Hamas admits they were behind the killing of the 3 Israeli youths, NRK prefers to inform us that a group of Holocaust survivors claim Israel is committing a genocide in Gaza

About 50 days ago, the NRK reporter, Sidsel Wold claimed Isrtael (well she did actually say Benjamin Netanyahu), used the cold blooded murder of the three Israeli teens to launch a war against Hamas (and the Palestinians). At the same time, she also could inform us that the Hamas had no interest in abducting and killing the teens. At the time, Ms. Wold could not provide any sources for  her allegations, where she tarnished Israel as an aggressor and said the Gazans had no choice but to shoot rockets over the Israeli civilian population, lest their cause would be forgotten by the world (maybe her sources are little voices in her head?).

Other so called ‘experts’  (that would be Prof. Nils Butenschøn, the director of the Norwegian Center for Human Rights) also chimed in that it seemed illogical that Hamas would attempt to abduct and kill the Israeli teens, since they were busy building a unity government for the Palestinians .

But now that several Hamas leaders, including that spineless little coward who’s hiding in Qatar – Mashaal – have admitted that Hamas indeed was behind the murders – there has been no rush from any of the Norwegian news outlets to correct their previous false and highly biased claims that Israel was the aggressor.

Still more embarrassing for the Norwegian news providers, they have not informed their readers/viewers that Hamas was using the rekindled  Fatah-Hamas ties to plan a massive attack on Israel and by the way repeat their 2007 ‘success’ and mount a coup against the PA. 

Even if history proves Israel right, such as in the much debated abduction of Hamas engineer Dirar Abu Sisi, whom the world claimed was innocent, and whom Hamas said had no idea who was, Abu Sisi himself admitted he was in charge of extending the reach of Hamas rockets (QED), there is a marked reluctance among Norwegian journalists to actually provide the balanced and neutral information on Israel which they claim is their professional guiding light (with the exception of Dagbladet that is, they have now officially abandoned the concept of neutral and balanced covering).

Instead the NRK has chosen to inform their readers that a group of Holocaust survivors accuse Israel of committing a ‘genocide’ in Gaza, incidentally ignoring the many more Holocaust survivors who have had to flee from the wicked Hamas bombs.

Whats the matter NRK? Would it upset some grand plan you have by accurately report on the many tragic events we have endured here this summer?