When Dagbladet covers Israeli “incitement”

Average Israelis have nothing but scorn and harsh rejection for the handful of stupid kids who have posted tasteless, ignorant and hateful messages on Facebook and other social media. Not only that, the IDF have already put 4 of the miscreants behind bars, PM Netanyahu and the rest of the Government have rejected this development as something shameful, contrary to Jewish values and patently dangerous. Obviously, Netanyahu and the whole of the Knesset have condemned the shameful and tragic murder of the young Palestinian boy, Muhammad Hussein Abu Khdeir in the strongest terms and the police are out on a massive hunt to find the perpetrators and punish them in a Court of Law.

However, when all of this is reproduced in Norwegian papers, only some of the facts find their way into the articles, with important details either missing completely or twisted beyond recognition.

Dagbladet has a particularly shameful article today, publishing a screen dump from FB and two stupid snotty kids holding a placard stating that hating Arabs is not racist, but is value. The article highlights these very worrisome trends but fail to give the complete picture, painting this as the Rights moral fallacy, versus the brave leftists.

Also interesting to note how Dagbladet jumps into action when for once, hateful messages are found on Israeli kids FB profiles (have they ever cared to check what rubbish and utter shocking hate Norwegian kids are capable of posting?), there is none, zero, zilch, nada about the endless of volumes of hate messages that have graced Norwegian funded Palestinian newspapers, TV programs, radio programs, demonstrations and what have you not. Ever. If you ever looked for a better example of Dagbladets double standards, this would probably fit the bill.

lifted from dagbladet.no (google translate)

Israeli youths publish hat selfies
Israeli young people leave self portrait with hate messages against Palestinians on the internet. Now they are demanding # vengeance.
Thursday 3 July 2014, kl.21: 21

REQUIRES REVENGE: More Israeli media reports today about the various Facebook groups have been created where young Israelis demand revenge.

REQUIRES REVENGE: More Israeli media reports today about the various Facebook groups have been created where young Israelis demand revenge.
It is not only the Norwegian web-trolls keys out hateful messages in the comments section, on Facebook or on the web at large. Since the three kidnapped Israeli teens were found dead Monday this week, there have emerged a number of hate groups on Facebook, which both the Israeli newspaper Haaretz and Ynet now writing about.

# Hat is the new feel-good summer-hit in the Middle East, writes Asher Schechter in Haaretz. He refers to a series of messages that people have posted on their own selfie image: “To hate Arabs is not racism, it’s values​​,”, said two young girls. They look smiling at the camera while holding a white patch with the message that it’s okay to be racist, at least when it comes to Arabs.

huge interest
Another photo on Facebook shows four young girls standing together in an office. Also they are holding a white paper in front of him: “The people of Israel demands revenge!!” Is the clear message.

A number of other so-called selfies, or self-images, the young men in uniform, with hate speech in his hand, or written down on bare chest. Others have weapons in hand. Most are no more than 18-19 years:

“Revenge,” says a well-trained breast. Another soldier aiming toward camera, and writes: “Let us spray!”. He believes bullets.

The vengeful enjoying great response. Just one day after they killed the Israeli teenagers were found, several of the pictures mentioned above received more than 37,000 likes, according to Haaretz.

Army: – Not acceptable
It’s nothing new that Israeli youth come to hate speech against Palestinians and Arabs. Neither the Palestinians want the Israelis and Jews the very worst. What is new is that the self-image-trend now includes hate speech. And that “the good summer feeling in Israel this summer, hatred,” as Asher Schechter writes it.

“We will not allow them to kill us, history may not repeat itself. Revenge against the Arabs now! “Writes one of the initiators of a Facebook group entitled” Revenge of the Arabs “, like in the race has gained more than 3,000 followers and more than 34,000 likes since it started Monday, writes Ynet.

This week self-image-hat trend has become so massive that even the Israeli army (IDF) has issued a press release in which they wrote that hate speech as described in the case “is not acceptable for what is expected of IDF soldiers» .

Also peace-hungry Israelis
For Israelis and Palestinians blame, it is fortunately not only hate speech sent out on the Internet. This week Israelis on the political left had a number of supporting demonstrations with Palestinians in East Jerusalem.

“Yes please! Not any more cries for revenge, no more sedition. Is desperate for leaders who take a little more responsibility, “is one of many cries for reason and unity, sent from israel shoulder Gershon Baskin on his Facebook page.

He is not alone. Political leaders and other Israelis on the left and pray that the Israeli army and the Israeli majority now calm down.

– Israel will not allow to be governed by extremists. Neither on our side or the Palestinian side, said opposition leader Isaac Herzog during an evening demonstration in Jerusalem this week.

requires criminal
Late last night came the tragic news that the 16-year-old Palestinian teenager Mohammad Abu Khieder was kidnapped, killed and burned by many assume is the Israelis who would avenge the deaths of the three settler teenagers who were found Monday this week. No provisional held responsible for the killing of Palestinian 16-year-old.

But the murder has shocked many. Also Israelis:

– If this murder was motivated nationalist, this is a terrorist act. I expect that the police and security forces find those responsible and punish them, says opposition leader Herzog during a demonstration today.

Around a thousand Israelis protested in Jerusalem today, in an attempt to calm the vengeful right-wing Israeli policies.

Line Fransson probably does not understand that most readers today no longer depend on people like her to get a more complete version of the facts. The talkbacks tear lumps out of her and Dagbladet, so this might not have been the smash summer hit in Norway as Dagbladet might have hoped for.

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  1. motti
    July 4, 2014 at 3:19 am

    No mention then of the hate on the many and various websites against Jews and Israel? That of course is acceptable and responsible isn’t it?

    I notice how often the term “hardliner” is used against Israeli leaders. Yet, never mentioned against the “militants”, which is a lovely phrase. This makes it respectable to incite and murder Jews.
    Strangely enough, out of all the international news sites that I have seen on TV, the only one which does show respect to the Israeli interviewees is France24. They never interrupt, always welcome and thank the person being interviewed.

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