Fredrik Græsvik has received 2000 hate messages, complaints bitterly and goes AWOL

Fredrik Græsvik, our fair-minded and truth seeking journalist from TV2 has got a bashing for his efforts to cover the Gaza war. After calling an opponent “idiot”, and proposing to deny MIFF a say in the Norwegian public discourse, he has been shocked to receive 2000 hate messages. In response to this, he tweeted: Please! Don’t give me more hate. And took off with a big hump.

but not before tarnishing all “Israel lovers” as hateful people.

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After over two thousand hate mails  Fredrik Græsvik asks to be left alone.
In connection with the war in Gaza has been debate loudly among supporters of the two sides also in Norway, and especially NRK and TV2 reporters in the area have been subjected to massive criticism from people who think they are spreading misinformation or take part.

Last week went longstanding foreign reporter at TV 2, Fredrik Græsvik out on Facebook and retaliated against people who harassed him and accused him of spreading lies in their reports from Gaza Strip.

Now he puts out this message on Twitter:
“Please. Enough is enough. Than two thousand hate messages in the form of sms mail twittermld and fb msg is too much. I canceled my holiday to cover a war. Now I regret. Hatred from Israel lovers is more than I can bear. Now that’s enough. I’m alone receive and attempt to answer criticism that appears on this page and on my twitter account. tHIS IS NOT A TV2-administered side. it is not managed by someone other than me. Now I drop out. I won’t  bother any of you with the number of children killed. leave me in peace. And spare me more hatred. ”
The post has received more than 3,000 “likes” on ten hours, nearly 1,000 have commented and shared by almost 600 people.

– Some write that I’m lying, and some make claims about things I have not said. I replied that if they can catch me in a lie or to have reported anything wrong, I’ll be the first to regret it. But when it comes no reply, stated Græsvik the online newspaper last week.
Called opponent  an “idiot”
Wednesday also reports the newspaper the day that Græsvik has called an opponent on Twitter for “idiot”. The term was used in a response to the local Progress Party politician Ole T. Hoelseth from Oslo on July 18, after a comment that referred Græsvik coverage of the Middle East conflict between Israel and Palestine.
Newspaper has been in contact with Græsvik, saying that he did not wish to comment any more about this.

In the newspaper the day, he stated that the comment was not meant to Hoelseth but to another debater who “just wrote lies, lies, lies.”

– I used the phrase in response to that, but let the wrong link. Therefore I removed it as soon as I discovered it. There was nothing I could stir myself up over the comment from Hoelseth. My idiot comment was the one that was at the same level, says Græsvik, recently returned home to Norway.
Sports and news editor Jan Ove Årsæther TV2 said the newspaper that journalists can be objective debate in social media, but it is not acceptable to call others “idiot”.

He adds that TV2 reporters and program managers should act with due care especially in social media, and that this case is over a limit.
But he points out that reporters who work in the field under very difficult conditions and that heavy pressure does that slips can happen.
– In addition, they generally subjected to a violent pressure in just social media, stated Årsæther. He also believes that since Græsvik has deleted the post, he has taken the point.
Progress Party politician in Sandefjord, Ole T. Hoel Seth, who was the recipient of the “idiot” comment, reacted by sending a complaint to TV2 and demanded that they regretted the incident.

When he hears Græsvik explanation that the answer was not meant for him, he no longer carries a grudge against TV2 reporter.
– Then it’s okay, anyone can make a mistake. It happens in the heat of battle. I reacted to it because I thought that what I came to was factual, he says the next day.

– Ought not be allowed to participate
In a Facebook thread Monday night Græsvik also wrote that “When Miff and Myrland spreading lies about those of us who have been in Gaza and seen what happens. They should not be let to the public to conduct its hateful hate campaign. ”
Græsvik said the next day that he does not think there is pressure ethically problematic to write this. He states that he does not say that they should not be shut out from the public discourse, but the problem is that MIFF spreading lies about what he and Mads Gilbert does, and they do not get an opportunity to respond to the allegations.

– They have, among other things said that I did not mention attacks against Israel with a single word. It’s just crazy, and when I get the opportunity to refute the allegations, so I respond, says Græsvik.
Græsvik muddles the criticism
Morten Fjeld Rasmussen, Chairman of With Israel for Peace, says Fredrik Græsvik sauces together all the criticism he has received and blames MIFF.

– There he experienced individuals who are angry and so he draws a conclusion that there is a  Campaign Management at MIFF. We did not conduct a witch hunt, says Rasmussen online newspaper. He adds that this is as if Labour were to be accountable for everything all Labour sympathizers believe.

Rasmussen said he has contacted Græsvik, after he accused them of calling him a liar.

– Then Græsvik claimed that Myrland (General Manager of MIFF. Editor) has said that he has made false claims. There is something other than that we have said that he has lied, says Rasmussen online newspaper.

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  1. motti
    July 26, 2014 at 11:58 am

    Being in Gaza does not mean that reports are necessarily truthful. Just look at Mad(s) Gilbert. He would not know the truth if it stared him in the face.

    Perhaps they should stay behind in Oslo and watch the news from an Israeli i24nedwstv channel to learn the truth. Poor man, how he is suffering. Let him go to Sderot where everything is so peaceful and serene.

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