VG with huge head lines: Israel attacks Gaza

How surprising, in no time at all after Israel retaliates for rockets fired over huge civilian populations, VG tells us that Israel has promised a harsh response and “attacks Gaza”. Their article does not fully acknowledge the fact that Israel was attacked this morning just after the ceasefire ended, so creating an image of a belligerent Israel. Israel withheld fire for several hours after being attacked several times by Hamas and their hateful friends on the strip. Too bad the Gazan population is made to bear the brunt of this and too bad the Norwegian media refuses to present the full picture, thus contributing to the suffering of the Palestinians. How difficult can it be? No rockets fired over Israel, no rockets fired at terrorists who hide among civilians in Gaza.

VGisrael attacks


the new VG story after Israel has retaliated is: (google translate, very bad)

Israel warns “violent reaction” against the Gaza Strip
** Thousands of Palestinians flee Gaza City
IDF ** with new guidelines to residents of  Southern Israel
** A Palestinian child killed
(go to article to see picture the text below refers to)
Smoke rises from Gaza city after what witnesses claim was a rocket attack by Israel on Friday morning, just hours after the truce expired.
Photo: AHMED Zakota, REUTERS

Israel has resumed air strikes on Gaza Strip. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warns a “strong reaction” in Palestinian rocket attacks.

Eyewitnesses told Reuters they heard powerful explosions and saw large amounts of smoke rise after an Israeli air strike on Friday morning.

– The new rocket attacks by terrorists in Israel are unacceptable, intolerable and short term. Hamas’s bad decision to break the ceasefire will be followed by the IDF. We will continue to crack down on Hamas, their infrastructure, their operatives and preserve Israel’s security, writes Peter Lerner, IDF spokesman, in a press release that was sent out just before 10:00 am Friday.

At the same time warns Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a “strong reaction” in Palestinian attacks. According to BBC should have been fired 18 rockets into Israel after the ceasefire Friday walked out after 72 hours.

Palestinian children killed
A child was killed and six other Palestinians wounded in Israeli missile attack near a mosque in Gaza City Friday, according to Palestinian health professionals. The reports said.

Friday morning at 7:00 Friday morning expiry ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, which has now lasted for three days.

Do not negotiate
Despite the fact that two high-ranking Hamas sources said the AFP news agency that they no longer want to extend the ceasefire, Hamas will continue the negotiations, according to a spokesman for the movement.

(see picture of fleeing Gazans, none of fleeing Israelis)

Palestinian families fleeing their homes in Gaza for fear of Israeli attacks after the 72-hour truce expires.
Photo: Mahmud Hams, AFP
After the 72-hour ceasefire expired several Palestinian families now displaced from their homes in Gaza for fear of attack from Israel, writes AFP.

Israel on its part will not negotiate with the Palestinian factions while rocket attacks on Israel continue, according to a spokesman from the authorities. The reports said.

Claims Hamas broke the ceasefire
The Israeli army claims that it has been fired more rockets into southern Israel shortly after the truce expired, writes AP. According to CNN reports that the IDF will be talking about at least 18 rockets. Hamas denies being behind the attacks.

Hamas announced early on that they did not want to prolong the truce, but that they would continue negotiations, according to a spokesman for the movement.

According to CNN, one could hear explosions in Gaza City, after Israeli fighter jets flew over the city.

– All the Palestinian factions have agreed not to renew the ceasefire because Israel refuses to listen to our demands. Negotiations continue in Cairo, said Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhum said.

Israel says that they are not going to negotiate with the Palestinian factions while rocket attacks on Israel continue, said a spokesman for the government, writes NTB.

IDF with new guidelines
A few hours before the truce expired enlightened military in Israel in a press statement that two rockets were allegedly fired from the Gaza Strip and hit the southern parts of Israel. It should not notified about any damaged, according to NTB.

IDF also sent new guidelines to residents of Southern Israel. Where it is stated that collections where there are more than 500 civilians have been banned in cities and towns located between 0 and 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip, according prssemeldingen they sent out Friday morning. Nursery Activities or summer schools is allowed only if a bomb is in the immediate vicinity.
Asks Norway to apply pressure
– Norwegian authorities have put pressure on the United States and the EU for a durable solution to the Gaza Strip, said Secretary General Jan Egeland NRC said.

Egeland asks while Norway to contribute financially to the reconstruction of the war-torn area.

– Norway can and must contribute, but donors and taxpayers must put more pressure on all parties, including the stronger party Israel, to make a lasting change, says Egeland to Stavanger Aftenblad.

He criticized Foreign Minister Børge Brende not (H) handling of the conflict, but said the international community acting cowardly.

– United States and the EU must call a spade a spade. We can not continue to use tax money to rebuild the leveled to the ground every year, he said.

The 30-day war on the Gaza Strip shall so far have cost Israel more than 9 billion Norwegian kroner. 1,874 Palestinians have been killed in the war, type NTB. According to the BBC 1,354 of those killed being civilians, including 415 children. Israel will have lost 64 soldiers, in addition to that three civilians have lost their lives.

– Of the three wars in Gaza, this has been the longest, most lethal and devastating, says UNICEF Representative in Palestine, June Kunugi.

It is a simple matter of compare and contrast to see how differently VG treats the Israelis from the Gazans. No pictures that show frightened Israeli children, no tear jerking tales of premature children as a consequence of rockets being shot, not even a truthful report that indeed Israel has been hit and that innocent civilians have been hurt. 

Meanwhile, in the wake of such imbalanced and biased reporting, Jews are no longer safe in Europe!


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