Dagbladet is on the CC Bureau and Israel, defending this bureau against attacks made by Dagbladet herself; and presents gems like this:

”Seen in isolation the Embassy’s need of aid in communications is understandable. In many circumstances; the Israeli spokesmen and authorities have appeared inept in their attempts to deafen this country’s policies. However, is it ok for formerly profiled journalists to aid them professionally to help themselves? This is the question.

If the mission consist of explaining to Israeli authorities why the Norwegian opinion is reacting to Israeli policies; this might in principle lead to insights absent at Israeli top-levels. However, if it is about “running the errand of Israel” in order to stifle justified criticism, then it is dubious. In particular with Israel being in a running conflict with the Palestinians. Then, it can be understood that even mercenaries in the PR business may abstain from taking the assignment”.

The translator is truly impressed by the awesome insight, humility and wisdom of whoever wrote this editorial in Dagbladet. Editorial in full (in Norwegian) :

Dagens Næringsliv is on trade unions attempt to obstruct new legislation on working hours presented by the government.

Dagsavisen is ecstatic over Børge Brende apparently continuing Jonas Gahr Støre’s policies on Israel and Gaza.

Vårt Land is on Israel; stating there is preciously little difference between the policies of Jonas Gahr Støre and Børge Brende; both being in contact with Hamas. The editorial states the present government is marginally more balanced in the favor of Israel than the former government, though.


News regarding Israel and the ongoing situation in Gaza.


NRK Verden 2014 07 18, Jan Espen Kruse and others

(Article, links to videos)


This is a balanced account of the ongoing events in Gaza; presenting views from several viewpoints. The journalist has even included information on Hamas hiding weaponry in schools; as revealed by UNRWA.



Dagbladet 2014 07 18

Jonas Sverrison Rasch


Tom Berntzen is enraged over attacks on him by the media over his professional cooperation with the Embassy of Israel.


(To Dagbladet’s journalist)

“Don’t attempt to teach me about journalism! This is cheating, and I shall repeat this in several forums in the times ahead. I have stopped buying and reading Dagbladet; and so has others with me. I am running a serious business, Berntzen says”.

(On Sidsel Wold and Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen)

“What is their reason over telling we have put make-up on the truth? From where does Sidsel Wold take this? Why do you give her access? Why is her ethics and morale so much higher than mine on this issue”?

“I do respect people reacting to us working for Israel; however, attributing us motives we don’t have. By the Devil; this is unacceptable. Whenever have we applied make-up to the truth”?


Aftenposten 2014 07 18, NTB

(Article, also in other media, including Dagbladet)

Kåre Willoch attacks Israel over Gaza.


“This is an absurd and outrageous bombardment of densely populated areas in order to be allowed to continue the blockade, Willoch says to Dagsavisen”.

“Israel knows that if they gives up on the blockade of Gaza and the occupation arrangements will come in place leading to a final end to the hostility between Palestinians and Israelis. The cause of the unrest is the blockade and the occupation. This is where the solution is to be found, says Willoch”.



Dagbladet 2014 07 18



Pro-Israel NGO “Miff” experience massive growth of memberships; leader Conrad Myrland explains this over “media bias”, particularly by the NRK.


Dagbladet 2014 07 18, Øystein Andersen


Emotional article on alleged Israeli atrocities in Gaza. Mads Gilbert claims numbers of casualties higher than before 2009 invasion. 



Morgenbladet , issue of 18th through 24th of July 2014, p 44, Ola Borten Moe[2], Pay wall


Having made mandatory condemnations of Israeli brutality and Palestinian humiliations; Ola Borten Moe writes on the real issues, being Israel’s right to exist and defend herself, the lacking Norwegian understanding of Middle East culture, Palestinian corruption and ineptness, and the need for closer Norwegian-Israeli cooperation. One has the feeling the introductory paragraphs were meant to allow the editors to allow this article to be published.


Note: This issue of Morgenbladet carries several interesting articles and op-ed related to the Middle East, including an interview with Sidsel Wold, in-depth aricle on the ISIL/ISIS, Iranian students denied access to studies in Norway due to international sanctions and others, which I unfortunately does not have the time or space to comment upon here and now.


Høyre 2014 07 18, FM Børge Brende

This op-ed is from the homepages of the Norwegian Conservative party.

Among the most important initiatives Norway can make now is to put pressure upon Israeli and Palestinian leaders. We must do everything we can in order to achieve a ceasefire.


As I landed in Tel Aviv this last week; eight days had passed since Israel implemented a counterattack against Hamas’ rockets from Gaza. More than 200 lives were lost; mainly civilians, many of them children. I got to experience at close hand what daily life was like to people when the danger of rocket attacks is permanent.

