Stavanger Aftenblad compares MIFF to WWII-time Nazi Party

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Maybe Græsvik should come back from holidays and be show solidarity with other recipients of hate messages, this time sponsored through the indirect press support newspapers receive in Norway

The NS was the Quisling party, the Norwegian equivalent of the NAZI party.  So Stavanger Aftenblad is certainly scraping the bottom when they liken the MIFF to a NAZI party. A wee bit aggressive by a newspaper that receives millions in indirect state support, perhaps?


Stavanger Aftenblad links MIFF with NS
“With Israel for peace get more members during the war. So did the NS too [during the WWII], “wrote Stavanger Aftenblad Saturday. Read what MIFF answer!

By Tor-Bjorn North Gaard

This post is published in Thursday’s edition of Stavanger Aftenblad:

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MIFF demands an apology
“Pitter” in Aftenbladet write on 19 July that the organization With Israel for Peace (MIFF) is getting more members during the war (in Gaza). “so did the NS too,” he added.
Aftenbladets attempt to link  link between MIFF and the NS has provoked disgust far beyond our membership ranks. MIFF is a politically and religiously neutral organization providing information and support to the country of six million Jews in Israel. NS was an organization that cheered  the mass murderers who killed six million Jews. Among them was half of the Norwegian-Jewish population, who were sent to extermination camps with  the Norwegian state police as willing collaborator.
Hamas advises its people to accuse the Israelis of being Nazis. Accepting that Pitter isn’t necessarily aware of this advice, it is remarkable that he follows a similar reasoning on his own initiative. Israel was not created in time to save the European and Norwegian Jews from the Nazis. But Israel came in time to save close to a million Jews who fled from Arab countries.
It is clearly libelous to claim, directly or by a false analogy that Pitter uses that MIFF is Nazi. For MIFF, which works to educate about the Jewish people’s right to their own state, it is particularly hurtful.
MIFF demands an unreserved apology from the editor of Aftenbladet for this  libelous post by Pitter on July 19.

Morten Fjell Rasmussen  Chairman MIFF
Conrad Myrland, general manager MIFF




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  1. motti
    July 26, 2014 at 11:29 am

    How are laws regarding Libel in the Nazi state of Norway?

    The established media along with all other establishment outlets in Norway is absolutely sick mentally. One could not even begin to make this rubbish up.

    Still I suppose the Nazifies establishment knows far more about Nazism than does decent people like those who run and support MIFF. This is the highest degree og khutzpah. Actually, these people need pig shit thrown at them

  2. motti
    July 28, 2014 at 4:14 am

    I have since emailed Conrad Myrland at MIFF expressing my support to him.

    The Norwegian flag is most attractive. However, it has one missing article at the top corner and the various shade will show the new /old cultures of Norway. A swastika entwined with the crescent moon. now that will show reality of today’s Norway.

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