The NRK got bashed over the head II: Bjørn Gabrielsen, opening arguments for the NRK council hearing.

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– Ignorance, prejudice and wishful thinking in NRK angles
Author and journalist in Today’s Market, Bjørn Gabrielsen, directed extensive criticism of NRK’s ​​coverage of the Gaza conflict, when he initiated the debate in the Broadcasting Council on Thursday.

By Tor-Bjorn North Gaard

Bjørn Gabrielsen was critical of several items by NRK’s ​​coverage.
– Hamas and Israel agree that Gaza is not occupied. Nevertheless, NRK reporters insist that this is an occupied area, he pointed out in the introduction to the debate in the Broadcasting Council meeting Thursday.
Gabrielsen also noted NRKs intense coverage NRK of conflict between Israel and Hamas in a time that is dramatic throughout the region, particularly in Syria and Iraq.
– Covering Israel so intensely now, is a political decision in itself, he said.
He also criticized foreign journalists to have mixed reportage and comment on several occasions.
– Odd Karsten Tveit say things that you think that your ears will come off, he said, and also thought that Sidsel Wold has received an undeservedly large share of criticism.

Rockets at UN schools were ignored
He pointed out the bias that occurs when the NRK is not informing the viewers about the discovery of rockets at UN schools in Gaza on three occasions this summer, other than in inaccurate parenthesis.
– Sverre Falkenberg Mikkelsen said on August 5 that “many people run for shelter , but even the UN schools are not safe.” Thus many believe that these schools are not safe even if they are civilian, and understand that they are not safe because they are civilian. One pretends that places that in reality are military targets are civilian, so that when the enemy hit, you can claim that it was a war crime.
He also believed that the significance of the terror tunnels was not made clear in NRK’s ​​coverage, and pointed out that the Institute for Palestine Studies have reported that 160 Palestinian children workers died while they dug tunnels without the NRK reporting this.

– Ignorant prejudices and wishful thinking
Gabrielsen said that several of NRK approaches are based on ignorance, prejudice and wishful thinking.
– July 18 the NRK showed pictures from a demonstration against Israel in Istanbul. “The Israeli army’s attack on those who can not defend themselves, arouse anger around the world”, told NRK. But  a banner seen in the picture reads: “Crush Israel to dust, I spit in your face”. The person quoted in the poster died in 1984 and was the translator of “The Protocols of Zion” to Turkish. There has been an explosion of anti-Semitism in Turkey in recent years. The demonstration was not an expression of a new reaction against Israel, as one could get the impression of. It was that Gaza was bombed by Jews that was offensive, not that civilians were victims.
He also quoted several statements from the evening news this summer:
– Sidsel Wold said on July 9 that “For Israeli soldiers Palestinian life is worth nothing”. On July 11, she said that “Israeli soldiers shoot at anything that moves.” Odd Karsten Tveit has stated that Israel ignores the death toll of the counterparty, “Because they only Arabs”. This differs greatly from how Israel presents itself. In countries surrounding Israel, authorities preach daily that the Holocaust never happened, that there never was a Temple in Jerusalem and the Jews are behind all the evils. This was not met with a backlash.

Occupation and blockade
Gabrielsen also criticized the NRK reporters on several occasions has presented the conflict in Gaza as a reaction against the blockade.
– Odd Karsten Tveit said that “Israel opens and closes the border in its sole discretion.” Sigurd Falkenberg Mikkelsen has said that “the occupation is the root cause of the conflict.” But Hamas and Israel agree that Gaza is not occupied. And everyone can check that it is not true that the border is closed on a whim. Why does not Tveit say it? It’s his job, said Gabrielsen.
– The list of goods that Israel does not allow the importation of into Gaza are readily available. We are talking about weapons. In addition, there are 34 other things that require additional paperwork, which must be implemented by NGOs. There is no embargo on medicines, food and regular consumption equipment, he stated to the Broadcasting Council.
– NRK is consistently representing Palestinians in Gaza as helpless. But the tunnel system shows that there is no money shortage. Several media outlets have stated that medications given as humanitarian aid is sold in pharmacies in Gaza, although they carry labels like “A gift from the people of Norway – not for resale”. At the same time, an impression that Israel keeps medicines back serves to maximize the suffering.

– Maybe Tveit should not cover the Middle East
Gabrielsen came with several examples of statements by Odd Karsten Tveit is both undocumented and blends commentary and analysis.
– He stated that “America has always been in the hands of the Israelis.” When one says that a country does not act out of their own interests, but instead of another country, it is a conspiracy theory. This indicates that Tveit probably should not cover the Middle East conflict.
In both angle, and comments Gabrielsen says  NRK presents an overall picture in which only one party, Israel, has free will, and where Hamas is ideologically almost forced to send rockets to try to get the blockade lifted.
– This presents Palestinians as irrational children. This is more offensive to Arabs than to Jews, while it is very anti-Israel, said the Dagens Næringsliv journalist (Norwegian version of the FT).