Chag Succot Sameach!

I wish you all a very happy time under the stars in your makeshift home for this holy season!

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  1. motti
    October 13, 2014 at 6:29 am

    Thank you Prof, and a belated khag sameakh to you and all.

    Went to our local community about an hours drive away and considering it’s a liberal one, we had everything the lulav etrog myrtle etc . so it was really nice.

    Thanks Eric R and my good wishes to you and again belatedly, a happy new year to you and all.

    I celebrated Rosh Hashana in Minot N.D. where my youngest daughter is living with young son and her Yankee doodle day hubbie who is stationed there at the USAF base.

    Was back in time to fast over Yom Kippur. as our place of worship is still over an hours drive away, friends who live there and don’t fast asked my wife and I to have dinner with the to break the fast. “after all , why travel all the way firsdt to break the fast. What a joke, I stopped consumption at 17.20 and by the time they brought me a cup of tea, the next day, it was 19.20. Unbelievable. Lovely people, but where was the thought behind it. Especially when they know, that although I had no food nor drink, I still had to use my artificial saliva spray. Soup was about 1/2 hour later and then dinner was served at 21.030. I was bloody hungry at this time I can tell you.

    Where are Herbert, Norwegian, the chap in Hungary and our non Jewish friends? Perhaps they just grew tired of it all. I see Norway and the EU are again contributing $billions to Gaza to reward them for firing thousands of missiles at Israel, in order to repair the damage caused by retaliation. The world is still upset that the number of Jews killed was so few in number compared to the Arabs. Tough world isn’t it?

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