Boo-Hoo. Aftenposten decries the anti-Semitism itself helped to stoke

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Aftenposten’s journalists and editors must have felt a pang of bad conscience in the wake of horrific expressions of that old European disease – anti-Semitism.

But who can take seriously a rag that has published trash like this?

A better breed of Human? Drawing by Ulf Aas, accompanying an article by Magne Skjæråsen in Aftenposten, June 6, 1992

A better breed of Human? Drawing by Ulf Aas, accompanying an article by Magne Skjæråsen in Aftenposten, June 6, 1992

Or who carelessly has published rubbish like this?

Nevertheless, eyes have become teary and the consciousness heavy to bear. And now they are pretending to be concerned.  However, they are pleased to announce that Norway is like an island of calm in Europe. Well, I have personal experiences that would challenge that fantasy!

Jew Hatred in Europe is going through the worst period since the Nazi era
Says the president of Germany’s Jewish central council. Across Europe, there are reports of attacks on Jewish individuals and institutions.
Ingeborg Senneset

Simultaneously with the Israel-Palestine conflict flares, blooms anti-Semitism in Europe.

French police stopped in July a demonstration against Israel’s Gaza offensive after several demonstrations ended in clashes and attacks on Jewish property.

Several Jewish shops were burned to the ground, and a group tried to attack synagogues and got in trouble with the police. Four people were sentenced to prison for anti-Semitism.

Comparable to Holocaust
In Germany, at the same time a synagogue in the city of Wuppertal in western Germany attacked with Molotov cocktails. The perpetrators threw fire bombs at the entrance to the building before fleeing from the spot.

Earlier, four people have been arrested on suspicion of threats to the Old Synagogue in Essen in the German state.
In Hamburg was an elderly Jewish man beating up on a pro-Israeli demonstration. In Berlin, a Jewish youngster turned down.

In several cities reported that pro-Palestinian protesters comparing Israel’s actions with the Holocaust, and the percentage slogans like “Jew, cowardly pig, come out and fight alone,” and “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas”.

rabbi attacked
Saturday evening was Rabbi Shneur Kesselman attack outside the synagogue in Malmö in Sweden with a bottle.

– Which has reached a level I never thought possible, says Willy Silberstein of the Swedish Committee Against Anti-Semitism.

– Ordinary people writing online about how Jews should be gassed, and that Hitler should have killed all. This has not even pure Nazis expressed himself, said Silberstein.

Church of Sweden called Sunday for the attack “an attack on an entire city” when hundreds of people gathered for a so-called kippavandring through Malmö’s streets in support of the rabbi, who also attended.

Earlier in the week were also subjected to synagogue vandalism.

– The worst period since the Nazi era
– This is the worst period since the Nazi era, said Dieter Graumann, president of Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland, Germany’s Jewish sentralråd.

– On the streets you hear things like that “Jews should be gassed”, “Jews should be burned” – such we have not been in Germany for decades. These slogans do not criticize Israeli policy, it is pure anti-Semitism. Nothing else, said Graumann told The Guardian.

– The outbreak of hatred against Jews is so intense, that it is quite clear that there is only a German phenomenon.

– Norway island in Europe
Ervin Kohn, head of the Jewish community and the deputy head of the Anti-Racist Center, says Norway is almost a safe island compared with the continent.

– We have more anti-Semitism in Norway than in Denmark and Sweden, but anti-Semitism is not as explicit, Kohn says to Aftenposten.

Nevertheless, after the Aftenposten know, several Norwegian people in the Jewish environment that now choose to hide their religious affiliation or because of the increasing hatretorikken.

– What is happening in Europe did not begin with the Gaza conflict. Anti-Semitism and hatred of Jews was there before, and promoted not necessarily conflict. But it helps to legitimize hatred, says Kohn.

Chronicle: More than hatred of Jews
anti-Jewish attitudes
In our announced the American organization Anti-Defamation League (ADL) a comprehensive examination (total 53,000 people asked for the period from July 2013 to February 2014), which intended to identify anti-Jewish attitudes in over 100 countries.

The report estimated that there are 1.1 billion people with anti-Semitic attitudes in the surveyed countries. Total black over half (54 percent) that they have not heard about the Holocaust or they doubt that the historical information is correct.

