities first and foremost known for their anti-Semitic sentiments.

Do not forgive them, they know what they are doing.


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A wall of suspicion

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I hope KKV is now in the process of being clear about what kind of ideas about Jews still helps to legitimize.

Sunday opened the installation “The Oslo Wall” outside Kulturkirken Jacob. The installation will be on cultural church facebook page called “a memorial to an ongoing crime” and is a protest against the separation wall that separates Israel from the occupied West Bank. During the summer, there will be several events at the wall, before finally demolished on Friday 25 July.

There are many reasons to be critical of the separation wall, which despite the fact that it should protect Israel largely built in the occupied West Bank and in practice involves a unilateral border change in favor of Israel as well as the difficulties it creates for Palestinians’ freedom of movement. When there is reason to sound the alarm about the project because it is not this but the obvious anti-Jewish prejudices that characterize both the project site and events around.

Central to the project is the idea that Israel is building on an apartheid ideology where Jews perceive themselves as better than others. Despite the fact that Palestinians make up 20% of Israel’s population referred Israelis mostly as “Jews” or “those who call themselves Jews,” and it made ​​a distinction between Jews and Israelis, it is to highlight that there are Jews who reject of “Zionism” and go in for a one state solution. At least parts of content are also of a view of Jews as a potential fifth column of this ideology.

The most extreme proportion was up to the present peace researcher Johan Galtung scheduled lectures Racism, Breivik, and anti-Semitism that would take place at the House of Literature on Thursday 7 august.I presentation text was the part that Jews “have a significant and often critical position , in politics, media, economy and culture, in a number of national and international power bodies “. They were also asked if this power were coordinated to strengthen the special interests “to further their own interests” for example in relation Israel “. “Used manipulative and undemocratic methods – indeed abusing these powerful their power to influence the processes and events, and affect public opinion, in order to promote their own goals?” Asked the text.

The suspicion that Jews form a hidden community and mainly act as Jews and not as Norwegian, French, gays, heterosexual, socialists or conservatives is the cornerstone of anti-Semitism as it appeared in the Dreyfus case, the Nazi persecution of the Jews and the Soviet Union, where Jews were accused of “kosmopolittisme “. It is also the main theme of the forgery the Protocols of Zion, where the Jews are accused of working to gain world domination, as Galtung otherwise recommended as a guide to today’s world. The conclusion of such an analysis is that the Jews can never be trusted fully, and at best should be excluded or limited by this type of position and at worst subjected to worse reprisals.

The lecture is now removed from the program. Galtung has had to cancel, it is reported on the website that he felt uncomfortable with the presentation despite the fact that it is so far away that he himself has hinted in the past few years. On the website it is stated that the text was intended as a provocation, and deliberately designed so you can find it at “putative anti-Semites – or in other critical voices.” The purpose should have been to get Galtung – who has been accused of anti-Semitism – to comment and discuss the allegations.

Responsible for “The Oslo Wall” is the organization Friends of Jerusalem. As the contact stated the Norwegian doctor Trond Ali Lindstad. Lindstad were in 2013 set to the King’s Medal of Merit, but the award was stopped when it emerged that he had written several strong anti-Jewish articles on the site In at least one of these, “Be wary of the Jews”, he took up the Jews’ disproportionate influence “over the media, politics and public opinion formation. “Beware the Jews!” Wrote Lindstad, and argued that while Jews may speak warmly of democracy and human rights, this is in many cases just a cover for their own interests – that is approximately the same as in the now removed presentation according to organizers was intended as a provocation. Other articles accusing Jews of exclusivity and to put themselves above other peoples.

That Litteraturhuset agreed to host for such talks is unfortunately no longer particularly surprising considering that the house in recent years has opened the doors for a number of controversial lectures by highly conspiratorial nature. More surprising is that the KKV, which owns Kulturkirken Jacob, and network Palestine Network Norway, an association that is part of the Norwegian YMCA-YWCA, initially chose to stand behind such an unlikely project. Ecumenical Culture workshop manager Erik Hillestad also attended the opening on Sunday.

Galtung talks would be held on 7 August, after installation by Culture Jakob would be taken down on July 25 and not in the church. But Kulturverkstedet still can not run away from responsibility.

It is possible that Hillestad and KKV not have been aware of what Lindstad represent, nor perhaps of what was on the program, despite the fact that this has been openly available online. If so, just hope that they are now in the process of being clear about what kind of performances they help to give legitimacy.

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  1. motti
    July 7, 2014 at 2:52 am

    Friends of Jerusalem? Tut tut, how dare they?
    Are these “devout socially minded Friends of the Arabs unaware that the name Jerusalem is derived from the Hebrew Yerushalyim? Why do they not all themselves Friends of al Quds, known by it’s Arabic title?
    As friends of Jerusalem, why do they not criticise the local arabs and condemn the usual ritual of BBQ’s, picnics, football games which are played out on the Temple Mount?
    If the Temple Mount was a holy Muslim place, these events would not occur. Therefore, one wonders why the Arabs want this city as their capital when they treat it as a shite hole including the usual rioting and demonstrating?
    Jerusalem is not holy to them. It is only because in the Koran that Mohammed astride his horse flew up to heaven from a city to the west. They turn their backs on Jerusalem to pray to Mecca, nowhere is Jerusalem mentioned in the Kuran.
    For Christians it is holy, only thanks to the Jewish people. They forget too easily that hundreds of thousands of Jews were crucified by the Romans and in excess of 1million slaughtered by Rome throughout their empire.
    Of course, Rome is their holy city, from whence we have the Jew hating religion called Christianity. Although the Muslims used to look down upon the Jews they never really hated them. This was brought to them by the early Christian missionaries and the Muslims used it ever since. Of course, it’s made worse that and underdog like the Jews can keep beating them in battle and for that, Arab pride has been extinguished.
    Insofar as the church is concerned, is anyone really surprised at the hate they direct towards us? It is the very basis of their religion, from the Gospels on.

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