A sacrilege in Denmark

Our eminent Dr. Gilbert came back to Norway and was greeted like a hero. Masses came to the airport to cheer on him and the collective Norwegian media rolled over and bared their throats. No questions asked. None whatsoever.

Then something unexpected happened. Dr. Gilbert was going to be interviewed in one of the most prestigious news program, Deadline. Top dog there is Martin Krasnik, a tough sort of chap, who does the deadly sin of asking hard questions. Such as; do you think Hamas is a terror organisation? What do you think of their use of civilians as human shields? The use of schools etc for hiding weapons? Shooting rockets from densely populated areas, etc.Dr. Gilbert reacts like some bloke who’s had an unexpected item in his bagging area, first speechless, then ducking the questions, then finally furious; If you had done your job as a journalist you would have known what you talk about and been better prepared!

It seems to be a bit of a habit for Dr. Gilbert to throw a tantrum when challenged. The day before the sacrilege in Denmark, he lost his marbles in an NRK radio debate with Anne Sender, the former leader of the Jewish community in Oslo, recipient of the Free Speech price 2014 and roundly applauded in Norway for having said something negative about Israel. True to form, Dr. Gilbert spits and hisses like a furious cat, and when he can’t get it his way, childishly retorts that ” well, we can’t seem to agree. Thank you for the debate”.

But the real story is what happened in the wake of the interview with Martin Krasnik. Martin Krasnik is Jewish. In the PC universe of the regular Israel bashers, this ought not to have any bearing. Yet, nobody bats an eyelid when 3000 confused souls in Denmark sign a petition that Krasnik, for being a Jew, ought not cover the Gaza conflict. Krasnik of rejects such a ludicrous proposition, like a man who can take it on his chin. But he gets no love from Norway, instead, that malodourous Svein Egil Omdal in Stavanger Aftenblad (where else?) tweets the following little nugget:



Martin Krasnik would perhaps have been just as critical and challenging against the leader of the White Buses as the commander in Auschwitz, but it still would not make it any better journalism.

On top of the other fabulous tweets and “letters from America” we have seen from Norwegian journalists and opinion makers –  such as Græsvik, Mohammad Usman Rana, Kadafi Zaman, Gro Holm, Elizabeth Norheim, just to mention some who gracefully have shared their universe of Israel and Jew hate with the rest of us – we thankfully have this self-important little creature who for each article he writes on Israel, just shows us his true values.

All of this makes me regret I’m not Australian, where journalists, columnists and cartoonists who cannot behave in a civil manner get the sack. Mike Carlton, there is a hot desk waiting for you in Norway. But you have to share it with Mr. Omdal. Im sure you will be best of friends. Ho hum!

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  1. motti
    August 7, 2014 at 3:24 am

    The likes of Gilbert are unable to answer truthfully regarding the whole situation concerning Israel because their Jew hate blinds them to reality

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