Comment: Hated travels the world
Anti-Jewish attitudes were markedly stronger in Norway (15 percent) than in Denmark (9 percent) and Sweden (4 percent).

Nearly one in four Norwegians believed that hatred of Jews because Jews behaving badly.


4 comments for “Boo-Hoo. Aftenposten decries the anti-Semitism itself helped to stoke

  1. motti
    August 14, 2014 at 12:06 pm

    Prof, when will you stop using the term anti-Semitic and call it for what it is? Either Judeophobia or Jew hate.

    The picture of the rat with the magen david is synonymous with der Stuermer in Nazi Germany and of course from the old Soviet Union and Tsarist Russia. So if they imitate Nazism, is it fair to call the perpetrators Nazis?
    As ERic R., would write, if the walk like a duck, swim like a duck, and quack like a duck….

  2. de Bacle
    August 14, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Interesting, prof, I too reacted particularly to that “Norway an Island in Europe” bit.
    To be fair though, those were the words of Ervin Kohn, the head of the official Jewish community in Oslo, not those of the Aftenposten journalist.

    To be kind, perhaps, between the lines, one could interpret Kohns words as
    Norway being a cultural “Island”, media wise. An isolated pond. Of duck elitists. (How was it prof ? If they quack like ducks…)

    Island or not, Norwegian media (including Aftenposten) have the major part of the responsibility for the 400% greater anti-Semitic sentiments in Norway compared to Sweden.

    A critical factor, however, is that Sweden had a Jewsih leadership that successfully took “the challenge” , if not with the government, so at least with the media.
    (When ISrael ambassador Miriam Shomrat took an anti-Semitic cartoonist to the Press supervising board, she had very little local support. When Aftenpostens Stanghelle wrote his anti-Semitic trash of a Jew in the Norwegian Army, there was absolute silence here, etc ).

    It is also difficult to see that it would be politically possible for a Swedish Jewish leader to be paid by an enemy of Israel to go for 3 months to a study trip to Ramallah and then come back and slander the IDF, or expresss admiration of a anti-Semitic minister (that made an effort to brand himself as the most Israel villifying minister in the Western world), or “absolve” somone like the author Gaarder (you mentioned) of his anti-Semitic oke.

    Apologetics was the hallmark here, and denial still rules.

  3. motti
    August 15, 2014 at 4:20 am

    I believe that we need to be very clear about this so called piece of artwork. It shows a rat and the Magen David. This is quite reminiscent of the late Dr Josef (fancy having a Jewish name) Goebbels, who is considered to be the most effective propagandist of all time. He was responsible for the notorious film Der ewige Jude (The eternal Jew) in which the Jew was shown with pictures of rats.

    There have been many nasty cartoons, jokes etc about Jews, however, this is the first piece of neo Nazi artwork I believe by a post war Norwegian(Correct me if I am wrong). The next step will be a neo Nazi film similar to Jus Sues in which a fair Aryan maiden is raped by the filthy rat-like Jew. So when can we expect a Norwegian update on this approach.

    We have already had demonstrations all over Norway against Israel and the Jews and of course who can forget the Jew hating Muslims and liberal ultra-left Fascist and ultra-right Nazis joining them calling screaming “Death to the Jews.”

    As Jewish liberal supporters and professors etc are banned from Norwegian universities and banning their writings, when can we expect the burning of all Jewish and Israeli literature?

    The cause of Fascist and Nazi hate for the Jews and the Jewish state of Israel is well and truly exposed in Norway. Prof, I believe that you migrated in time. There is no doubt that the condition will worsen, as it is the very infrastructure of Norwegian society which is behind this disgraceful dogma.

    A real pity that Norway must depend on NATO for its protection. If Russia was to invade I would not waste one human life to defend the modern Nazi society in place in this Islamised Aryan state.

  4. EnglishPerson
    August 17, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    I have just listened to Dr Mads Gilbert on the BBC and I just want to say that I don’t like the fact that this person has been given a platform on the BBC. However I respect his right to free speech. I don’t agree with his opinions and I want to express solidarity between English Jews, English pro Jews and our Norwegian Brothers and sisters.

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