Not in Norwegian news 2: how many dead children, women and civilians in Iraq and S

Norwegians seem to be obsessed with the horrific events unfolding in Northern Iraq and Syria. Naturally so, since it is truly a cruel and inhuman lot of barbarians that have run amok there. What is striking is that we have no tally of the innocent civilians who must have become unfortunate collaterals of heavy bombing? No tear dripping stories about young brides who have had their weddings blown to bits, not one voice of questioning the colossal disproportion between the forces now unleashed against the ISIL fighters, just as they were when Israel defended itself from the ISIL’s soul brothers in Gaza.

one possible reason for this absence of information or outcry might be that it is utterly unsafe for journalists to venture into that land. But surely, the Drs. Fosse and Gilbert ought to be there to be the infallible witnesses for the world to know. What happens?

Verdens Gang 2014 09 25 p 4, 5
Frithjof Jacobsen


Op-ed on ISIL terrorists; recommending new and strict legislation to prevent recruiting of Jihadi from the West. Roar Hagen has made one of his inimitable cartoons on this:

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Caption to this image, on suitcases, “Syria, Holidays”, Norwegian talking of “my suitcase”, Jonas Gahr Støre talking of dialogue.