Israel’s new ambassador to Norway harassed online – PalCom says detracts their work to single out Israel for boycotts

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Israel’s new ambassador is harassed online
When the Israeli Embassy published a video presentation of the new ambassador, hate messages began to our in. “Fuck Israel” writes someone. Other comments directly attack  the ambassador as well as Jews.


Grethe Kielland Jenssen
Fouad Acharki

“Hi. I’m Rafi Schutz. I am Israel’s new ambassador to Norway. “To start the presentation video that the Israeli embassy in Oslo embarked on their official Facebook page on October 6.

In the video says Schutz, in English, about his background and posing at a football stadium in Tel Aviv. In September, he officially takes over as Israel’s ambassador to Norway.

“Welcome to Norway!” one lady wrote a lady the next day. Since then, not all the comments have been as friendly. Until now 39 people have written comments under the video. Very few of them are nice.

Gets such letters all the time
“Haha Welcome to norway everybody writes. Fuck his mother! it’s insane how blind you are as! #free palastine! ” one man writes.

– To be honest, I was not shocked when I saw the comments on Facebook. This is something we see all the time, says Counsellor at the Israeli Embassy, ​​George Deek.

We usually receive hateful messages to the embassy via letter or email.

– The only difference is that people can see it when it is on Facebook. We often get messages like “Gas the Jews” and “We wish you ebola,” said Deek.

Hitler and heart

‘Meet Israel’s new idiot, ” one person writes on Facebook. Others go further. Someone else posts Hitler with a heart symbol.

This makes Ervin Kohn, who is deputy chairman of the Anti-Racist Center and director of the Jewish community in Oslo, react.

– One thing that hurts us who are children of survivors of the Holocaust and has lost the majority of our families in the Holocaust. But it also helps to make the Norwegian society sick, it helps to disrupt our moral compass, says Kohn.

The Hitler message also upsets Deek at the embassy.

– Hitler and heart. This is very upsetting. I was very worried when I saw that it was not only rude language, but also comments with antisemitic rhetoric, he says.

Wants to test hate speech in the courts more often

Such statements are not new for Kohn. In his opinion the heart-Hitler comment border on the illegal.

– To idealize genocide is unacceptable. Harassment is anyway unacceptable. In certain cases it is even illegal in Norway. It is important to combat all racism and anti-Semitism, says Kohn.

“I think he will be. k.l.d .. ” one person wrote below the video on Facebook. Something Kohn clearly believes to be unlawful.

– But I’m not very worried about threats, I am much more afraid of hate speech, which also is illegal in Norway. Hate speech should be tested more often in our courts, says Kohn.

Wont remove the comments
Deek at the embassy does not want to give those who have written messages much attention, but if the statements are illegal they will take it further. And the messages on Facebook won’tbe removed yet.

– We have not quite decided if we will remove them. On the one hand, it is not something we want on our site, but it is an opportunity to show people what we experience all the time, he said.


Ironically, the leader of the Socialist Youth, Nicholas Wilkinson, thinks such hate messages cross the lines of decency. He of course works for a boycott of Israel, which in turn means to boycott every Jew, Muslim, Christian, Druze, Circassian who lives here, while throwing their weight behind a regime that will deny Jews a right to live among them, who increasingly persecute Christians, diminish women’s rights and use any opportunity to spread hateful anti-Semitic messages, often with aid money from Norway financing it. You shall have to look hard and long to find a matching level of double standards. And of course, we must not forget how the Socialistic Youth and their fellows at the PalCom have turned a blind eye at anti-Semitic violence committed against Norwegian Jews as proxies in a very dirty campaign against Israel they have been spearheading for many years. We have pictures of Socialistic ministers who participate in demonstrations that not only feature hate speech against Jews, but then turned into the ugliest pogrom seen in Oslo since WWII, for which they have yet to apologise, or even demand an independent inquiry into; then there are the many times shared platforms with well known anti-Semites without pausing to think how they might have been sending out the wrong message, or the tacit approval of Jew hatred when it is expressed by new media darlings just to give but a few examples of their contribution to harassment and hate speech against Jews.

But now, that they have been discovered, are they not sorry for the hate they have helped to foster against Jews, but only sorry that now their work to further the hate campaign against Israelis (i.e. Jews) might suffer a setback.

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 They shoot the Palestinian movement in the foot
Several people verbally attacked the new Israeli Embassador’s presentation video in on FacebookIt gets Socialist Youth to reactstrongly.


Nora Evensmo Hvistendahl,
Fouad Acharki

When the Israeli Embassy in Norway published a video presentation of the newambassador to Norway on Facebookimmediately began insulting comments tothe shotgun in the comments.

BACKGROUNDIsrael’s new ambassador harassed online
Socialist Youth working for a boycott of Israelbut the leader of the SocialistYouth, Nicholas Wilkinson, believes that online harassment is counterproductive.

 I am both angry and sad for Palestinian friends who use threats in this way.They shoot the entire Palestinian movement in the footsays Wilkinson.

 Must be about respect
Wilkinson believes the hateful statements against one individual is the wrongway to go if you want to speak Palestinian movement’s cause.

 Palestine Movement’s struggle to act that we have respect for human dignity,and we must show the same respect towards the Israeli ambassador, saidWilkinson, adding:

 Socialist Youth will always walk in front of a full boycott of Israel and a freePalestine, but what we do to the policies  not the people.

 crosses the line
Also principal of Rabita Mosque in Oslo, Basim Ghozlan mean onlineharassment against the new ambassador has gone too far.

 I can understand that many may be upset over Israel and Israel’s oppressionof the Palestiniansbut I think those who write that kind of post is out of line,says Ghozlan.

He believes opponents are out of line with the racist comments that go directly to the attack on the ambassadorand points out that this is not the right way toproceed in order to bring out his message.

 If you want to have an understanding of their case must be factual and ratherpresent the factssays Ghozlan.

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  1. motti
    October 24, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Like I said some time ago, having a new parliament will make no difference at all.
    It shows that in Norway, Jew hate (please do not call it anti-Semitism, as this includes all Semites) will become ever stronger in Nazified Norway.
    At the same time, I warned that the ever growing influx of Muslims into Norway will affect the political issues and generate further hate of the Jews. I believe that time has proven me right.
    While the establishment has no shame regarding its Jew hate and indeed continues to operate this shameful policy quite openly, the situation will deteriorate even further – if that is possible.

    What a disgusting country Norway is. Israel needs to terminate everything politically with this hate ridden country and ensure that it has no connectivity with the oil and gas fields under Israeli sovereignty.

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