Not in Norwegian news: Hamas has resumed firing rockets on Israel

just out of curiosity, I checked the major online Norwegian papers to see how long it would take them to inform their readers that Israel has been attacked again by Hamas.

So far, not one single head line reflecting this fact, however VG has a short story on how Israel accuses Hamas of firing rockets, while NRK can inform their readers that thousands of Gazans are fleeing in fear of new fighting, since the cease fire has not been extended. Not a mention of an easy to verify fact: rockets have been fired over Ashquelon and that Gaza based terror groups have claimed responsibility for it


The story reads as follows (google translate)

The ceasefire in the Gaza Strip over:
Negotiations continue after allegations of new attacks
Israel accuses Hamas ** for breaking the ceasefire
** Hamas sources told AFP: – Do not extend the ceasefire
** IDF: new rockets fired at southern Israel after the ceasefire

Israel is hit by two rockets from the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli military. The attack occurred hours before the ceasefire in Gaza was over.

At 7:00 Friday morning expiry ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which has now lasted for three days. Despite the fact that two high-ranking Hamas sources said the AFP news agency that they no longer want to extend the ceasefire, Hamas will continue to participate in the negotiations, according to a spokesman for the movement.

– All the Palestinian factions have agreed not to renew the ceasefire because Israel refuses to listen to our demands. Negotiations continue in Cairo, said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum said.

A few hours before the truce expired the  military in Israel issued a press statement that two rockets were allegedly fired from the Gaza Strip and hit the southern parts of Israel. No injuries are reported according to NTB.

On Twitter the Israeli army then posts a message that “terrorists have broken the truce.” According to news agency AP nobody has of yet claimed responsibility for the rockets.

Barely twenty minutes after the truce was over, claiming the Israeli army that it has been fired more rockets into southern Israel, writes AP. According to CNN reports that the IDF are talking about at least 10 rockets.

According to AFP flee now Palestinians from their homes after the truce expired on Friday morning.

No extension

Also one of the leaders of the organization Islamic Jihad confirmed to AFP that the Palestinian groups have agreed not to extend the ceasefire. Both Hamas and Islamic Jihad are present in Cairo, where there have been ongoing negotiations on a possible permanent end to the war in Gaza.

Israel has said that they are willing to extend the ceasefire indefinitely.

Hamas warned Thursday against extending the ceasefire unless it meets a number of Palestinian demands. One of the main requirements is that the blockade of Gaza must be lifted. Israel on its part requires a disarming of Hamas, according to news agency AP.

A Palestinian source told Reuters spoke with, do not believe the ceasefire is extended, but is somewhat less categorical in his description of the situation. The Palestinian delegates in Cairo will “probably reject” an extension of the ceasefire, according to this source, according to NTB.

The 30-day war on the Gaza Strip shall so far have cost Israel more than 9 billion Norwegian kroner. 1,874 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed in the war.

– Of the three wars in Gaza this has been the longest, most lethal and destructive, says UNICEF Representative in Palestine June Kunugi.

It is estimated that one in four residents of the Gaza Strip is displaced, 65,000 are homeless and 400,000 children show signs of trauma.

Israel for its part has stated that the country has lost 64 of its soldiers and three civilians.