The dramatic developments in the situation for the civil population made me travel.        In Gaza; we observe a humanitarian disaster. Rockets are fired from Gaza on a daily basis; threatening Israeli civilians. Travelling to the region, talking to the leaders directly, contribute to applying pressure upon them. They must receive clear messages, directly, over what is ongoing being unacceptable. This goes for both parties.

I was not very optimistic on Wednesday night. Conversations I had with Israeli FM Avi Liberman made me fear an Israeli ground invasion becoming a reality. I issued a warning to Liberman over this as we spoke together; pointing out the majority of those killed in Gaza being civilians. Israeli retaliation of rocket attack is not proportional.

Today, Thursday, I have new meetings and talks, A few hours of ceasefire gives an aperture to move sorely needed humanitarian aid into Gaza. A permanent ceasefire must however come into place. Israel must contribute to ease the blockade of Gaza in order for water, medical equipment and other humanitarian aid getting through.

Many are asking me what role Norway may play in this difficult situation. Throughout the two last decades we have been leading the so called donor country group for Palestine; coordinating international contributions to the Palestinian areas. This means we are in a position to talk to both parties.

We must profit on this, in order to stop suffering.


Hate mail.


Norwegian media has made a lot of coverage recently of so called “hate”; being sent to journalists critical of Israel.

Friends in the Israeli embassy have shared with me what types of messages that frequently mar their inbox, with untold effects on the mental wellbeing of the recipient.

A person referring to himself as “Anton Johansen” (Most likely an alias) has sent us these tasteful e-mails recently:

Antony Johansen lebesbymann@gmail.com

“Dear God, why did you not let Hitler live for two more years so we could have got ridden of these childmurderers”!

(Kjære Gud;hvorfor lot du ikke Hitler leve to år til så hadde vi vært kvitt disse barnemorderene!)

I see you have started a ground war against the civil population of the Gaza concentrations camp. My father was a prisoner at Sachsenhausen btw during the war telling us kids of the worst guards being the so called “kapos”. Kazernpolizei, mainly being inmates and Jewish. In other words, this is in your blood. If there is a just God, and there is, the Jews will suffer forever. What a devilish people”!

In other e-mails, Mr. Johansen writes of “Jew-pigs”, deploring Hitler did not live longer.

TV Coverage 17.07.2014 – Evening


NRK 19:00

Headline: Both Hamas and Israel rejects a permanent ceasefire agreement

Footage of Gazans shopping groceries, one man interview saying that “everyone here support the ceasefire”, chaos in front of the banks, people happy for the ceasefire hoping for a permanent one, a woman saying that people are dying for no reason, the attacks continued after the temporary ceasefire..

NRK 23:15

“Israel has ordered a ground operation” goal is to demolish tunnels, take out hamas infrastructure, 80% of the causalities are civilians, reporter from Gaza.

Brende interview at Gardemoen airport as he just landed, reporter asks him how surprised is he that Israel is going in to Gaza.Netanyahu told him in their talks that Israel was considering a ground operation if the ceasefire is not respected. “I didn’t think that it would come already tonight, but that is a serious and unfortunate development. Norway has warned against a ground offensive, we are afraid that more civilian lives will be lost.” How long it will last, depends on the type of ground operation. “I am afraid this is escalating an already difficult situation. It makes a political solution difficult. We were reasonably close a ceasefire. Israel said yes to the proposal presented on Tuesday.”

Interview in studio with Are Hovdenak senior advisor in Landinfo – The Norwegian Country of Origin Information Centre, independent body within the Norwegian Immigration Authorities . Hamas has built up larger military capacities than 2009, more long distance rockets, Israel wants to hit Hamas hard. Egypt supporting Israeli ground operation.

TV2 17:00

“Intense negotiations” Showing the IDF video of the 13 Palestinians coming through a tunnel from Gaza” Israel detects them before they manage to cause any harm. IDF’s Peter Lerner saying; this was an attempted attack to kill, murder and maybe abduct Israelis on the southern border. This is the type of threat we have been talking about the last 10 days.. Reporter: on the other side of the border new victims are buried. A 4 year old killed this morning, interview with Ihab Ghussein Hamas spokesperson saying the discussion and meetings are still going on, hopefully there will be a solution soon. Interview w Egypt FM trying to avoid a land operation


TV2 21:00

Lot of the same as the 17:00 news Shows the IDF video of tunnel threat that was eliminated and Peter Lerner statement.. President Peres apologizes for the 4 Palestinians that were killed on the beach, saying it was an accident.

TV2 22:00

Ground operation started, asks Gazans to leave their homes, negotiations failed, Hamas has shot rockets at Israel and Israel has continued to bomb Gaza, goal is to destroy tunnels, Netanyahu said earlier that they want to finish off Hamas, now it seems like they are trying to do that.


[1] In the Norwegian text, the expeltive «Jævlig» is used. This somewhat stronger than the British «Bloody»; though regarded as somewhat less vulgar than «F*****», not having sexual connotations.

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ola_Borten_Moe



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