On the immaculate neutrality and accountability of Norwegian journalists I



Lest you have forgotten what a fine, balanced and neutral TV2’s Fredrik Græsvik is, you can refresh your memory here

The above picture is a screenshot from the MIFF twitter account. They are getting a lot of pepper for bringing out other news, other details, that for some reason is found unworthy by Norwegian journalists. For their effort they are among other things getting stuff like this from veteran TV2reporter Fredrik Græsvik:

Fredrik Græsvik: When MIFF and Myrland spreads lies about those of us who have been in Gaza and seen for ourselves what happens. They ought not be allowed to access the public domain in order to continue their hateful hate campaign

Karsten Rodal: Do you seriously mean that MIFF should be blocked from the public domain?

Fredrik Græsvik: Yes. As long as they spread lies and hate.

Siv Una Hagen: How are they spreading lies and hate? In secret codes?