More “unbiased” news from the NRK

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Senest i dag, 29. juli 2014, viste Odd Karsten Tveit at han nok en gang har dratt til Midtøsten som en propagandaaktivist.

In the NRK morning news on July 29, 2014 NRK Dagsnytt kl. 09.00 the presenter read the following introduction:

“At least 13 Palestinians have been killed in rocket attacks this morning, and 5 israeli soldiers were killed by armed Palestinians who tried to get into Israel through a tunnel. The conflict in the Gaza strip will be long lasting, says NRK reporter in Gaza, Odd Karsten Tveit.”

We give a word for word account of what Odd Karsten Tveit then said:

“It is obvioous that its the politicians who have decided that this campaign is to continue, and they have the support of the people. There is a clear indication, this morning, that this conflict, this was against Gaza will last for a long time. And it is not the Hamas rockets or the tunnels that are the cause of this, fundamentally it is the occupation. The 8 year isolation of the Gaza strip and occupation, this is what makes Hamas and the other groups react the way they do.”

In the rest of the newscast, there was no mention of how the Hamas has broken cease fire after cease fire, mindlessly shooting rockets over 5 million civilians, using UNWRA structures as weapons cache, killing Palestinian civilians when rockets misfire and hit homes, hospitals, parks, schools, etc.

Thus are the news in Norway….

2 comments for “More “unbiased” news from the NRK

  1. motti
    July 30, 2014 at 6:31 am

    Well the twit Tveit is trustworthy of NRK surely? He represents NRK surely? Nrk represent establishment surely?

    So no surprises then at this moron or his employers

  2. motti
    July 31, 2014 at 4:26 pm

    So MIFF is taking out paid advertisements in support of Israel in main Norwegian newspapers. Is the Jewish community offering any help or sign of appreciation towards this beacon of light named MIFF?

    I noted the article by Scharansky the former refusenik, who believes that Europe is on way to being finished regarding its former values. and the Jews who by and large wo will feel forced to leave for Israel and no doubt elsewhere.. He believes that the European values will only be realistic in Israel.

    This statement is very realistic when we consider just what are European values. These “values” were the cornerstone of European/western civilised society, known as Judeo/Christian values. Let us be honest though. These values are purely Jewish in historical terms. First we gave the world the 7 Noahides laws and then the 10 commandments. Although we don’t expect gratitude or thanks, we don’t expect obscene insults either.

    There is no doubt that Europeans generally do have some love for Jewish people, dead ones that is. I have no doubt that Christianity will cease as a major religion in Europe, as communism, or socialism has taken it’s place as the new god. I truly believe that a new Dark Ages will take over. As it said, if history is ignored, then it will repeat itself.

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