Simon Wiesenthal Center demands Gro Holms removal, Holm refers to neo-nazi stormfront

Following the revelation that NRK’s correspondent in Washington, Gro Holm resorts to common old anti-semitic conspiracy theories to explain the somewhat different perception on Israel’s war against Hamas in the US, compared to in Europe, the Simon Wiesenthal Center demands that Gro Holm gets a one way ticket home to Norway (where sadly there have been no protests at such a outrageous claim. After being challenged by eminent Norwegian blogger, Leif Knutsen (this is a link to his rebuttal, proper translation to follow later) Holm however, unhappy about being challenged then proceeded to give her own thoughts on Knutsen’s main critique of her “letter”, namely that she did not provide any sources for her claims. So, in her eagerness to show her carefully researched  – and documented! – claims she gingerly published a reply where in the original version, a reference to the neo-nazi site The NRK did hastily pull the reference, but luckily some very observant readers managed to preserve the original, which has been posted to The offending excerpt from Holm’s original text reads as follows:

“Knutsen thinks it is wrong to assume that there might be any correlation between (alleged) over representation of Jews among American journalists, and executives in the media industry. With regards to ownership and leadership, information can be found in several surveys. (this one (1) is from 2013, isn’t completely updated, but also contains several critical comments and corrections)” 

Wow! might be the word of choice here? Letter from SWC to NRK

2 comments for “Simon Wiesenthal Center demands Gro Holms removal, Holm refers to neo-nazi stormfront

  1. motti
    July 30, 2014 at 6:21 am

    Well there is over representation of Muslims reporting on the Israel/Arab conflict and a serious under representation of Zionists.
    There is an over representation of liberal extremist left view points without the same time given to answering the allegations, nor for the Zionists said to make real truthful allegations.
    There again of course, Norway is not a democracy, as there is a freedom of speech for one side. none or virtually none for the Zionist side. Norway really should join the EU, they have so much in common Look at all the countries with the word Democracy, or Social as part of the title. How many really are?

    Norway is without any doubt a Nazi minded land and I am sure, the establishment would like all Jews to be ethnically cleansed, just as they were from their ancient lands in north Africa and the Middle East.

  2. SSimon
    July 31, 2014 at 11:31 pm

    One of the rather scary aspects of this is that Holm nor NRK seem to realize the fallacy present by the idea in itself. NRK “correcting” by saying:

    “Removed link to content of dubious origin.”

    Does *not* address that the idea in itself is a blatant error of thought. It is a pure fallacy. It imply that all Jews belong to some secret cabal of extremists wanting to control the world. It is straight from The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The chart is based on faulty logic.

    NRK do not seem to realize this, which is rather scary.

    One can of course go on pointing out other facts that further show the moronic nature of the chart. Such things like it include people that have been dead for a long time, cherry picking people that are Jews when they do not own or lead the companies, including non Jews as Jews, etc.

    “Dubious origin” is not an excuse. They do not address the fallacy of the idea.

    Somewhat “funny” is then also the fact that we have a religion where, at least fractions and multiple leaders, actually goes active out and states world domination are their goal. The destruction of Israel is part of this end-goal; as to install a caliphate in the whole area. This is the stated mission of organizations like Muslim Brotherhood and their spawn Hamas.

    But, this is *very* largely ignored by the same media. One even rather often are accused of being an extremist and hateful for pointing it out. But this is no conspiracy theory, like the one presented by Holm, but a fact the people proclaiming it does not even hint at denying.

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