A momentary blip…

You won’t believe it…. my computer decided to take a holiday…¬†on top of all my other work, so therefore this short break.

However, I took this unforeseen break to travel around a bit, I have spoken to many people, in the rocket ravaged South, freaked out Tel Avivians and skittish Northerners (every now and again, rockets fall over Northern communities as well).

These conversations have shook me profoundly. I have spoken with Jewish refuges from Arab countries, who cannot forget the enormous betrayal on behalf of the international community to have turned a very cold back on their rights, I have spoken with senior citizens who now fear traveling to Europe for fear of being physically attacked, still traumatized by the hatred they suffered in their young years. My neighbor, for crying out loud, was asking about traveling to Norway now; he said he always had dreamt of visiting the Lofoten Islands, the breathtakingly beautiful archipelago in Northern Norway. After enthusiastically showing pictures and explaining how to get to the most beautiful and authentic spots, he stopped me dead in my track telling me he was in no hurry to go to be abused by violent “anti-Israelis” (I think Norway urgently must perform some hasbara here in Israel..). My soft spoken osteopath growled through gritted teeth how he despised the British for their unparalleled cheek to try to school Israel on morals (pointing out that famous monument of pillage and rape, the British Museum, before asking rhetorically just how many Iraqi children were killed in the Brits many endeavors in that country, adding even more rhetorically, whatever is left of that country. On the topic of Norway, he merely stated; where is Norway? Who cares? (more Norwegian hasbara required).

In the coming days I will sum of the essence of these conversations, and contrast them with the rubbish that has been published in Norwegian media during these last 48 days.

But first there is the irritating topic of reformatting and sorting out my little “puter”.


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  1. Dov
    August 26, 2014 at 10:11 am

    Oy, sorry to hear of your comp probs. Hope you did not lose too much + have back up. Do you have a good reliable technician. I can recommend Beau the comp techie, advertises in the JP, HaAretz social media. Not cheap but very knowledgeable + reliable. Animal activist as well.

    At least you managed to get out and about, hear vox populi. You are so correct about the need for Norwegian “hasbara.” They have literally become a hated hateful entity here. Much work for local emb, hope it’s on their agenda.

    As one who spent so much time working with Norwegian unions, DNA labor party etc, must admit that I’ve have given up as a lost case and cause.

    As yr osteopath, who cares! I But we do, + want to repair somewhat the bad taste left by NRK, NTB VG, Dagvissen et al. Leftie politicos who’ve reaped hatred for Israel + Jews.

    However there is MIFF, yr site, a few other friendly orgs. Not too many, maybe possible to count on one hand. The new govt not as bad as before vis a vis Israel, but we’ve yet to see real friendship. Still playing the “even hand” veering to Pals.

    Give me a ring , let’s get together for lunch sometime + share experiences. Hilsen + Brachot, D

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