The tale of the Gazan bride. And of the Israeli bride

The NRK seems to have a real problem relating the anguished existence of regular Israelis, while having no problems of relating the dramas the Gazans have endured. Are we to surmise that in the eyes of the NRK, Gazan suffering is newsworthy, but Israeli ditto is not?

Here is a story that was deemed newsworthy by the NRK, and below, the one that was not…

Do you think there might be a bit of a problem in the NRK, to relate to Israelis like real human beings?

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Got married in a refugee camp in Gaza
The War destroyed their home and the white wedding dress, but Heba and Omar decided that nothing would stand in the way of their future happiness.

Lina STYLIANI Tandberg Gaganis

Published 08/14/2014

Wednesday gave Heba Fayad (23) and Omar Abu Namara (30) each other their yes, and married at a UN school in a refugee camp in Gaza.

– If someone had told me that I was going to marry under these circumstances, I had never believed them, says Heba Fayad (23) told AFP.

She and her husband Omar was supposed to get married next month in the family home in Beit Lahiya north of Gaza. But then escalated the war, and their plans had to be changed.
– I had planned it all: music, guest list, wedding dress and bouquet. So I sit here today and marry me in front of thousands of refugees.

Bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses and decorations were devoured by the flames along with Hebas home when bombs rained neighborhood in Beit Lahiya north of Gaza Strip. When the young woman and her family were driven from their homes, she realized that it would go years before the house was rebuilt.

– I thought if I could get married under these circumstances, I would not have been able to marry at least three years. My home is destroyed, and I have lost everything I own.

Wedding without family
For Hebas husband Omar wedding was anything other than what he had planned.

He is separated from his family and had no family members attended the ceremony.

– My family is not in Gaza, I’m here alone. But the party and the guest list is not important to me. I am happy because I am here with Heba, and because we marry, says Omar.

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Aid workers in the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees decided to give the young couple a break from the gloomy everyday life in the refugee camp, and everyone chipped in a hotel room for the newlyweds. For Heba was the two day stay a wonderful experience.

– At the hotel I could shower every time I wanted. It was a good break for the refugee camp can go for days until I see a drop of washing water.

The case continues under the picture.


uncertain future
Hebas mother keeps a close eye on her daughter. She has already lost a son in a wheelchair after being injured in a rocket attack.

– Heba is my life. I wished her a lovely wedding under better conditions. It makes me sad to see that she gets married at this school. But what shall we do? This is how we are forced to live, says the mother Nabila news agency.
She talks about her daughter and son-plans for the future. They will try to get into the United Arab Emirates where Omar has family. But the journey is difficult because the couple must go through Egypt where the line most of the time are closed.

However, if they are lucky, the reunion with Omar’s family in the United Arab Emirates will be a new life for her daughter, said her mother.

Peaceful in Gaza Thursday
There is uncertainty about whether the ceasefire which supposedly was signed yesterday still applies. Yesterday confirmed Israeli and Palestinian authorities that there is agreement on a five-day truce.

Much to suggest that the two parties to the conflict allows their arms, for Thursday morning, there were no reports of new attacks.

Tonight was fired rockets from both Gaza and Israel, attacks should not have taken human lives according to AFP and Reuters.


However, this little horror story was never shared with the Norwegian readers:

lifted from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency