FM Brende visits Gaza while Israel still is wary of Norway


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Even after three wars in five years; FM Børge Brende refuses to declare the two state solution between Palestine and Israel dead. “We hope for the resumption of a peace process towards a two state solution. There is no reason to give up”, Brende (Conservative) says. On yesterday he travelled for the Middle East, in order to have political talks in Israel, Palestine and Egypt. The FM shall prepare the Donor Country Meeting for Palestine in New York this September.



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FM visits Gaza; compares this to Haiti after the earthquake. Informs of 2200 dead, 4200 houses destroyed, and UNICEF stating 370 000 children in Gaza suffering from psycho-social problems. Brende states he has received “signals” over easing of blockade; and hopes for the peace process to be restarted. Brende refers to talks with PM Benjamin Netanyahu; receiving stern warnings from Netanyahu over the growth of Islamic extremism.

Quotes: “I believe we see a growing recognition worldwide over the danger Islamist terrorism represents. Groups like the Islamic State, Hamas, Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are a threat to our civilization, our way of living and our values, Netanyahu said, adding those who does not understand this ‘will have terrorism at their doorsills tomorrow’.

While Netanyahu describes Hamas and Al Qaeda as “two branches of the same tree”, a high-ranking Israeli source expresses great discontent over Norway’s continued contacts with the Palestinian terrorist group. Criticism. “Norway has achieved nothing through its contacts with Hamas. They have only legitimized the terrorists further. And contacts with Hamas aid in subverting Abbas”, the source tells Dagsavisen.

In spite of criticism, it is never the less clear relations between Israel and Norway have improved with the change in government. According to the Israelis, Brende shows greater understanding over the complex realities in the Middle East. ‘We see a distinct change in Norwegian policies, being more balanced. And this has the meaning of us being more willing to listen to Norway’, the source says”.

This article also comments upon Hamas-Fatah relations; showing lack of mutual confidence.

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  1. motti
    October 1, 2014 at 7:20 am

    More willing to listen to Norway? Are the Israelis mad? Who would trust the Norwegian establishment to change its spots, or to lose its stripes.
    What absolute nonsense

    What has happened to Norwegian, Herbert and all the others who used to contribute?

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