Bishop says Christian Zionists obstacle to peace. Not Islamic terror.

The Church of Norway never stops to amaze me. We now have the Bishop of Hamas (also known as the Bishop of Hamar, Solveig Fiske).

In their upside-down world anything related to Israel, Judaism can be construed to suggest that Israel is at fault for the ever evasive peace here in the Middle East.

Not, for instance, Western meddling in Afghanistan, or shall we mention Iraq, where Western politicians thought they would usher in peace and stability but use of gun power. Nor are we going to hear about the massive power vacuum left by Western leaders, who faced with the consequences of their mad policies, now look the other way as Islamists slaughter anybody who is not to their liking. Nor, for that matter, the delicate affair og Shia-Sunni hatred, that has claimed MILLIONS of lives.

Christian Zionists however are easy prey to jump on. As well as Jewish Zionism. And some pretty horrific suggestions that the Torah, the Old Testament in Christian terms, has been replaced by the New Testament so therefore any Jewish claim to the Land is nil and void. This ignorant interpretation also happens to imply that the  presence of Jews throughout the historic Land of Israel  – in particular in the areas of Shomron and Jehudah – during millennia is of no consequence whatsoever. You can only be a very bigoted Lutheran bishopric to utter such hate speech in public. And to receive applause from your peers.

I say: Give the Christian leaders of the Church of Norway a course in Judaism for Dummies, as well as crash course how to not behave like Christian bigots in public. I personally take offence at the idea that a Christian who is ready to support my right to live in my ancestral land is considered a hindrance to peace, while Christian leftist groups who call for the boycott of Israel (i.e. a sanction against me personally, for being Jewish and not cow towing to their ignorance about my faith, and my People’s right to live anywhere in Israel) are being praised for being pro-peace. I say, have a look across the borders here in the middle east to see how well your false gospel is appreciated. We are nowhere nearer the peace thanks to meddling of that sort.

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Attacks Christian Zionists
Posted by plement, Markus
Published 10.09.2014
In the book “Armageddon, Hallelujah! Meetings with political Christianity “by Dag Hoel criticizes Christian friends of Israel. Thus the debate.
The seminar titled “Christian Zionism – An obstacle to peace?” was held in conjunction with the launch of the book “Armageddon, Hallelujah! Meetings with political Christianity “by Dag Hoel.

Monday  the Christian Council and the Inter-Church Council held a seminar in Church House in Oslo about Christian Zionism.

The author encounters Christian Zionists in simple chapels in  Setesdal, in mega churches in Texas and traveling with them on the bus tour around Israel.

The author documents  what may be perceived as questionable attitudes among some friends of Israel, and states that it is not uncommon for Christian friends of Israel to sanctify violence as a means to defend the plan of God.

– Need more knowledge

– We need to know more about what Christian Zionism is, both in terms of theological justification and political implications, says Secretary General of the Inter-Church Council of the Norwegian Church, Berit Hagen Agøy.

A characteristic of Christian Zionism is that the return of the Jews and recreation of the State of Israel is supported from a Christian point of view by biblical prophecies. Jesus can only come back when the Jews have gathered in the holy land and been converted to Christianity.

The Christian Zionist movement in Norway has the support of many denominations and also promoted through various media.

– The current political situation in Palestine and Israel raises debate around the theological and political foundations of the Christian Zionists, says Berit Hagen Agøy.


The seminar dealt with the basis, influence and impact of the Christian Zionists, with three main speakers: Bishop of Bjørgvin, Halvor Nordhoug, editor of Dagen, Vebjørn -Selbekk and retired minister, Jens Olav Mæland.

– The theology I stand for is no replacement theology, but a fulfillment theology. It’s about how God stands by his promises.

– There must not be so that the fulfillment of the land promises and speculation about the end times come to over shadow  the great gospel, said Bishop Halvor Nordhoug in his introduction.

He believes that Christian Zionism complicates the peace process in the Middle East instead of facilitating it.

– This is about solidarity

Editor in chief of Dagen, Vebjørn -Selbekk, who describe themselves as Christian Zionist, says Christian Zionism is about showing solidarity to the world’s most persecuted people.

– I bear the title Christian Zionist with pride, although I feel that it is used as a term of abuse. I think there is a fundamental problem today that many Norwegians associate engagement for Israel with a particular religious view, and believes that today’s situation in the Middle East undoubtedly is best debated with historical and political arguments.

– It is also my starting point when I call myself a Christian Zionist. I am a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ and Zionist because I support the idea of ​​the Jewish right to a homeland in their historic heartland, said -Selbekk.

He urges caution and restraint in the theological discipline of eschatology, the doctrine about the end of times


The retired priest, author and former teacher at Fjellhaug Mission School, Jens Olav Mæland, has previously received widespread criticism after he called Christian Zionism for heresy.

He describes himself as a friend of Israel and believes it is possible to be a friend of Israel without being Zionist.

– I’ve been a friend of Israel for many years, but I am not a Christian Zionist. Christian Zionism is a support to the exclusive political Zionism which is highlighted in the Israeli state.

– Zionism is a way of thinking about the Jewish people that has clear political implications. It understands itself as a democracy and the rule of law, but has in fact become an ethnocraty, ie a state in which one nation is favored by the oppression of the Palestinian Arab population, said Mæland.

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  1. motti
    October 1, 2014 at 7:31 am

    Prof, it is well known that according to the top of the churches establishment, the new testament has made the “old testament null and void. That is why the Talmud was forbidden for centuries by the church to be used in Europe

    With self confessed friends such as Maeland, who needs enemies?
    I can understand that Norway is at the tip of Norway and probably fails to understand that Judeo Christian heritage is the corner stone of European civilisation. We though recognise the fact that it is the Jewish heritage that has been accepted by the Christian church that has sustained Europe

    Personally, I would prefer to see the Norwegian church reject the Jewish heritage in its entirety and accept it’s true ideology of the Nazi regime. It suits it so much better and is far more realistic. After all the Church has been again the Jews all the time in Norway. It really is time for those Jews still living there to copy Prof’s adventure and go on aliyah

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