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Civita breakfast meeting Tuesday

October 14th 8.00-9.30 am

In his bestseller book, START-UP NATION, author Saul Singer addresses how it is that Israel – a country of 7.1 million, in a constant state of war since its founding, with no natural resources– produces more start-up companies than large, peaceful, and stable nations like Japan, China, India, Korea, Canada and the UK. With the highest number of startups per capita of any nation in the world, Israel is one of the world’s entrepreneurship hubs. How has this happened? What can Norway learn from from the Israeli entrepreneurial model?

This mornings speaker is Saul Singer. He is an American-israeli journalist and co-author of START-UP NATION: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle and formerly editorial page editor at The Jerusalem Post.

This breakfast meeting is hosted in cooperation with Skaperkraft and Oslo Innovation Week.

Breakfast is served from 7.45 am. A Q&A session will follow after the introductions.

The meeting will take place at Café Christiania, Nedre Vollgt. 19. Entrance via Stortingsgaten.



Vårt Land 2014 09 16 p 14, 15

Eivor Oftestad, Not online.

Historian discuss the ownership to Jerusalem; seen in a historical context, admits she has not made any permanent conclusion over this.



Morgenbladet, issue of 12th through 18th of September 2014, p 48

Gudmund Hernes


Once, I received a visit by the Israeli ambassador at my office. He wanted to present me a tract with images of Israeli childre killed during the intifada. It was gripping and moving to watch the expecting young faces of these many broken young lives.


After some time I asked where the rest was. He looked questioning at me. I clarified my question: Where are the images of the Palestinian children, having been killed without any meaning?

This was the end to the visit.


However, this episode is important in illustrating a general point: What you allows yourself to do; legitimize the same actions to your political opponents. What you accept for your allies; you must accept for your enemies. In international affairs there cannot be one law for the upper classes, another for the proles.


This has turned into actuality through the reactions to the Russian transgressions towards Ukraine. It has been pointed out that the Russian annexation of the Crimea and the invasion of the Southeast of Ukraine with mobile artillery (sic) not only is an unacceptable escalation.

A NYT editorial on August 28th told of this invasion being in breach of a cardinal principle in the international order post WW2: “States do not acquire territories through violence”. Two days later on, the Financial Times wrote of the principle of sovereign states not attacking territories was violated in the Crimea in March; and defied through the military invasion at present.

On August 31st both newspapers reported of Israel having made the greatest land seizures in the West Bank in decades- Palestinian land surrounding Bethlehem. England’s PM(sic) used the term “utterly deplorable” concerning this. However, Europeans were mostly occupied with what sanctions were to be put in effect towards Russia. In the USA; where the pro-Israel lobby has over-proportional influence, only pro forma regrets concerning Israel’s transgressions were heard, and of course no genuine evaluation of sanctions. International law is not deployed equally in the Crimea and on the West Bank.

In politics, the principle apply of arguments used by you also validating those of your opponents. If you appeal to a principle in favor of your own cause; you must be able to “turn it”, it may apply against you in the next case.

An disgraceful example is a full side advertisement by Nobel award winner Elie Wiesel; the man who perhaps more than another has voiced and faced the Holocaust in some American and English newspapers a couple of weeks ago. In this he accused the Hamas over “sacrifices of children”- nothing less. Which civilized people stopped doing some 3500 years ago; as Abraham abstained from sacrificing his son Isaac, by now being resumed through the use of children as “human shields” in Gaza; so Israel unfortunately had to kill them in the attacks on Hamas. Wiesel also compared this to what Nazis did to Jewish children in WW2. Wiesel has obviously lost his moral compass.[1]- And this is not the first time. What is interesting and gives reason for hope is the fact 357 other Holocaust survivors gave him an indignant reply. They expressed disgust and outrage over Wiesel’s abuse of Jewish history in order to justify what cannot be justified. The signatories are generally correct in implying that if the Nazi card is drawn, it may be used by both sides of the table.

Because, what is taking place in the West Bank is not “settling” as Norwegian commenters tend to write- giving associations the “Little house on the prairie” or Isak Sellanrå is clearing new lands. Nor is this still an occupation- it is annexation, the incorporation of Palestinian land in a Greater Israel.

This cannot take part without Israel taking damage upon its soul; she stops regarding Israelis and Palestinians as people of equal value. Netanyahu attempts to placate the growing extreme right wing through expanded predation of Palestinian lands. Whether this policy is justified behavioristic, as “punishment” to the Palestinians; or with religious fairy tales, this contributes to what Israelis are in fear over: the isolation of this country. This imply the greatest danger to Israel is by now not external- it comes from within, and also from external “friends”.

There is a simple morale to this: words and actions have consequences! Your strongest arguments are something you must understand can be used against you. And you must be aware of the fact there cannot be one law for the upper classes, another for the proles, one law for Putin and one for Netanyahu.



Dagen 2014 09 16

John Solsvik

A very dramatic account of the life of Jacov Adler, who fled the then Czechoslovakia upon the annexation of Sudetenland, for Norway, where his father, a MD, was a doctor at a minor hospital in Arctic Norway during WW2, successfully hiding his Jewish roots. As a small boy, he witnessed several events, including the bombing of battleship “Tirpitz”. Upon the destruction of the Northern provinces, he and his family was forcibly relocated to the province of Trøndelag, where they had the opportunity to escape for neutral Sweden. Post WW2 they relocated to Czechoslovakia, being disappointed with Communism, the relocated again for Israel, where Mr. Adler followed in his father footsteps, studying to be an MD, later joining the IDF to serve in a long carreer as a medical officer. He has an account to tell of the South Lebanon war in 1982; stating the ordinary renderings of the Sabra and Shatilla massacres are incorrect, and also of his meetings with “hero” doctor Mads Gilbert. These two does not approve of each other’s.

As of today; he is regarded as one of Israel’s leading specialists on Trauma.



Dagsavisen 2014 09 17 p 20

NTB, Pay wall


Also in other media.

A shell has been fired from the Gaza strip towards Israel for the first time since the cease fire came in effect on August 28th; the IDF informs. According to the IDF no one were hurt in the attack. The shell, landing in the South of Israel caused no material damages. Hamas, the Palestinian group ruling the Gaza strip reports it has no knowledge about this attack; pointing to still supporting the cease fire.

Jewish issues


Dagsavisen 2014 09 14, NTB, Not online

Jewish Museum in Brussels reopened after massacre in May.


Norwegian politics


Dagsavisen 2014 09 13 p 24-27

Hanne Mauno, Pay wall

Dagsavisen has a human interest interview with Progressive politician Mezyar Keshvari, presenting him in a positive light.

Iranian born Mezyar Keshvari is on of Israel’s most vocal defenders in Norwegian politics.


Pro-Pal activities


Kirkeuka for fred

No disclosed author

“Ecumenical” church group with initiatives for peace in Palestine and Israel.

This is under the auspices of “Pief”; an affiliate of the World Council of Churches; see

This NGO can at best be described as having a left-wing approach to the conflicts, at worst an anti-Israeli one.



Verdens Gang 2014 09 16

Marthe Berg

Socialist Party Youth wing dress statues in Oslo’s Vigeland Park up in Kheffiyes; stating solidarity with Gaza. Of course, when you are showing solidarity, you don’t have to ask for a permit by the owners.