After Gro Holm’s canard about Jewish power in US media, other pundits feel free to follow suit

After Gro Holm’s scandalous canard about how Jews control the US media, other Norwegians now feel its safe to parrot her shameful opinion. Now, a Dr. Mohammad Usman Rana – a high profile participant in the Norwegian public discourse, tweets his support. Incidentally, it is not the first time I see doctors, who have sworn the Hippocrates oath, feel it is correct and appropriate to lose sight of their fundamental obligation to prevent hatred, use derogatory remarks about other people, based on religion, opinions, ethnicity. Still we are not quite at the Belgian level of anti-Semitic hate, but we are certainly on the slippery slope downhill.

First the NRK, who typically refuses to consider any wrong doing on their part (they like to convince us that Norwegian journalists are the most ethical and unbiased in the world), present this awful charge, then the pundits, the opinion makers, the esteemed members of the medical profession…. who can fault the “ordinary guy” in the street who then feels he has received a license for outright anti-Semitic drivel.



Mohammad Usman Rana tweeted:

NRK’s Gro Holm gave a very honest rendering of the Israel lobby’s clammy grip on US opinion, media, politics.

Does the Norwegian Medical Association have a disciplinary board? Wouldn’t this be just the case to consider for disgraceful professional conduct?

2 comments for “After Gro Holm’s canard about Jewish power in US media, other pundits feel free to follow suit

  1. motti
    August 1, 2014 at 3:48 pm

    Prof in answer to your question = last paragraph, the answer to both questions is No!
    You never like the use of the term Nazi being used against Norway and Norwegians. Hopefully, now that you are away by going on aliyah, you will now accept the proof that Nazi expressionism is alive and well in the country of your birth.

    Even Scharansky, the former refusenik believes that the European ideals of society is losing ground and soon, it will disappear and will be and is part of Israeli society. He also believes that Europe will be soon be Jew-free. If we do not learn from history, then history has the chance to repeat itself. I believe even before the last Jew leaves Europe for it to be totally ethnically cleansed, the Dark Agers , aided and abetted by the Islamists and their hard-left liberal/left allies will help to usher in this self afflicted sickness. I just pray that next time the Jews will be asked to return and help usher in a light filled world, the answer will be a resounding No!.

  2. motti
    August 4, 2014 at 3:16 pm

    I am issuing an appeal to the decent Norwegians who frequent this site.
    MIFF is organising a rally in Oslo in support of Israel. Please check the MIFF website and support this wonderful organisation by attending.
    The police will be out in large numbers, so for those of you who feel fear or threatened, don’t worry, Take a bravery pill or tablet. To ignore the Islamic ideological attack upon a democracy is courting disaster for those who do nothing.

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