For the Church of Norway/Church of the Cross in Bergen, only some children are worthy of a tear jerking flower ceremony

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Strong reactions against “Palestinian” flag in the Church of the Cross
During a “solidarity concert” that was held in the Church of the Cross in Bergen, on Thursday night, several “Palestinian” flag adorned the walls of the church. This has caused strong reactions.

Norway TODAY contacted the Diocese Council of Bergen to find out if they had any reaction. Jan Ove Fjelltveit by Diocese council said in a text message that the use of “flags in churches as an expression of political activism  is to be restricted.”

Not just solidarity
Head of the International Christian Embassy Norwegian branch, Dag Øyvind Juliussen also reacted to the event in the Church of the Cross and refers to a quote from Bergens Tidende: “- We remember those who were killed, and we work toward an en of the blockade and siege of Gaza. This was a solidarity event with broad support from the Left as wells the Right, ” the initiator Heszlein-Lossius says to Bergens Tidende.

It is good and important to show solidarity and care for people who suffer, says Juliussen but states that the above quote from BT shows that there is not only a question of solidarity, but is also political stance.

-When you demand that the blockade and siege of Gaza must be lifted without considering what the terrorist organization Hamas is doing in this region, the whole event is seen as biased.

There is no general blockade of Gaza, Israel enforces a legitimate military blockade and restrictions on goods entering. Food, medicines and fuel are entering the Gaza strip in large quantities, it is probably no other area in the world that continuously receives as much assistance as Gaza, he said.

-The Church’s dark history in the treatment of the Jews makes this event worse. Here we use a Christian place of worship to demonstrate their support to a party, where those in power have attacked and terrorized the world’s only homeland for the Jewish people, says Dag Øyvind Juliussen.

Among those participating in the concert were Karoline Krüger, Fredrik Saroea (Datarock), the actor Helge Jordal, musician William Hut, psychologist Atle Dyregrov, Palestinian activist Mads Gilbert, Mayor Trude Drevland, and more.
After the concert in the Church of the Cross 500 roses were laid down in memory of the dead in Gaza, by “the blue stone” at Ole Bulls Plass in Bergen.

Unfortunately, the organisers forgot to buy enough roses to remember the more than 160 Palestinian children who were killed contracting the terror tunnels, nor the many other children who have been killed when “unfortunate accidents” in rocket factories in busy Gaza neighbourhoods have blown up, nor indeed any of the many thousands children killed in Syria, not to mention the Kurds, the Yazidi children massacred in Iraq.

What a shameful blight on our society the Church of Norway has become. No wonder people are leaving the Lutheran Church in droves, with many converting to Catholicism in stead.